There are many ways to organize your computer desk. You can buy roll-away carts, Magnetic knife strips, Pegboards, and floatable shelves. These items will help you organize your work space and make your work space more efficient. Below are some ideas for your desk. All of these ideas are cost-effective and easy to implement.

Floating shelves

Floating shelves are an excellent way to maximize unused wall space. They can be used to store a variety of supplies, and can prevent desk clutter. They also make your supplies easily accessible. And they can be used to add personality to your office. Consider using them in your front office to elevate your design.

Floating shelves can be used as a desk if installed properly. When used as desks, they should be installed with drywall anchors for more stability and weight capacity. They can be installed over a traditional desk, or they can be placed above the desk. Either way, you can customize your work space to suit your needs.

If you have a large monitor, using the computer monitor stand can be a great way to maximize your desk space. The monitor stand can also serve as an additional storage space beneath your monitor. Other storage options include a trolley on wheels. This makes moving around the desk easy, and it can be hidden underneath your desk when not in use. Storage baskets are also a great option. These come in a variety of sizes and fun finishes.

If you have a larger home office, you may want to consider adding a desk bookshelf. These stylish options are durable and eco-friendly. Plus, they are easy to install. Some even work in your living room!

Rolling carts

Whether you work from home, at a coffee shop, or on the go, there is a computer cart out there for you. This type of mobile computer desk organizer has several advantages, including a rolling design, which allows you to easily transport a laptop. They can even accommodate standing users.

Many offices consider rolling carts essential office equipment, and there are many different models to choose from. They can vary in size and in the number of drawers and tiers they have. Three-tier rolling carts, for instance, feature three shelves of varying capacities for different types of loads. Likewise, a 12-drawer cart can store an abundance of items.

Another computer desk organizer that makes a great stand-in is a slim rolling bar cart. It features a tiered design with raised edges to keep items from sliding off. Its tapered legs are gold-toned for added glam, and locking wheels offer a stable work surface. Stackable file boxes are a good option for keeping documents organized, and an air and water-tight seal protects them from pets. Metal carts can also feature magnetic tins for corralling small items.

Magnetic knife strips

Magnetic knife storage strips are useful for many reasons. Not only can they help you organize your knives without taking up much counter space, but they can also hold all sorts of other items, such as keys or children’s toys. These strips are also great for displaying utensils, including a stainless steel knife bar.

If you are looking for a quick, affordable way to organize your computer desk, you may want to try magnetic knife strips. These magnetic strips work on any flat surface, including computer desks. And since they are magnetic, they can be used on metal office supplies as well. Another solution is to purchase a small storage cabinet or bookshelf for under-desk storage. Similarly, you can also add wall pockets to nearby walls to store papers or notebooks. If space is at a premium, you can consider a desktop monitor riser. This will give you more desktop space and storage space, and it will also help your neck and back.

Magnetic strips are useful for storing any type of metal object, and they don’t take up any desk space. They can also be used to store office knick-knacks, such as pencils, paper clips, and staplers. You can also use them to store office supplies like sticky notes and pens. Adding a magnetic strip to a desk organizer can also help you keep your desk organized and free from clutter.


Pegboards are a great way to keep your desk free of clutter. Not only are they great for storing your computer accessories, but they can also hold things like a tissue box or frequently referenced books. They’re modular, allowing you to add and remove individual boards as needed. Pegboards also look great when complemented by complementary bins.

Pegboard is also ideal for storing office supplies. It is clear so you can see what is in each compartment, and you can easily place them on the desk when you need them. Other uses for pegboards include holding glasses, headphones, and small plants. Besides being functional, pegboards are also stylish and easy to install.

Another pegboard option is an ice cube tray, which is a great way to store small office supplies. You can even use a pegboard as a way to display magazines and catalogs. This option is particularly useful if you have a small home office and need to store small office supplies easily.

A desktop organizer is another great option for computer desk organization. You can make one from an extra can and paint it to look classy. You can also use a keyboard tray to store flat electronics like your laptop. A keyboard tray is also a great way to clear your desktop and place your keyboard at a higher level.

Adding a keyboard tray

One of the best ways to organize your keyboard is to add a keyboard tray. These small, flat, and easily accessible trays have a small area for your computer mouse and are easy to slide in and out of your desk. The keyboard tray should have adjustable C-clamps and be adjustable in height and width to accommodate the various positions of your keyboard.

Adding a keyboard tray to your computer desk organization ideas is easy to do, but it is important to measure the space underneath your desk before purchasing a keyboard tray. If your desk has a lot of space below it, you may want to buy a low-profile tray so you have adequate leg clearance.

If you have a wood desk, you should consider fixing a keyboard tray with screws. You can also add a keyboard tray that tilts. This tray is ideal for adjusting the height of your keyboard and mouse when you are sitting at your computer. Depending on your preferences, you can also buy a keyboard tray that is adjustable in height and angle.

There are many different options for a keyboard tray, and they come in various prices. There are single platforms and double-platform designs. The latter is more suitable for those who require a lot of space for their mouse and keyboard. If you need a smaller keyboard tray, an alternative type of tray is available that features a separate mouse platform.

Adding a shelf

One of the simplest ways to increase the space of your computer desk is by adding a shelf. Pegboards have a classic farmhouse style that works well in any home office. Pegboards are also customizable to fit your needs. Whether you’re an at-home crafter or a designer, a pegboard will help you save space and make your workstation a more organized space.

Another way to free up space on your desk is to install monitor stands. These provide vertical space on the desktop and also give you more storage space than a simple shelf. You can also install shelves facing the wall, so that you can display a plant or even a vase of flowers. While decorating your desk, you should keep in mind that color can affect your productivity. While bright, loud colors can be a distraction, consider neutral colors to help you stay focused and productive.

In addition to using a shelf to add more storage space, you can use it to place craft supplies or other items. Some shelves are vertical in design, so they take up the least space on your desk. These shelves are also expandable, so you can place them anywhere you need them. They are also good for holding office supplies.

Adding a power strip

Adding a power strip to a computer desk can make a space look more organized. However, power strips are designed mainly for functionality, not for aesthetics. In fact, if you’re not careful, the cables can get quite messy. For this reason, a simple solution is to create a shoebox-style power strip box. It’s simple to make and will have holes on both sides for the cords.

Whether you want to use a wooden or plastic box, the key is to keep them neat and organized. Then, you can add a cord organizer to the box. This is a handy way to hide the power strip and help keep other cables and adapters organized. There are several different types of cord organizers, and you can even find ones with adhesive tape on the back.

You can also mount your power strip on the wall to keep it out of sight. Most have mounting holes, so you can easily attach them to the wall.