If you’re looking for a cat that’s playful and social, free Bengal kittens are the perfect choice. These active cats can be great companions for families with young children and a dog that doesn’t mind cats. However, you must be careful when bringing them into a home with small animals.

Silver snow

The Silver snow Bengal is a distinctive variety of Bengal cat. These cats display marbled patterns and spots on their coats. These cats may take up to two years to fully open their coats. The pattern is the result of a genetic trait known as wide-band. This trait is found in both domestic and wild cats.

This type of Bengal cat has a distinctive “M” on its forehead, and tabby markings on the face and tail. Their coats are solid and their color is typically warm in tone. They do not have the inhibitor gene, which suppresses pigmentation in the coat. Silver snow Bengal kittens should have no more than a slight difference between the body color and the point color. In addition, they should have an ivory-to-cream background color with brown markings.

Silver snow Bengal kittens can be a great choice if you are looking for an elegant, playful cat. Their eye-catching eyes are very distinctive and can vary in colour. Some of them have green, gold, or blue eyes. These cats are intelligent and enjoy playing games with their owners. A Silver snow Bengal is also considered to be a rare breed.

While silver snow Bengal kittens are not uncommon, their color is different from the standard snow Bengal. As kittens, these kittens are difficult to distinguish from a snow Bengal. Their ear-tips are gray, and their bodies show a slight silver tint. These cats are very attractive and are sought-after by breeders.

As Silver snow Bengals, they show a lot of natural sibling rivalry. They can also be distinguished from white Bengals. Their white fur is spotted and their blue eyes are striking. Their names are derived from their fathers. They are believed to be the foundation of Snow Bengal cats.

Silver snow Bengal kittens can be distinguished from their siblings by the absence of the brown/warm colour gene. However, the original colour of the fur is not masked by the absence of the gene. This makes them more expensive than brown Bengals, but silver snow cats have the same unique characteristics as any other Bengal.

Silver snow Bengal kittens have a shiny, shimmering coat similar to a silver snow cat. These kittens also have white guard hairs. They grow into a full adult coat between four and nine months of age. They are also available in other colour combinations, including a sepia tabby or seal lynx point.

Silver Bengals are very active cats that love to play and explore. They are excellent climbers and will consider your home their jungle. Occasionally, this can lead to the destruction of items in your home, including furniture and electronics. To prevent your cats from getting into trouble, consider buying a window perch, hammock, or cat tree. These items will keep them entertained and active.

The Silver snow Bengal is rare. It was only recognized in the Bengal cat breed in 2004. It can be a bit more expensive than a white or blue Bengal kitten, but it is worth it. They are intelligent and love attention. Their unique fur makes them a great choice for cat lovers. They can cost anywhere from $1,500 to three thousand dollars.

A Bengal cat breeder should test all breeding pairs and kittens for health issues. They should have a consistent daily routine. Moreover, the Bengal cats must have a certain diet to maintain their health. Breeders should also have a cattery where they keep their cats. They should be registered with TICA and TBCS.