In this video, builder Tom Silva builds a homeowner’s built-in closet storage shelves, complete with cubby holes and shoe drawers. Plywood is used to construct the shelves, and Tom Silva uses box joints and dados to join the pieces together. He shows the homeowner how to scribe the shelf so that it fits exactly, and he demonstrates how to offset the base cabinet so that the drawers clear the closet door.


EasyClosets built in closet storage systems are easy to install. You can choose from a variety of styles and designs, and they’re shipped ready to assemble. Installation instructions are provided on the website, and you can call EasyClosets customer service for assistance. If you’d like a more customized design, you can also request a free design proposal from a professional designer. The designer will email you a proposal and allow you to make any necessary changes. Once you’ve approved the design, EasyClosets will ship it to you via ground service.

The Closet Maximizer system features eight feet of shelving and two-and-a-half extra inches of rod space. It’s compatible with existing upper wire shelving and rods. The shelves are made of solid laminate wood, which prevents snags and tears from garments. They’re spaced 12.5 inches apart and can hold bins and stacks of clothing.

You can choose from an oversized hamper, pull out drawer, three adjustable shelves, and a slanted shoe shelf. You can also opt for the white-glove service and/or storage if you want it. However, you’ll need to be prepared to pay freight depot storage fees. These depots can hold your project for 30 days at a time. EasyClosets customer service can let you know how much extra charges will be before the delivery.

EasyClosets built in closet storage has been designed to provide maximum hanging space, drawers, and plenty of shelving for your clothes. They feature double hang sections and a long hang section, so that your clothing doesn’t end up on the floor. You can also put a shelf above the hanging rods to take advantage of any unused space. Lastly, the adjustable shelves and drawers eliminate the need for extra furniture and help keep your closet tidy.


The KALLAX built-in closet storage unit is a versatile, multipurpose piece of furniture. Its shelves can be angled to any position and can even lift off the floor for more storage. The cabinet can also be used as a room divider, and its tidy squares make it an attractive addition to any room.

The KALLAX can be used anywhere in your home, from mudrooms to entryways. It also works well in bedrooms where hanging rods can be installed on either side. You can even convert it to hanging storage by attaching a clothes rod. The wood legs also add warmth to the piece.

The Kallax built-in closet storage system is available in several sizes. You can find one that fits your closet’s space perfectly. You can also mix and match different modules to find the best fit for your home. For those who do not want to install an entire closet, you can purchase a Kallax bench.

The Kallax cube shelving unit is an affordable, versatile solution for a small home or apartment. You can customize it with custom legs, drawer fronts, or paint. For a more dramatic effect, you can install downlights. The Kallax can also be used as a display unit for your possessions.


Elfa built in closet storage systems are not very expensive, but their value is in the customization and configuration options. While they’re not the most elegant system, they’re still a good deal compared to custom built-ins. They’re also very functional and don’t look like a custom closet. Nevertheless, they are a great choice for those who don’t want a custom closet but still want a functional and stylish closet.

One drawback of Elfa is the fact that it feels a bit unstable. The entire system hangs on one top track, and this track is not particularly sturdy. This allows for easy system movement, but doesn’t give the system a sturdy feel. This could be a problem if you live in a rental unit, or don’t want to drill holes in the wall.

Elfa is a brand of modular shelving and drawer systems sold by The Container Store. It’s available for any room in the home, but its most popular use is the bedroom. It’s incredibly customizable and is easy to install. But as with any system, there are tradeoffs to be aware of.

Elfa offers sales throughout the year, which typically offer 25%-30% off selected items. Sometimes, even free shipping is available for large orders. Customers can also sign up for the POP! program to receive emails with special promotions and coupons for Elfa products. These discounts can be a great way to save money on closet storage.

Custom closet designs

When you’re planning to remodel your closet, it’s important to get professional advice. While winging it can be tempting, you may end up making a dumb mistake. After all, you don’t want to end up with a closet that won’t fit your shoes. According to statistics, the average woman has 31 pairs of shoes and the average man has about eight pairs. A professional designer can create a custom closet plan that will fit your exact needs.

Custom built in closet storage designs are ideal for a variety of reasons. You can get a full-depth closet with sliding shelving, or you can choose a shallower depth to accommodate longer items. You can also find shelves with cubbies to organize your items. You can also add a counter top to display your personal items. The shelving will hold folded clothes or baskets. And if you don’t want people to see your clothes, a door with a laminated glass insert will keep them out of sight.

Moreover, you can add a decorative back wall panel or a piece of artwork. This will help you show off your fun side. Another option is to install a mirror. It will allow you to check your look and determine if your outfit fits right. A custom closet can be a great place to put up your jewelry, shoes, and other accessories.

If you are planning to install a custom closet, you will need to plan the dimensions of your space. Some manufacturers sell ready-made components, and you can get free consultation from them. You can also buy the components from their Web sites. A typical tower component is 16 or 25 inches wide and 12 to 18 inches deep. The deeper the tower, the more space it saves.

Ikea’s Kallax

The Kallax built-in closet storage system by Ikea is an excellent solution for bedroom closets. These cubed shelving units are available in several sizes and can be installed in a wide variety of rooms. They are also easy to customize to fit your own personal style and needs.

Kallax shelving is versatile, and includes holes that can be inserted for hanging clothes, shoes, and other items. IKEA also sells plugs to plug in the holes that you don’t use. These can be painted the same color as the walls. You can also install Kallax shelving on wheels if you don’t want to permanently install them in your closet.

The Kallax shelving system from Ikea is an affordable shelving option that you can customize to fit your home’s unique decor. This shelving system is made of MDF and can be painted any color to match your decor. It also comes with an optional downlight, which can be used to illuminate your stored items.

Kallax shelving units can be used in a nursery to organize baby clothes. You can also buy extra clothing rods from IKEA to maximize space. Another great IKEA closet system is the Billy Bookcase. Both of these pieces can be built into the closet or open.