Reese Witherspoon is more than just an actress and executive producer; she is also a wife and mother. She’s a voracious reader and a mom. With her Hello Sunshine production company, she’s been focusing on stories that focus on women. The company’s “Get Organized with The Home Edit” is no exception.

Joanna Teplin and Clea Shearer

The Home Edit is a Netflix original show that features the duo’s de-cluttering expertise. The show focuses on making disorganized spaces more visually appealing and color-coordinated. The pair have helped millions of people get their homes in order.

Clea Shearer and Joanna Teplin are experts in organizing. They charge $250 an hour for the services. They specialize in home organization and have worked with a variety of celebrities. For example, Khloe Kardashian, a Kardashian who is notorious for her obsession with organization, hired the duo to organize her garage space.

Clea Shearer and Joanna Teplin are two of Nashville’s top organizers. They’ve organized the pantries, playrooms, and closets of many celebrities. Their innovative organizing methods have earned them a large following on social media. They also have a New York Times Best-Selling organizing guide and an exclusive line of organizing solutions at The Container Store.

The Home Edit is a lifestyle show produced by Joanna Teplin and Clea Shearing. The home organization series will feature the duo’s tips and tricks for keeping a home organized. This shows how to keep a clutter-free home and feel calm and happy at the same time.

The Home Edit was recently acquired by Hello Sunshine. The company plans to build the brand by expanding its services and creating more ways for people to interact with it. The home editing will continue to offer a variety of services, including full-service organizing for people living in major cities.

Clea Shearer, whose company Get Organized with the Home Edit is a popular TV show, has made it her mission to simplify our homes. This show features practical tips for getting organized and even talking to children. The program also features real projects that Clea Shearer completed in her own house.

The Home Edit started as a business in Nashville, Tennessee, where they quickly expanded. Soon they had more than 5.7 million Instagram followers and began launching product lines in The Container Store and Walmart. The Home Edit also launched a Netflix TV series with the help of Hello Sunshine’s producers. The duo has also organized the homes of Neil Patrick Harris and Khloe Kardashian. They have also published multiple books and magazines. In February, they were acquired by Witherspoon’s Hello Sunshine company.

The Home Edit has been acquired by Hello Sunshine, which plans to accelerate its transition into a lifestyle brand. The founders of the company are behind the Emmy-nominated Netflix show Get Organized With the Home Edit. Hello Sunshine did not disclose the price of the acquisition.

Their organization methods

“The Home Edit” is a Netflix reality show that helps people organize their homes. The show features organization pros helping real-life clients like Reese Witherspoon organize her closet. They also reveal how to tame the craziness in the stars’ home in Nashville.

The Home Edit team follows four concrete steps to organize any home. First, they organize by priority, which sets up the foundation for a cleaner and more organized space. Next, they sort through each item to find a place for it in the home. They recommend minimizing items that don’t have a purpose and letting go of clutter.

In addition to Reese Witherspoon, the show features Kevin Hart, Drew Barrymore and Winnie Harlow. The series also features profanity. The show uses it 10 to 15 times per episode. Also, the show features revealing clothing and jokes about pornography. There are also references to pregnancy tests and champagne.

The Home Edit was launched in 2016, and offers full-service organizing in nine US cities. The company also offers DIY and travel services. It has worked with Walmart on several occasions and has announced a second season of its documentary series, which will premiere in 2022. Reese also launched a lifestyle brand called Draper James in 2015. She also runs a production company called Hello Sunshine, which focuses on women-driven stories.

In addition to hiring a mural artist to decorate a playroom wall, Home Edit also organizes specific rooms of the house by color. The playroom, for example, has a rainbow room, complete with horizontal bands of color and matching shelves. Several shelves are lined with rainbow-striped items, including purple toy trucks, lavender pillows, and chartreuse pinatas. While the color scheme might seem crazy, the rainbow theme is a perky avatar of abundance.

One of the most important parts of organizing a closet is to find the right containers. Shearer and Teplin use acrylic stacking jewelry boxes to hold jewelry, while Teplin uses blue boxes to store larger items. They also label each item with custom labels. And Witherspoon loves the result. If you want to get organized like the actress, you can follow her steps.

Organizing reese witherspoon’s closet

The founders of Home Edit arrive at Reese Witherspoon’s Nashville home to take a look at her closet. Her entryway is decorated with blue-and-white patterned wallpaper. Her sitting room has a collection of mismatched blue chairs. While the women don’t have to organize the rest of her home, they can easily do the same with her closet. This is where Reese keeps her red-carpet gowns and movie pieces.

To organize her closet, Witherspoon opted for transparent stacking drawers with labels. She also placed blue memorabilia boxes inside the closet to hold photos and papers. In addition, she left plenty of extra space in her closet for these boxes. These boxes can be used for sentimental items, such as old birthday cards and out-of-season clothes.

The closet of the Cruel Intentions star is well organized and features memory boxes to hold personal objects. It also has custom navy labels and is divided into sections. Reese’s closet has separate sections for clothes from her movie roles. For example, there’s a section for the pillbox hat, jewelry, and heart sandals from Elle Woods, and one for her role in Big Little Lies.

Reese Witherspoon’s closet is a mini-Reese theme museum. It’s filled with everything you’d imagine a celebrity’s closet would look like. The actress has clothing from her best roles and red-carpet gowns from her movies.

The Home Edit founders live near the Nashville home of Reese Witherspoon. They have clients from all over the world, including the famous actress. They also work on celebrity homes and other spaces. They even have a book out that gives tips on how to organize your closet like Reese Witherspoon.

In addition to creating content for the television and the web, Reese Witherspoon also has partnered with the lifestyle brand The Home Edit. They previously appeared on her Netflix series, “Get Organized With The Home Edit.” Shearer and Teplin have also released an exclusive Walmart line for fans.