If you are based in the United States and are looking for a Maine Coon for sale, you are in luck. You can purchase one in many states and cities including Virginia, Richmond, North and South Carolina, Washington, DC, New York, New Jersey, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Washington state (WA), Arizona, Texas, and Tennessee.


The Maine Coon is a large domestic cat and is one of the oldest natural breeds in North America. It was first bred in Maine, and is now the official state cat of the state. Today, the breed is available to purchase from breeders throughout the United States. Breeders are looking for responsible pet owners who will treat their cats and their homes with compassion and respect.

Although the Maine Coon was initially bred for hunting, the breed has become popular for being a lap cat. It is very easy to care for, with only the occasional brushing. Their coats are oily and silky and almost self-maintaining, making them a low-maintenance pet. Depending on the breeder and the location, prices can vary.

The breed standard was revised in autumn 1971. The standards were updated to make them more precise and suited to the breed’s appearance. Today, the breed standard refers to both straight and poly-footed Maine Coons, and it was the Danish and German Maine Coon Clubs that played a role in developing the new standard.

The life of a breeder of the Maine Coon is a rewarding one. But with the responsibility of caring for the mother cat, it is important to be prepared to stick with it. Breeders should know all about the temperament of the parents. Whether the parents are affectionate or not is a good indicator of the temperament of the offspring.

The Maine Coon was first recognized by the Simon family, but then it was recognized by other breeders associations. After a few years, the breed became an official breed within TICA. The breed is now a recognized breed by the FIFe and CFA.


If you’re interested in getting a Maine Coon, the first step is to find a good breeder. You can do this by using the Internet. Maine Coons are not cheap, so you need to plan ahead for any necessary vet visits and treatments. Initial vaccinations for a Maine Coon can run you between $100 and $250. This includes rabies, distemper, and feline viral rhinotracheitis vaccines. You may also want to consider heartworm and flea medications for your pet. These medications will cost about $30 to $100 per dose.

Maine Coons are bigger than most house cats, so you can expect to spend more money on food and litter than a typical house cat. They will also require more medications. These costs will vary depending on the age of your new kitten. In addition to the initial cost, you should also consider any additional expenses, such as the cost of emergency medical care.

Although it can be a rewarding experience to adopt a cat from a shelter, it will require patience and extra care when adjusting to a new home and family. Some rescued cats may not handle children or dogs. These cats are often the result of previous owner issues, and they will need extra time to adjust to their new home.

Buying a Maine Coon can be a big decision, and you must ensure that you have the time and energy to take care of it. If you can’t afford to take care of it, you can consider getting a breed of cat that’s low maintenance. The cost of a Maine Coon may vary depending on where you’re living and breeder guidelines.


A Maine Coon is one of the largest domesticated cats. Despite its large size, it is very quiet and gentle. This is due to its genetics. These cats are very good watchdogs and will guard your home and your belongings with their life. Although the Maine Coon is much bigger than the average house cat, some large cats are the same size as a smaller one.

The size of a Maine Coon cat depends a lot on its health. The cat should be in good health to maintain its size. Moreover, exercise is necessary to keep the cat in good shape. The average Maine Coon cat needs about fifteen to twenty minutes of daily exercise. This is considered a good amount of exercise for a cat.

In general, the Maine Coon grows slowly compared to other breeds. However, it reaches its full size between three and five years. This is a good thing, as it makes these cats very eye-catching. In addition, the size of a Maine Coon is partly determined by genetics. The parentage of the kittens also influences the size.

The average size of a Maine Coon is between ten and sixteen inches tall and up to thirty inches long. The male Maine Coon is larger than the female one. However, they’re usually not very heavy. Their coat is also soft and fluffy. A Maine Coon is an excellent choice for someone looking for an extra-large companion.

A Maine Coon is typically between ten and twenty pounds. The male Maine Coon is slightly larger than the female, but still weighs about half as much as a female. While male Maine Coons can grow to be as large as 25 pounds, the majority of them weigh between 10 and twenty pounds. You should focus on keeping your cat at a healthy weight, as excess weight will lead to obesity.


If you’re interested in owning a Maine Coon, you’ll want to find a breeder near you. You’ll find breeders in many states, including Pennsylvania, Virginia, and Washington state. Maine Coons can also be found in Texas and Arizona.

Maine Coons are the second most popular cat breed in the country, according to the Cat Fanciers’ Association. Originally bred for hunting, the breed is now a lovable lap cat. Their temperament is a key aspect of what makes this breed unique.

The Maine Coon is a member of the Angora cat family. This large, long-tailed cat has a bobcat-like appearance, with a squared muzzle and tufted ears. These characteristics are common among bobcats and lynx.

The Maine Coon is an excellent choice for families. The gentle giant is very sociable, affectionate, and tolerant of children. This breed is also highly adaptable and will easily live in a house with children. They are patient and don’t mind being pulled around by small children.

There are several breeders in the United States who sell kittens, including Mainlysilver Maine Coon Cats of New York City. These breeders selectively breed Maine Coons for their type, personality, and color. They also limit the number of kittens so that each one receives exceptional care.