Hangers are a great storage option and can be easily organized in many ways. For instance, you can organize them by color, size, type, and shape. You can also create separate organizers for every type of hanger to store different items. And if you have a lot of hangers, you can even create a hanger rack to house all of them.

Organize by color

One of the most popular hanger organization ideas is by color. By using the same color hangers for different types of clothing, you can create a visual labeling system. For example, a white bin could house all your winter clothing while a blue bin would hold all your summer clothes. This system will make finding different items in your closet much easier.

Another color organizing scheme is to group clothes by pattern. For example, you can group shirts, sweaters, and tank tops together. This is a middle ground between grouping all of your clothing by color and using different colors for different types. Using color blocks to group clothing is another popular scheme.

When choosing colors for your hanger organization, the most popular color order is ROYGBIV (red, orange, yellow, green, and blue) or the rainbow. These colors are arranged from left to right. This color order is similar to the color order used by Home Edit. However, some experts recommend color coordinating within each category.

To maximize the effectiveness of this scheme, you need to tackle patterns. If your clothing contains unique designs, you should separate them into separate sections. You can also group them by the primary hue or dominant color. This will help you find garments easily. You can also use this color coding method if you have multi-colored clothes. This color coding system may be used in conjunction with the other types of hanger organization.

Organize by size

If you find yourself constantly trying to find a hanger for something, consider organizing them by size. For example, if you often use a large hanger for dresses, try using a small hanger for a pair of shoes or a pair of jeans. Or you could use rings from a shower curtain to hold smaller items. This will keep them off the floor, but still make them easy to find.

Organize by type

Organizing clothing can be a tricky task. Different types of clothing need different ways to be organized. For example, you won’t want to organize knit sweaters the same way that you would dress clothes or socks. Instead, use several different ideas to keep everything in its place. For example, you could place sweaters on the top rack of a wardrobe.