If you’re looking for fun things to do in Brandon Township, you’ve come to the right place. There are plenty of attractions to explore, including Lakes, Fishing, a sledding hill, and Clearwater Campground. These attractions will appeal to the whole family. You can also explore the surrounding area by taking a bike ride or a hike.

Clearwater Campground

The owners of the Clearwater Campground in Brandon Township have been fighting the township for more than a year to allow the campground to remain open during the winter. Recently, the Brandon Township board unanimously approved an agreement with the campground owners to allow the campground to stay open during the winter season. While the agreement is not permanent, it will allow the campground residents to apply for variances on a yearly basis. This will allow the owners to stay open during the winter season if they can prove a hardship.

The residents of the campground have argued that they cannot leave due to medical reasons and financial hardship. While some of the residents live in the township, many also pay taxes. This has angered several citizens who don’t own the campground. These citizens are demanding a change in the township’s plans to evict these residents.


Throughout history, there have been many lakes and ponds in Brandon Township. These lakes were used by the early settlers as fishing spots. In 1837, they were planted by Orson Griffin, Stephen Perry, and Jonathan Ball. Later, they were relocated to section 30. After the Civil War, the post office was moved there. There was a mail route from Pontiac.

Some of the most popular lakes in Brandon Township are located near the city of Brandon. Among them are the Brandon Chain of Lakes, which stretches north of Brandon. This group of lakes includes Chippewa Lake, Devils Lake, Little Chippewa Lake, and Stowe Lake. Another popular lake in the township is Moon Lake, which is open to the public.

In 2010, the township’s population was 5,012. The average household size was 3.25. Twenty-five percent of the population was under age 18, and six percent was over eighteen. Fifty-seven percent were married couples, and twenty-four percent were non-families. Three percent of all households had a person who was 65 years old or older.

Sledding hill

In the winter, the Sledding Hill at Brandon Township Community Park is a perfect place to take the family. The hill features an automatic lift and ideal snow conditions, and it is free to use the hill. During the Winter at Valade event, the hill is also open to the public for free.

Located near the back of the park, near the ball fields, the hill features a motorized lift. The hill is open to the public on weekends and non-holiday Fridays from 5:00 to 8:30 p.m. The hill is free to use, and there are other activities available at the park. There is also a boardwalk and pavilions for use. It is a great option for families with young children.

Another great sledding hill in the area is located at the Shiawassee Park. This 211-acre park has fences and walking paths to protect children and adults alike. In addition to the sledding hill, the park also has a cross-country skiing trail and an in-line hockey rink.

The West Playfield section of the park is home to a sledding hill. This hill also has a warming room and comfort station. There are also picnic tables nearby.


If you’re looking for a place to go fishing, Brandon Township may be the perfect location. This town is home to Kearsley Creek, which meanders through farmland, business districts, and roadways. It flows north from the township into the Flint area. The creek winds its way around the homestead of Brandon native Ron Snyder, and attracts a variety of wildlife and uninviors.

The township’s Parks & Recreation department works hard to organize and develop recreational opportunities for its residents. The department is also committed to the continued development of Brandon Township Community Park. In 2001, the Township Board of Trustees negotiated the purchase of 47 acres of farmland from the Vantine family, making this township’s first public recreational park possible.


If you enjoy boating, you’ll love Brandon Township. The area is home to over 15,000 people who enjoy a traditional rural lifestyle. The township emphasizes the preservation of the area’s heritage, and there are several attractions and historical landmarks nearby. You can also check out the nearby museum of maritime history, the Lapeer County Historical Society Museum, and the Sloan Museum.

There are several lakes in Brandon Township, including the Brandon Chain of Lakes. These lakes are located just north of the City of Brandon and include Chippewa Lake, Devils Lake, Little Chippewa Lake, and Stowe Lake. Brandon Township also has Moon Lake, its sixth public access lake.

The Brandon Township Board of Trustees created a full-fledged recreation department in 2000. This department is dedicated to providing quality recreation programming for the township community. The department replaced a number of recreation organizations, including the Brandon-Groveland-Ortonville Recreation Commission. The department is open daily for recreational activities.


Despite a long history of protests against camping in Brandon Township, the township board recently approved a compromise agreement that enables the campground to operate during the winter months. In exchange, the township will allow the campground residents to apply for variances every year. This will allow them to stay open throughout the winter months if they can show hardship. Currently, camping is only allowed during the summer, but a future agreement could allow it to continue through the winter months.

The township’s eviction plans have drawn criticism from local citizens and those who stay in the campground. Many of the campers cited medical or financial hardships as their reasons for remaining. Residents of the campground are also taxpayers, which means they pay taxes in the township. But even those who don’t live in the campground were upset by the township’s plans.