The essentials for survival are the things we can’t live without. But what about for those of us who have no homes or any possessions of value? We would have to determine if there was anything that we could use as collateral or just a place to stay while waiting for assistance to arrive. Or would it be best to try and save as much of what you have as you can? We will look at both extremes and then look at the middle road where it is possible to get some essentials and make a go of it.

The definition of an “essentials” item is something you must have, but it doesn’t have to be essential. You don’t have to have every tool and skill necessary to build a house, you don’t need to be a rocket scientist to fix a car and you certainly don’t need the best clothes in the world. But having them is nice and definitely better than nothing. In this case we will look at what we mean by essentials and how to combine various pieces that may be redundant or unwanted in your life.

When deciding on what are your necessities, ask yourself if you have a sufficient storage area, a clean water supply and a means to communicate with others. You should also consider your needs for personal hygiene. Does your hair and skin need attention, and do you have clean clothing and clean bedding? Consider whether you have adequate food storage, and can you fit in small pets or even animals. If you have children, will they be comfortable and safe in your home?

To determine your list of essentials, start with these questions: What will your life be like without these items? What is life without these essentials allowing you to take care of your family? Can I survive without these? Is my basic needs covered in this budget? These questions are useful when compiling a list of essentials.

Some people believe that it is better to have as many necessities as possible rather than the minimum. That is an individual choice and there is no right or wrong answer to that. It really depends on your situation and where you are at in your life. A budget needs to be set in stone because it can change over time as your financial situation alters. A family with several children may find that finances are more challenging than they originally expected.

A family of many may enjoy traveling for vacations and other activities. A sport fishing boat or yacht is an essential for travel. For those who are not interested in the boat, perhaps a simpler boat would be more suitable. Camping equipment, a portable stove, a first aid kit, a tent, food and water are all essentials for camping. Having these supplies with you, will allow you the freedom to truly explore your camping adventures.

Other items that should be included in your list of essentials are toiletries, food and drinks, cleaning products, and games. In addition to having the necessary equipment, these products also add comfort to your life. Purchasing used products from a garage sale or flea market is one way to save money and purchase quality items at the same time. There are many ways to accomplish this, including using coupons and promotional codes at local stores.

When you determine your list of the essentials, it is important to put them in order of importance. You may have to make some changes along the way to fit your budget, but ultimately, this can be done. It is important to live a life that is organized and prepared for whatever may come. Having your essentials list handy will allow you to focus on the most important things first. Your best interests will always be served!