If you are searching for a new lipstick then you may want to take a close look at natural lipstick brands. These brands tend to offer the benefits of natural ingredients without any of the chemical irritations often associated with other lipstick types. These brands also are available in a wide price range to fit any budget. They are an excellent alternative for those women who suffer allergic reactions to traditional lipsticks or are looking for a more natural look. Here are some popular natural lipstick brands:

cruelty-free makeup offers many benefits to those with sensitive skin. The makeup is free of petroleum based oils, dyes, preservatives, artificial preservatives, fragrances, and irritants. The list of ingredients used to create these makeup products is extensive and includes a variety of natural plant extracts, essential oils, and minerals. The moisturizing properties of this makeup make it a good choice for those with dry skin. Also, those with acne problems find that natural lipstick brands can help to alleviate the itching and irritation caused by makeup application.

Not only does this line contain moisturizing agents to help prevent dryness, but they offer a wide array of lip shades in bright, neutral, pastel, or intense tones. Popular shades include Platinum Nude, Honey Candle, Mystique, Melon Tape, and Soft Spark. Nude lipstick is a light pink lipstick with plenty of shine.

Herbal lipsticks are made using natural plant extracts. They do not contain dyes, preservatives, or synthetic chemicals. These lipsticks are long lasting and do not cake up or wash off after wear. Some of the plant extracts used in these lipsticks have been used for centuries by women all over the world for their beauty benefits. Popular oils in these lipsticks include coconut oil, olive oil, apricot oil, and witch hazel.

An all natural lipstick that contains ingredients that do not clog pores is called non-comedogenic or non-pore clogging. It is important to note that non-comedogenic lipsticks are not allergy free. They do not produce any allergic reactions when applied to the skin. This type of makeup will nourish the lips without causing any greasiness, which is common with most commercial lipsticks. Non-comedogenic lipstick is particularly good for people who suffer from acne, because it helps to keep pore-clogging oils from building up in the skin. This type of non-comedogenic lipstick is not only good for preventing blemishes and pimples but also keeps the lips looking healthy and vibrant.

In addition to nourishing the lips, a moisturizing lipstick will give them a little bit of shine. Oily moisturizers are the best choice, since they prevent the lipstick from becoming too sticky. There are many products available at your local drug store and on the Internet, including balms, lip balms and glosses. Some of these products are suitable for those with allergies to petroleum jelly, while others are not.

The best moisturizing ingredients are plant based oils, mica powders, vitamin E, Shea butter, and cocoa butter. All of these ingredients will make your lips soft, shiny, and moisturized. Many companies include honey, an all natural ingredient, in some of their moisturizing lipsticks. However, it is very messy, so many companies avoid including it.

Some of the most popular colors for natural lipstick are bright pinks, reds, and blues. You can find muted shades available if you want something more conservative. Just be sure to read any instructions on the packaging for use instructions, because each type of product may vary slightly in how it should be used. For example, a lip balm should only be used once it is warmed up; applying it to raw or chapped lips could make the problem worse.