Himalayan Sea – an extraordinary freshwater body of water that is a great feature of its own. There are several lakes, streams and rivers in this place, each of them possessing a distinct character of its own. As a result, it is extremely difficult to ascertain the main water body of the region which is the Himalayan Sea.

Of course, it is interesting to study such large bodies of water that have such diverse characteristics. It is not all about river systems, lakes and waterfalls. What draws people to this place is its highly diverse landscapes, wildlife and fauna. When the local people find themselves in a well-furnished mountain village with superb views of this ancient river system, they get addicted to their surroundings and start living in Himalayan villages.

Himalayan villages, mainly in India, are built around a few lakes or rivers, which are the main source of income for the village. Apart from the benefits provided by the water bodies, there are various other advantages that they get from building up villages around a lake or a river. These include sanitation, electricity, schools, and hospitals. While looking at places around a lake or a river one can be impressed by the unique form of architecture, water drainage methods and utilization of the landscape, which are distinctive to Himalayan villages.

Some of the worlds best beaches are found in these mountains, which serve as the main tourist attraction for the tourists in the summer and many backpackers come here during their visit to the region. At any time of the year the region is actually peaceful and offers a beautiful ambiance to everyone.

However, in order to be able to enjoy such natural beauty and charm one needs to get on with a Himalayan village, where the most essential aspects of life are highlighted in a very special way. The nature has been so kind to give its favored gift to this region which has attracted thousands of people for a long time. One has to visit this place if he/she is really interested in nature and serenity.

The reason why these villages exist in the lakes and rivers is mainly due to the fact that the hills are closely connected to the great Himalayan Lake System. To understand the nature of this system, we have to go a bit into the history of this region. Once known as the land of a thousand rivers, this area is also known as snow valley and has been the home of many animals and plants. While people used to live close to the rivers the magnificent mountain range protected them from the scorching heat of the sun.

It was then that the name Himalayan was given, as there were many snow-capped mountains in the vicinity. In a few decades people started to gather here in huge numbers and then started building their dwellings in these valleys.

There are different kinds of people living in these valleys and most of them belong to the North East part of the country. Some of them have travelled long distances and spent most of their life in the mountains, and they find themselves very close to nature here. Once they start residing in this region they get totally hooked to this atmosphere.

The local people live in towns and villages nearby, while the people of cities to work in the nearby cities. Once they reach the mountain village they realise the difference between the culture and traditions and the established ones.

This is what makes them feel like outsiders in their own country. The culture and traditions of the region are the same as those of the villages and towns, but the people have completely adopted the new habits and create a better place for themselves in the surrounding villages.

The Tibetans of the Himalayan sea make use of their expertise in the field of art, which is popularly known as Ladda, which is a kind of art. This art is immensely appreciated by many of the people in the region and is not just being displayed in the scenic regions, but is widely spread.

Once the travelers begin visiting the Himalayan region, they find themselves mesmerized by the waterfalls, the mountains, the wonderful lakes and rivers and the world class beaches, which are found in the Himalayan Sea. These are only some of the reasons why people find their homes here.