If you don’t have a lot of space, you can make a small entryway organizer by repurposing existing pieces. For example, a shoe cabinet can be made from IKEA shoe storage units. You can also use Pegboards, Built-in cabinets, or even an Industrial style bench.

IKEA shoe cabinet

The IKEA shoe cabinet is a functional piece of furniture that is perfect for a small entryway or foyer. It features a white finish and a space saving structure. Its three open shelves and two pull-down cabinets allow for easy access to many pairs of shoes. The space-saving design makes it a great option for smaller interiors and also makes it a good place to display decorations.

The IKEA Hemnes cabinet is another great shoe cabinet. This stylish piece has a rounded, wood grain that looks elegant and hides shoes. It also has space for entryway items and can be securely mounted on a wall. Another stylish option is the Expedit bookcase, which can be used as a shoe rack. This style is sleek and allows you to see your shoes while hiding them.

A narrow shoe cabinet for the entryway can be used as a place to place your keys and put away your shoes. Its ultra-thin design fits easily into any interior and exudes understated elegance. You can also choose one that features a glass door to showcase your shoes.

The IKEA Kallax storage unit is another functional choice. This small entryway organizer has four hooks and a functional sliding door for storing your shoes. In addition, this entryway organizer is available in several finishes and is made of durable, lightweight engineered wood.


Pegboards are great organizers for small entryways. They can hold a variety of items from jewelry to sports equipment. Pegboards are also good for storing bathroom and office supplies. Pegboards can be painted to match a room’s decor.

Pegboards are versatile and easy to install. They are flexible, allowing you to change the number of pegs as your needs change. For example, if your family grows and needs more storage, you can add more pegboards to accommodate the growing collection of utensils and other items.

A pegboard can also be used to hold exercise equipment, such as weights or a yoga mat. You can even use a pegboard to store small tools. Pegboards take up very little floor space. They are also ideal for storing exercise equipment, such as exercise bands and weights.

Pegboards are a versatile and inexpensive organizational solution that can be used in any room. You can make one by drilling a grid pattern into plywood using wood dowels. They are a stylish and functional addition to any home office or craft room. All About Tidy may receive a commission from independently-curated links.

Pegboards can also serve as fun toys for children. Besides holding useful items, pegboards can also serve as educational tools. Pegboards also can be used to display photos or other images. Pegboards are also great to use as room dividers.

Built-in cabinets

A small entryway organizer can serve several purposes. For example, it can be used as a shelf for keys and wallets, or as a place to store personal items like hats and sunglasses. It can also include hooks for storing various items around the house. These types of storage units are not only functional, but also decorative.

Besides built-in cabinets, storage baskets are another practical solution. They are available in different sizes and styles. They can be used to store scarves, shoes, hats, and bags. They also come with lids, which can conceal clutter. Moreover, a small entryway organizer with built-in cabinets can be an attractive way to link spaces in your home.

You can even customize the built-in shelves to suit your needs. For instance, you can wrap shelves around the corner for more storage. The shelves will act as a focus in the room. You can also opt for a simple-looking cabinet style that matches the room’s decor.

Small entryway organizers can also be found in the form of freestanding furniture. These are great for small spaces because they are easy to move. Furthermore, they are durable and designed to fit your needs.

Industrial-style bench

If you have a small entryway, a bench can be an excellent storage option. The Lahuri Industrial Entry Bench is a great example of this, as it offers open storage space and an industrial look. It also has a cushioned seat for added comfort. It is also inexpensive and durable.

Entryway benches are extremely practical, and they add a homey touch to your home. They provide a place for you to sit while you’re putting on your shoes, or they can be used to store your keys and other small items. You can buy entryway benches made from wood boards and screws, or you can go with a bench with wire grating for a more industrial look.

Another great storage option is a rustic ottoman bench. It can double as a place to put your bed linens, and is covered with soft fabric for comfort. These benches can also feature coat hooks or shoe racks. There are also rounded versions that are great for unconventional entryways.

A small entryway organizer with cubbies is another good option. These organizers can double as coat racks or mail organizers. They can fit in even the smallest entryways. It is easy to make one by gluing two strips of wood together. The best part is that you don’t need to make structural changes to your entryway.

Repurposed lockers

Repurposed lockers are a great storage solution for your entryway. They don’t require any installation and will give you a chic and stylish storage solution. All you have to do is paint them a complementary color and add magnetic accessories to create a chic storage space.

You can also use a repurposed locker to create a coat rack. You can attach a thin wooden strip with three wire hooks to create a divider for hanging your coat. You can also use the same rack for holding your mail and photos. It will save you a lot of space and it will look just as good as a traditional wall shelf.

This entryway organizer is a great home DIY project. It will help you to keep shoes off the floor, organize your keys and cell phone, and prevent you from losing things. Kids will enjoy using this organizer as well, since it gives them their own designated place to put their shoes. This way, they will be more likely to keep things tidy.

One of the main considerations when organizing your entryway is the weather outside. If you live in an area that receives snow and rain, your organizer must also accommodate inclement weather footwear. A boot tray can help you organize your rain and snow boots.

Industrial-style shelf

An industrial-style shelf in a small entryway can hold everything you need before leaving your home. A slim shelf with five sturdy hooks can store your keys, purse, and umbrella. The shelf can also store accessories like hats and sunglasses. And if you want a more stylish look, you can attach a mirror. These organizers are simple to build and don’t cost much.

One way to add industrial-style shelf decor to your entryway is to hang a shelf on the wall. It is the most practical solution if your entryway is small and has limited wall space. You can even get organizers that double as wall decor. For example, the Radcliffe wall organizer is a great choice for this area because it has multiple hooks for storing items such as keys, wallet, and mail. Another industrial-style shelf is the Belrose two-tiered wall shelf.

Another option is a wooden coat rack. You can use a thin piece of wood stained and sanded and attach three wire hooks to it. This entryway organizer will keep your shoes off the floor and look neat. The industrial-style design will keep your entryway organized and your belongings in check.

An entryway organizer can make a perfect addition to any home. It can help you keep your shoes and other items organized and prevent them from accumulating on the floor. It can also help you prevent losing items like keys and phones. Even kids can use an entryway organizer to help organize their things. For example, giving each child a place to store their shoes can help them stay organized.