The best way to keep the chaos at bay in a large family is to streamline your processes. This includes color-coding calendars, cutlery, and bathroom drawers. These tips will help you find what you’re looking for and keep your day running smoothly. The more organised your family is, the less stressed you’ll be.

Colour-code your calendar

If you and your family members have lots of appointments and activities, colour-coding your family calendar can make it easier to plan and stay organized. You can use a monthly wall calendar, which is best placed in the kitchen, to colour-code your calendar by month. Colour-coding is also useful for busy teachers and school students who have many activities throughout the week.

Colour-coding is a simple way to keep track of important dates, events and deadlines. You can use one colour for your personal appointments, while another colour for work-related tasks. It’s a good way to separate work-related tasks from personal activities. It’s also great for people who use multiple calendars.

If you have a visual mind, colour-coding your family calendar can save you a lot of time and frustration. However, you should be aware that colour-coding can also add a significant amount of time to planning. Purchasing pens and highlighters can be a necessary part of this process.

In Google Calendar, you can change the colour of reminders and tasks as well as events. Simply click on the “categories” tab at the top of the main calendar view and then click the “add categories” option. Then, check the “colour categories” box. Similarly, the iPhone lets you colour-code events on the fly.

Colour-coding is a great way to organize your life by grouping similar items together. You can use different colors for different areas of your life, like bills and tasks. The key is to remember which colour corresponds to which category. You can then move the categories from one week to another. You can also use different colors for each day of the week.

Using a colour-coded calendar system helps you to prioritize your priorities. It helps you to set limits on what happens in the future, which helps you achieve goals. And it helps you communicate your priorities and identify any obstacles that may crop up. Your calendar is your most important asset. It can make all the difference in your life.

Colour-coding your family calendar is a great way to keep everyone on the same page. Colour-coding allows you to make changes to multiple events easily and efficiently, and it is future-proof. The first step to colour-code your family calendar is to create a list of activities and events. To do this, open Google Calendar and navigate to the sidebar on the left. Next, hover over the calendar and press the three-dot menu. Then, enter the events you’ve chosen.

Color-code your cutlery

Color-coding is a simple way to identify and keep track of your belongings. It makes things easier to find and is great for those who are visually oriented. However, it is important to limit color-coding to only the most essential items that are often misplaced or difficult to find. For example, writing utensils should be placed in a different category than reading materials.

Besides cutlery, there are many other items that you can color-code in your home. From towels to medicine bottles, you can make your house more organized by putting them in a specific color. This idea can also be applied to other items, including your children’s clothing. If you want to get more creative, try putting colored ribbon tags on your bath towels or on your medicine bottles.

Color-code your bathroom drawers

Color-coding your bathroom drawers is an effective way to make your bathroom de-cluttered and organized. You can start by labeling cups, towels and toothbrushes by color. You can even colour code bath time toys. This will keep all your stuff in its proper place and prevent fighting.

Keep commonly-used items such as soap, shampoo, and toothpaste within easy reach. Consider using clear plastic bins and woven baskets. Also, use shelves and bins with clear lids. For larger items, consider using hanging organizers. These can be easily hung on the door of a medicine cabinet or cupboard. You can use them to store hand towels and washcloths. They will also help you keep track of when they need to be washed.

For smaller bathroom drawers, consider placing a shelf liner inside. This will make the contents more accessible and easier to find. If you have small drawers, you’ll have to eyeball the process and cut the shelf liner accordingly. Make sure the shelf liner is the width of the drawer. Once you have the right size, fold the shelf liner into creases, then cut the excess.

If you have kids, you can assign a certain drawer to each of them. You can also assign specific compartments to different members of the family. This will help reduce the chaos in the morning. Make sure to make the most of the space available in the bathroom. For instance, space under the sink and around the pipes can also be organized.

Organizing bathroom drawers can make mornings and evenings more peaceful. You can use a shelf or drawer divider to separate unruly items. Another tip for keeping bathroom drawers organised is to label everything with a name. You can also label your toiletries by product or person.

You can also use small bathroom caddies as drawer dividers. You can assign each member of your household with a specific compartment for their personal items. For example, a child could have their own toiletries and other products in a separate drawer. Alternatively, you could use a single drawer to store all the products belonging to several members of the family.