Himalayan Pink Fine Table Salt is a valuable addition to any kitchen and a must have for home and office cooking. Himalayan pink table salt is salt derived from Himalayan pink sea salt mined from India, Pakistan and Nepal. It is the ideal addition to any Indian kitchen and quite famous in various other parts of the world.

Himalayan pink table salt has been around for centuries and has its reputation as the best fine salt. Being very high in acidity level, it is appropriate for any purpose, whether it is to make paan or niter kababs or your own recipes. It is preferred by the Americans too as it is very high in potassium content.

Home or office cook, this salt will never go out of fashion. It adds taste and flavor to your food without adding to the fats, which is another plus point. It is also best served with lamb dishes and rice.

Himalayan salt has its own recipes, which can be done by anyone. What can be more impressive than making dishes that are uniquely yours with your very own recipes? You can even add it to foods and see how it turns out!

In 1992, The Himalayan Food Company was launched by an Indian company. Its wide range of salt products, including Himalayan pink table salt, was first launched in India. Since then, it has expanded its worldwide reach, selling its products in UK, USA, Australia, Canada, France, Italy, Denmark, Finland, Austria, Germany, Spain, Portugal, Greece, Portugal, Russia, Ireland, Italy, Norway, France, Switzerland, Netherlands, Sweden, Ukraine, UK, Turkey, Switzerland, USA, Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, Brunei, Thailand, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore, China, Hong Kong, Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan, Japan, and Malaysia. Himalayan pink fine table salt is also available at well-known food stores and online stores. From large Salt Houses to smaller small stores, you will find this salt quite easily.

Himalayan pink table salt, being natural, is totally free from chemicals, which is good news for the health conscious people. Most of the health food stores and the smaller supermarkets carry this salt in their shops and in the bulk.

Himalayan salt is available in the shape of tablets, powder, and in crystal form. Because it is so popular, you can be sure that you will not be disappointed while shopping around.

The same salt can be used at home and at the office, giving the home user more options. The home user can mix it with water or milk and add honey, lemon, mango, orange, etc. to make delicious and tasty salsas and dips.

A popular Himalayan pink table salt recipe is niter kababs. Niter kababs are basically dry moong (chickpea) paste, which is marinated in lemon juice, oil, garlic and other spices before being cooked. You can purchase it ready made at most food stores.

However, you can also prepare this recipe at home or at the office, just remember to avoid niter kababs which is quite spicy. There are several varieties of this salt that you can buy at any of the food stores or on the internet.