Freeze-dried cat food is a more natural way to prepare your cat’s food. This type of food is made with a natural process and is higher in nutritional value than other dry foods. However, freeze-dried cat foods are more expensive than regular canned cat food, and you should talk with your vet before switching your cat’s food.

Stella & Chewy’s Chik Chik Dinner Morsels

Stella & Chewy’s Raw Diet focuses on bringing your pet closer to nature by focusing on high-quality protein and raw ingredients. Its limited ingredient recipes are pure and simple, so you can feed your pet the way nature intended.

This freeze-dried food is full of protein and fat, as well as wholesome fruits and vegetables. It’s the convenient way to feed your cat a raw diet. Plus, it’s grain-free, which makes it an economical choice.

Using the SecureByNature process, Stella & Chewy’s ensures food safety. The company sources its meat, poultry, fish, and other animal products from trusted suppliers. The process reduces harmful bacteria, while retaining the nutrients. This method is also free from heat and additives.

Stella & Chewy’s founders started with two rescue dogs. Initially, they worked from their Manhattan apartment. Initially, their food was delivered via taxi. Now based in Wisconsin, they’ve continued to focus on bringing the best quality food to pets.

Feline Natural Lamb & King Salmon Feast Grain-Free Freeze-Dried Cat Food

This grain-free freeze-dried cat food contains only animal ingredients. First, it features a meat protein called chicken. This is a highly nourishing meat that is used in many pet foods. Another key ingredient is lamb heart. Lamb heart is a source of protein, iron, and zinc. It also contains many trace minerals.

Feline Natural Lamb & King Salmon Feast is a grain-free, complete, and balanced diet for cats. Lamb and King Salmon are both sustainably caught in New Zealand. Both of these meats provide rich protein and Omega 3 fatty acids, which promote healthy brain and eye development and support healthy skin and coat. The slow-released fat and protein in this diet help support an active lifestyle.

Feline Natural is a product of K9 Natural, a company founded by police dog handler Geoff Bowers in 2006. K9 Natural was named New Zealand’s fastest growing manufacturer in 2011. The brand’s emphasis on the nutritional value of whole prey and the high quality of New Zealand ingredients makes it a popular choice among cat owners.

As with many premium brands, Feline Natural cat food can be expensive. A 10-lb can cost as much as $4.33 per day for freeze-dried recipes and $6.57 for canned meals. This makes it comparable with the ultra-premium brands, including Vital Essentials, Northwest Naturals, Stella & Chewy’s, and Wellness Cat Food.

Feline Natural Chicken & Salmon Feast

If you want to feed your cat a healthy diet, try freeze-dried chicken and salmon. These ingredients are rich in protein and omega-3 fatty acids. They are also ideal for a cat’s growth and vitality. They come in small morsels that you can serve to your cat as-is, or rehydrate with warm water.

This type of food contains cage-free chicken and salmon and is made with human-grade superfoods. They’re high in protein, omega-3 fatty acids, and antioxidants, and contain salmon oil to promote coat and skin health. Many of them also contain fruits and vegetables to add to their nutritional value.

While most freeze-dried cat food contains vegetables and fruit, the best way to choose a quality product is to evaluate the list of ingredients carefully. Look for a product that has as little as 10% carbohydrates. These types of foods aren’t dangerous in small amounts, but you may want to avoid a food with too many carbohydrates, especially if your cat has bowel disease or diabetes.

Freeze-dried foods are a convenient way to introduce your cat to protein-rich foods. Many veterinarians recommend this type of food because it provides minimally processed nutrition for your feline friend. Another bonus is that these types of foods offer excellent flavor. They’re also a great topper for plain kibble.

When shopping for freeze-dried food, look for a brand that is freeze-dried rather than dehydrated. Freeze-drying allows the food to remain fresher for longer periods. The process removes the water content of the food, making it easier to serve your feline.

Frozen cat food is the healthiest choice for your feline friend. Most freeze-dried products are grain-free and minimally processed. This makes them lower in carbohydrates and higher in protein. Feeding your cat freeze-dried food may also help them have more regular bowel movements, higher energy levels, and a healthier skin. In addition to the health benefits, freeze-dried foods are convenient for pet parents.