Watching your puppy grow from a stumbling ball of cuteness to an alert majestic adult is a very satisfying feeling, but is a long and tiring process. You must be sure you have the proper time to devote to bringing up your little one. All pups have specifics to their breed and personality that makes it challenging to figure out exactly what they will need. With that said there are still basics that every puppy needs, so before you decide on anything first be sure you have the means to take care of one properly. Once you have, it will be a wonderful way to bring great happiness into your life.

Comfortable Surroundings for your Puppy

Me casaessucasa. My house is your house. Comfort is the most important thing to think about when setting up your home for the new arrival. A bed, some soft toys to chew on and sleep with, food and water in close reach, a training pad in an easily accessible place, and everything that is important out of reach. Be sure you are just as comfortable with the environment as they are!

Diet and Food for your Puppy

Yummy! Everyone loves food, and pups are no exception. They spend a good portion of their day eating as babies. It s best to keep them on this habit of eating many small meals during the day and slowly changing it to less frequent but larger meals. Also ALWAYS buy puppy food! The protein in adult dog food is not nearly enough! They will need the protein while they are young to grow strong and later in life will not need as much.

Healthy Habits

Keep active! Pups need to run, jump, bite, roll, dig, and keep all around exercise full lives. Starting early is always good, not only for them, but for you as well. Go have fun and build a strong relationship.
It is always fun to have a little one, but you want to be sure they are healthy. The only way to be 100% sure your little one is in tip top shape is to take them to a vet. Get that check up! Shots! Deworming! Protect them before an issue instead of after.

Properly Bathing and Grooming Your Puppy

Scrub that belly, get you nice and smelling delicious. Puppies need baths as well, perhaps not nearly as often as a human but roughly every 6-8 weeks. Some people take them to a groomer, which is perfectly fine, they do a wonderful job. It is just the bather is taking bonding time away from you. Yes, it is more expensive at first, but once you have all the items you need it is far more affordable. Also your baby doll will thank you for spending this intimate time with them instead of someone they barely know.

I hope you are ready to take this wonderful step and get that cutie into your life. Live happy and healthy. Good luck!