If you’ve been looking for garage organization ideas for tools, there are a number of options that you can try. These ideas include rolling storage shelves and pegboards. You can use these to hang larger equipment or individual tools. You can also build a tool wall to store all of your tools neatly.


Pegboards can be a great way to organize tools in your garage. These simple devices hold all types of hand tools, power tools, electrical wires, extension cords, and more. Depending on the size and layout of your garage, you can even use pegboards to hang a television or other electronic device.

Before you start organizing your pegboard, be sure to get rid of any old tools you don’t use. Tools that you haven’t used for a year or so can go into a storage cabinet or toolbox. You can also use pegboards to store small items you do not need to access often, such as graphit pencils and touch-up paint. If you do not have enough space to hang everything, you can also use pegboard baskets for small parts. You can use cardboard boxes or even buy pegboard baskets.

Once you have pegboards installed, you can add hooks or shelves to them for organizing tools. Pegboards are a great way to organize your tools and keep them in order. You can use them to hang extension cords and other tools as well.

Rolling storage shelves

Rolling storage shelves are an excellent choice for your garage, as they are extremely versatile and can accommodate a large variety of items. These shelves are usually made from welded wire for added durability. They are also easy to move from one location to another if necessary. For the ultimate in garage organization, opt for a four-shelf rolling unit.

Rolling storage shelves are also a great option for a DIY garage workshop. These storage units are lightweight but sturdy, and you can use them to organize your tools and other equipment. In addition to rolling shelves, you can also use stand-alone metallic shelving units to create a full-fledged workshop inside your garage. Alternatively, you can use empty walls for additional storage. In addition to rolling storage shelves, you can also install rolling working stations, which allow you to rearrange the storage space when necessary.

For more convenient garage storage, consider using PVC pipes. These can be purchased on sale and cut to fit your needs. These can be used to store measuring tapes, hammers, and screw drivers. Another benefit of PVC pipe is that it can be easily moved from one room to another and can be used as a convenient work surface as well.

Tool caddy

A good garage organization tip is to use bins to store your tools. This will make them more accessible and you’ll be able to find them much faster. It’s also a great idea to label your bins. Choose a font and color that matches the tools. You can also use plastic storage bags to hold different types of items. They’re inexpensive and will fit a lot of stuff. They’re especially helpful for kid’s items.

Creating a tool wall is an easy way to organize power tools and accessories. Unlike a tool cabinet, this structure is sturdy and easy to customize. To create the tool wall, cut strips at 45-degree angles and hang them from the wall studs. Then, add matching beveled strips for tool caddies. These can be easily moved to another area of the garage if you need to use another tool.

Pegboards are another excellent garage organization idea. Carolyn Corey Willis of Hey There Home uses one in her garage. The pegboard allows her to keep a handy place to stash frequently-used tools.

Tool wall

If you want to organize your tools, there are a few different options available. One way to make more space for your tools is to create a tool wall. This is a storage solution that is made from scrap lumber or plywood and strategically placed nails. First, you’ll need to decide where to place each tool. Then, you can mark each piece of plywood accordingly.

This storage solution is a great way to organize long-handled items and small tools. It has compartments that can store everything from brooms and mops to rakes and gardening tools. You can also install a wall-mounted tool caddy for extra storage. Another solution is to organize your tools by category. For example, you can use one wall for winter gear, another for gardening equipment, and so on.

To store larger objects, use heavy-duty shelves and secure them to the walls. Storage bins are also an excellent option for keeping your tools organized. They can be placed on shelves or stacked to save space.

Slatted wall storage system

A slatted wall storage system for garage tools can be a very useful way to organize your tools. This type of storage system is versatile and can accommodate many different items. It can be used to store seasonal goods, as well. For example, you can store outdoor patio furniture in the overhead space of your garage. You can also store large lawn equipment in a corner. It’s important to remember not to put heavy objects on the walls, however.

Most garage slatwall systems are made from PVC or steel-reinforced wood. This material is durable and provides high weight capacity. Major residential slatwall manufacturers claim that their systems can hold as much as 100 pounds per square foot. That means that a 4′ x 8′ section could hold as much as 2400 lbs.

Slatwall storage systems can also be used for other storage needs. These storage systems are typically made up of panels called “slats” which have designated spaces for storage hooks, baskets, and bins. This allows you to maximize vertical wall space. These systems can be used to store sports equipment, gardening supplies, cleaning supplies, and tools.

Plastic bags

You might have noticed that the garage storage is often located on the sides of the walls. You can turn the sidewalls into a better organizing system. If you have unused space, you can use old shoe hangers for art supplies or turn a shelf into a peg rail organizer.

For small items, shallow drawers work best. For large items, you can use large plastic containers. You can also use hanging storage drawers for frequently used utility items. Use drawer dividers to store cleaning supplies and other items. Plastic bins are inexpensive ways to maximize garage organization. You can also label the containers for easy access.

Besides plastic bags, you can use shelves to store the tools. You can purchase shelves at home improvement stores or bulk stores. Then, put the items you use most often on the lower shelves while the ones you do not use very often on the top shelves. You can also use muffin tins and plastic lunch containers with dividers to store small tools. Another good option for storing smaller tools is a toolbox.

Besides storing tools and sports equipment in plastic bags, you can use them for other tools as well. You can use magnetic strips to organize your tools. These strips can hold up to 150 pounds. They can also be hung on a pegboard.

DIY toy storage cubbies

Organizing toy storage can be a challenging task. The mess created by toys can be difficult to manage – parents need to constantly sort, clean, and store their kids’ toys to avoid an overwhelming clutter situation. However, with a little creativity, parents can organize their toys in more attractive ways, and save a few dollars as well.

To start organizing your toy storage, place it in a designated place. This can be as simple as hanging your toys on a slat wall or sporting equipment on an open shelving unit. You can also use bins or buckets to keep loose toys, balls, and sports equipment on shelves. Another way to organize toys is to install an adjustable wall-mounted ball rack.

Toy storage cubbies can help you save money and create extra storage space. You can even buy a large crate and paint it. You can place it near your bed.