Home edit bathroom organization is an essential step in decluttering your bathroom. Using floor baskets, stacked acrylic containers, and open shelving to store toiletries is a practical way to reclaim a space for personal items. In addition, you can label items to make them easy to find.

Open shelving

Open shelves are a great option for bathroom organization because they are cheaper than closed cabinetry. They are a good solution for small bathrooms because they can maximize space while providing easy access to items. One disadvantage of open shelves is that they do not hide cords or other unsightly items. Additionally, they do not create the best overall look, but they do provide a more functional design than closed cabinets.

You can also create an open shelf over the toilet. The open shelves will free up space above the toilet and can even create a focal point. The advantage of open shelves is that they can be adapted to fit any nook or cranny. For example, a narrow rolling shelf is a great idea for narrow bathrooms as it will fit in awkward spaces. It can also be easily moved from one place to another and will keep your books where you need them.

Adding open shelves to the bathroom is a great way to maximize space and make a bathroom feel more spacious. The shelves can hold decorative items as well as bathroom essentials. In addition to bathroom necessities, they can be used to store towels and other personal items. Open shelves can also be used to keep hairdryers and other electrical appliances in order.

You can use clear floating shelves to keep toilet paper, towels, and other products in easy reach. In addition to keeping things off the floor, the open shelves also help encourage a neat environment. You can also use them to store air fresheners or greenery.

Floor baskets

Floor baskets for bathroom organization can be decorative and functional as well. They can hold cleaning supplies or hair tools and can be pulled out when needed. Decorative storage baskets are also useful as laundry hampers or shelf organizers. They can also be used to store smaller items, such as toiletries, in a handy place.

For bathrooms that lack cabinets, floor baskets can be a great solution for storing extra towels. Round baskets are best for this purpose, since rolled towels fit better in them. Bathroom storage baskets can be stacked to create additional storage space. Besides towels, they can also be used to store extra soap, toiletries, blankets, pillows, and books.

Floor baskets can be used to store small toiletries, bath towels, and washcloths. Decorative storage baskets also look attractive on bathroom counters. You can also dedicate a specific basket for cosmetics, hairspray, and other grooming products. You can choose baskets with handles for easy access to items.

Floor storage baskets are also a great way to save space in your bathroom. You can buy decorative floor baskets that come in different sizes. Depending on the style and color, you can choose one with a neutral design. They also come in different colors and shapes. In this way, you can make a uniform look with them and organize your bathroom space with them.

Stackable acrylic containers

Whether your bathroom is small or large, you will need an organizer. With the amount of items you have and the frequency at which you buy them, keeping your bathroom organized can be a real challenge. For instance, you may want to try every new product that comes out and this can cause your bottles and brushes to stack up over time. A bathroom organizer will help you stay on top of things and make them easier to find when you need them.

Stackable acrylic containers make it easy to store and organize your bathroom items. They feature pull-out handles so they are easy to move around and are lightweight. They are also designed to fit into small spaces. In addition to being easy to store, acrylic organizer bins help you easily identify what’s in them and keep them organized and dust-free.

Organizers are essential for creating a zen-like bathroom. A vanity tray, for example, is a great place to start. These trays have elegant decorative appeal and can corral all of your bathroom necessities. For added sophistication, you can choose a mirrored tray, which magnifies your accessories.

Another bathroom organization idea is to invest in over-the-toilet storage units. These units can help you organize toilet paper, tampons, and cleaning supplies. They are great for small bathrooms, since they make use of wasted space. For example, a small bathroom may have unused space in the corner between the toilet and the sink.


One of the most difficult areas of the home is organizing the bathroom. While the task seems simple enough, it can be a bit tricky. According to The Home Edit team, the first step in ensuring an organized bathroom is to edit items. This means getting rid of items, grouping them together, and paring them down. This is an important step toward developing a system that works for you.

One of the most important aspects of bathroom organization is to keep “necessities” and “other” items separate from each other. Mixing the two types of items will only create a cluttered look. Items that are rarely used should be kept in separate storage, which can be frosted to offer visibility and privacy.

Organizing daily items in a dedicated drawer is another key step in creating a functional bathroom. This is especially important if the bathroom has limited space. You can use baskets with handles to store essential daily items like shampoos and toothpastes. You can also use easy-grab bins for daily favorites. This will make them easy to access when you need them and keep them organized.

While you might not have seen The Home Edit on Netflix, you may have been impressed with its impressive line of organizing products. The collection at Walmart has curated packs, tiered organizers, and clear bins that are all geared toward solving common problems and helping you stay organized. Many of these products are available exclusively at Walmart.

Storage bins with multiple areas for small products

If you have limited space in your bathroom, consider using storage bins with multiple areas for small products. This will keep your bathroom looking sleek and tidy, and it will also make it easier to find small items. These are also great for storing items that can’t be placed on the countertop.

Target offers an excellent selection of home storage bins and organizers, including Made By Design and Target’s own brands. The company’s bins and organizers are well-made and designed to maximize the use of space. The projects editor prefers the $5 plastic organizer bins from the Made By Design collection.