There are many different hanging organization ideas for your closet. These include Pegboards, Coat knobs, Grid panels, and the IKEA TRONES shoe cabinet. Each of these can be used to help you organize your closet and make it more functional. There are so many ways to organize your closet that you’ll be sure to find something that will work for you.

Coat knobs

Hanging coat knobs on your walls is an easy way to create extra storage space for bulky items in your closet. Many knobs are peel and stick, so you can install them without drilling or damaging your wall. Not only can coat knobs be used for storage, but they can also be used for decor and display.

Grid panels

Grid panels are versatile, easy to install and allow for flexible hanging organization. They are available in a variety of colors and designs and can be attached to a wall or freestanding. They follow industry-standard wire patterns, so it’s easy to add additional panels if necessary. Plus, they accept a wide variety of accessories, including acrylic sign holders.

Grid panels can be used to display anything from hanging plants to paintings and decor. They can also be used as bulletin boards, jewelry organizers, mini-gallery walls, and more. These panels come with brackets to hang them on the wall and will complement any decor. You can also use them to display office supplies, books, and toys.

Grid panels are typically used in stores for product displays, but they can be used to organize other items as well. For example, you can install them inside your closet to hang shoes, for example, or use them in your garage to store items like umbrellas. You can also add hooks to make grid panels multi-purpose. There are many office supply stores that sell grid panels, and you can choose one in different colors to match the interior decor of your home.

Once the grid panels are installed, you can add other accessories, such as shelves, hangrails, and faceouts. These gridwall accessories are inexpensive and versatile, and are a great way to create minimalist-style organization.

IKEA TRONES shoe cabinet

IKEA’s TRONES shoe cabinet comes in two color variations, allowing you to customize its surface however you wish. You can use decorative tape, contact paper, or peel and stick vinyl to create a unique look. In addition to storing your shoes, TRONES can also serve as a wall-mounted storage unit for bags and kitchen wrap. Alternatively, you can turn your TRONES into a vertical garden.

This space-saving shoe storage unit comes with double rows, designed for maximum space efficiency. It can be placed flush against the wall or on a floating sideboard. It also has two drawers that can be used to store small accessories. It is also multi-functional, serving as a place for your keys and even a mirror.

The slim and compact design of the Trones shoe cabinet makes it ideal for narrow spaces. It keeps your shoes off the floor and is easy to use. Losonci purchased hers three years ago and hasn’t regretted it. The unit also allows her to store more pairs of shoes than she would have otherwise been able to.

A multifunctional shoe cabinet is a great way to keep all of your family’s essentials in a single location. You can even use it for other things like toys, magazines, and even small items. Another great use for a shoe cabinet is to place it by the door.


Pegboards are a great solution for hanging organizational accessories and supplies. They can be used for a variety of purposes, including craft projects, gift-wrapping stations, and baby nurseries. In addition, pegboards can be used to display printed images and photos. They can also be used to create interesting gallery walls.

Pegboards are also great for the kitchen. They can be used to hang things such as pots and pans. They can also be used as a backsplash. They are also perfect for storing things like books, knitting supplies, and clothes. Another great idea for a kitchen is to hang pegboards on the side of the refrigerator. This way, they will be less visible and out of the way. Pegboards can also be used to store glass jars. Kids can even decorate their pegboards by choosing their favorite colors and decorations.

A pegboard can also be used to organize your tools. Using pegboards to hang tools is particularly useful if you have a small garage. By arranging your tools by frequency of use, you can easily find and grab the tools that you use most. Depending on the layout of your garage, you can also create a diagram of the pegboard to keep the most-used tools close to their respective places.

Pegboards are also great for organizing the kitchen. You can use them to hang items such as pots and pans. They can also be used for storing coffee mugs and other kitchen items. Since pegboards are adjustable, they can be moved and rearranged to suit your needs.

Rope shelves

If you have a small space and want to add some hanging organization to it, rope shelves are a great option. They provide stability and can hold small plant holders. If you have a small corner in your room, you can also use a rope corner shelf to store small pillows. The ropes are circular with a hole in the center for a plant holder.

To build a rope shelf, you’ll need two pieces of seven-and-a-half-foot rope. Make sure you have equal lengths for each shelf and that you have smooth sides. You can then use a clamp to help you drill the holes evenly. Be sure to use a drill that is large enough to accommodate the rope.

Rope shelves are an inexpensive way to organize your items and they can be made to match any interior design. They’re also easy to build and can be completed in a single day with the right materials. First, you’ll need to mark the wall where you want the hanging shelf to be hung. Next, prepare the wood and rope.

A rope shelf can be hung from the wall to hold books and other items. You can also install a rope shelf over a toilet bowl. Depending on your ceiling height, you can even have multiple levels. This is especially useful in small bathrooms where space is limited.

Dowel shelving

Dowel shelving is an easy, inexpensive DIY project. It looks like an artsy piece of furniture but is very functional for storing your shoes. It is also an excellent way to keep your shoes off of the floor. And, you can customize the dowel shelving to meet your specific needs. Whether you want to store shoes on the bottom, top, or both, dowel shelving is an ideal solution.

First, measure the distance between the shelves. If they are close together, you can use shorter pieces. You can also use two-inch pieces of dowel instead of one. Just make sure to make sure that the spacing between the shelves is equal. Next, make sure the shelves are level. You should also make sure that the hook can hold the weight of the shelves.

You can also use these simple storage ideas to organize your garage, bathroom, bedroom, or laundry room. These simple storage units can help you make the most of any space. Dowel shelving is also an excellent option for storing oversized and awkward-shaped items. It can help you keep small items organized and save you space.