If you want your sewing room to look organized and neat, consider a variety of fabric organizer ideas. A few of these include garment racks, shoe organizers, and file cabinets. If you don’t have the space for a full-sized closet, consider using a few of these simple solutions instead.

Garment racks

One of the most versatile storage solutions for closets is a garment rack. It’s an essential piece of furniture for displaying your clothes and keeping them in pristine condition. Some racks have several shelves and include hooks for hanging clothes. Some also have additional shelves for shoes or boxes. You can also find garment racks that are made of metal or that come with wheels.

A garment rack can be purchased from a variety of retailers, including large and small ones. You can also find them online or from local craft stores and specialty stores, like Etsy. You can also make your own rack, if you know how to assemble it. Here are a few ideas for your own garment rack.

A garment rack is not just for storing clothes; it can also store garden gear, cleaning supplies, or even extra snacks. The possibilities are endless! If you’re a photographer or a performer, a garment rack can store costumes and outfits. A small business owner can also use a garment rack to keep supplies and outfits.

Shoe organizers

One of the best shoe storage solutions is a fabric shoe organizer. Whether it is a small closet or a large one, this organizer will keep your shoes neat and organized. These versatile organizers feature clear pockets to easily identify the shoes within. These are also the perfect option for people with a lot of shoes, as they can be easily stacked.

A cubby shoe organizer is a popular style. These cubby-like organizers offer a uniform look and can accommodate many pairs of shoes. They also keep dust and dirt from accumulating on shoes. However, they do not offer much protection from moisture and are not expandable. This type of organizer is great for flats, athletic shoes, and sneakers.

Stackable shoe bins are another great solution for storing shoes. These organizers can come in different sizes and shapes, and can have several compartments. Most are made from clear material or mesh. These types of shoe storage are especially handy for small spaces, and can also be used for other storage needs.

File cabinets

If you don’t like the look of file cabinets, you can opt for a more colorful alternative. File cabinets are made of solid wood or metal and can have a single, two, or three-drawer design. These cabinets are also available with added security features. You can find these cabinets at a number of retail stores, including Target.

Another option is to cover the entire cabinet with wallpaper. This option is easier and more practical if you are not familiar with painting. You can choose a design that complements the rest of the room. It can even be used as a covering for drawers. However, it will require a larger investment.

Wooden shelves are also an option. They are warmer and prettier than metal cabinets, which is why they are a great choice for offices. They can be designed in any pattern and shade to complement the rest of the decor. However, they can be difficult to work with, particularly if you want to group files of different sizes. Moreover, you must choose materials that protect the ends of the shelves.


Pegboards can be used for a variety of purposes. For example, they can be used to hang fabric and accessories. You can also use them to hold magazines or files. They are also very useful for small apartments, since they don’t take up any floor space. In fact, they can even be used to store headphones and other miscellaneous items.

Pegboards can also be used for storing bulky kitchen items. Pegboards can be mounted to the side of a refrigerator or desk, making them less visible. They are especially helpful for children’s bedrooms, where they seem to always need more storage space. They can also be used to store legos, paint and other small items. Some pegboards can even be crafted with children’s favorite colors and decorations.

If you’re not sure what to do with pegboards, you can use them as planters. Plants are great for the air in the home, and they boost your mood. You can even make your own pegboard planter. You can find several tutorials for this project on the Internet. Alternatively, you can use pegboards to hold baskets or hooks.


Bins are an ideal solution for fabric storage. Clear plastic bins make it easy to find the specific fabrics you are looking for. Labeling your bins is another great idea for easy findability. Baskets are also a great way to store fabric. In addition, baskets are ideal for keeping works-in-progress or magazines.

To save space, bins can be made from reversible fabrics. A fabric storage bin can hold several yards of fabric, and it will prevent it from becoming tangled. This type of storage solution can be easily made from scraps of fabric. The first step is to purchase stiff coordinating fabric and cut it into a circle. Then, cut a piece of fabric for the walls of the bin. Once you have the pieces cut, connect the edges using a hot iron.

You can make bins of any size and color. These versatile containers are also great as gift containers. You can also use them as little containers for the car or the bathroom counter.


Using rolls as fabric organizer ideas is a great way to keep your most used fabrics close at hand. Fold the fabric lengthwise and roll it from the selvage edge up. You can keep the fabric rolled on a shelf or in a storage bin. Alternatively, you can roll the fabric around cardboard tubes or paper towel rolls. Then, cut the rolls in half to store them in different places.

Another great way to keep fabric organized is by using wire baskets. These are a great way to organize your large pieces of fabric without taking up a lot of space. Moreover, these baskets can be stacked to save space. They can also help you store smaller pieces of fabric. The main benefit of these baskets is that they allow easy access to fabric.

Alternatively, you can purchase freestanding shelf units with compartments. Such fabric organizers can hold up to 10 yards of fabric and prevent the fabric from getting tangled. These storage units can be moved easily from one location to another.

Resealable bags

Resealable bags are an excellent choice for fabric scraps. They can hold the equivalent of a queen bedding set and are reusable. They also feature a clear, waterproof zipper seal. These bags are an eco-friendly alternative to plastic vacuum-sealed storage bins.

Canvas storage bins and boxes are also great for fabric storage. These containers can be labeled and fitted onto a shelf or under a piece of furniture. Plus, they double as pretty room decor. You can also use resealable bags for fabric and magazines.