If you’re on a budget, there are some easy ways to get organized without breaking the bank. One of these is to decorate storage boxes! You can use glue or wrapping paper to make them look more stylish. Another inexpensive way to organize a small space is to simply stack things. Although this can work, it can also make a small space appear cluttered.

Cheap storage solutions

One of the most affordable storage solutions is a set of pretty baskets. Baskets can be purchased for as little as $15, and can add style and functionality to any room. Thrift stores are also a great place to find inexpensive storage solutions. The trick is to find items that coordinate with your room’s decor.

Plastic bags on hangers are another cheap storage solution that’s easy to see. Using bags with clip-on pants hangers, you can easily separate craft supplies by type, and easily access them when you need them. Other storage options include pegboard hooks, which hold tools and other supplies. Multi-pocket organizers are also inexpensive and can be used to organize toiletries and cleaning supplies. Paper towel holders are also a great way to display jewelry and can double as decor.

Another cheap storage solution is to use old book bags or luggage. They’re versatile and can hold a wide variety of items. Larger cardboard boxes can be used to store extra throw pillows or round up toys. Smaller boxes can be used to organize magazines, important papers, and mail. Just be sure to decorate them so they look appealing. Similarly, you can use old luggage or handbags to store out-of-season clothing. You can also cut up an old cardboard roll and use it to store power cords.

File sorters

File sorters are a great way to keep your desk organized. Not only do they make your desk look cleaner and more organized, but they can also store your office supplies. Desktop organizers can include file sorters, letter trays, monitor stands, and stackable cubes. You can also buy wall hanging organizers and make them customized for your storage needs. Plus, they double as wall decor!

These kinds of organizers are also great for organizing your bathroom. For example, instead of putting your washcloths in a drawer, you can use a file cabinet to keep your laundry organized. These kinds of organizers are also very affordable. The only downside is that you must purchase a file cabinet in order to use these organizers.


A pegboard is a great way to organize the things that clutter up your kitchen. These items usually take up more space than they need to and are awkward to store. Pegboards allow you to hang these items instead of trying to find them on shelves. A pegboard is also a good way to organize your family’s meal plan and schedule. This type of board is easy to find and can be cut to fit your space. It can be painted and is an inexpensive way to organize your kitchen.

Pegboards can be purchased for less than $20 at a home improvement store. Additional materials, such as brackets and hooks, will cost a few dollars to purchase. Pegboards can be easily customized to match any decor and are also a great way to keep supplies visible. They can also serve as an inspiration to keep your supplies organized. Whether you’re looking to get more organized or save money on your grocery bill, a pegboard can be a great way to get organized and keep everything in one place.

Pegboards are also great for craft rooms. They can help keep things organized and allow you to find what you’re looking for in seconds. Even if you don’t have a lot of space in your craft room, a pegboard can help you save space by combining shelves and hooks. Pegboards can also be used for other tasks in your home, such as storing mail and phone bills.

Peg hooks

Peg hooks are a great way to store small tools. These inexpensive storage systems can be mounted in cabinets or closets, out of sight but still easily accessible. Pegboards can be decorated to fit your personal style. They are also a great way to display all of your supplies, which is sure to inspire your creativity.

Pegboards are relatively inexpensive to purchase, and pegboards can be found at home improvement stores for less than $20. Hooks and brackets can be purchased for a few cents each. High-end organizational stores can charge hundreds of dollars for their materials. Peg hooks are a budget-friendly alternative to expensive organization systems.

Pegboards also make great storage containers. They can be mounted on a pegboard or desktop. Pegboards are a great place to store paint and other paint tools. You can easily customize your pegboard with hanging cups or use a pegboard hanger. You can also reuse an old aluminum can to create pegboard storage.

Pegboards can also be used for craft supplies. A large pegboard is ideal for storing multiple types of craft supplies. Wrapping paper rolls, for example, can be hung on a large pegboard.

Rope baskets

You can use rope baskets as an attractive way to organize your home on a budget. You can also use them for storage purposes. To make a stylish rope basket, you just need a thick rope, a metal trash can, and a glue gun. Then, you can weave the rope into a stylish storage container.

You can buy pre-made rope baskets in a store for about $25, but you can also make your own for under $13 with a hot glue gun and some spare rope. Once the rope is twisted around the bottom and the top, you can glue it into place. You will be able to easily pull out the handles for easy storage.

In addition to clothesline rope, you can also use heavy-duty wire or a metal basket to create a beautiful rope basket. You don’t need to sew, but you may want to make the ends of the rope stitched so that they don’t fray.

Plastic bags on hangers

One of the most effective ways to save money on storage is to use plastic garbage bags on hangers to hold your clothing. These bags will keep your clothes clean and protected, and they also take up less space. They can also double as a great way to organize your closet, especially if you have large wardrobes.

DIY cardboard bookcase

DIY cardboard bookcases are a fantastic and affordable way to organize your books. They can be hung or laid against the wall and look great. You’ve probably seen pictures on Pinterest of beautiful wooden bookcases, but the materials and labor can be very expensive. If you’re on a budget, this is a great way to keep your books and other items out of sight while adding a great decorative touch.

To build a DIY cardboard bookcase, start with a vegetable crate. If you don’t have one, simply cut it in half, or cut two boxes to make the top and bottom shelves. Angle them so that they’re the same width so that you can maximize storage space. Once you’ve cut them into the right size, reinforce them with duct tape.

Another DIY cardboard bookcase idea involves decorating a storage box. You can use wrapping paper, glue, or other material to decorate the shelves. It’s also a good idea to stack items if you’re on a budget. But keep in mind that you don’t want to make the space look cluttered.