You may not have a large closet or an easy to use layout, but that doesn’t mean you can’t make the most of the space you do have. The key is to be creative and make the most of the layout and design. Here are some inspiring ideas to help you maximize your space. If you want to make your closet look bigger and more organized, you may want to swap out your shoe rack for a dresser. You can also use under-shelf baskets to organize socks.

Swapping out a shoe rack for a dresser

Instead of using an entire closet for storing shoes, you can place a shoe rack on top of the dresser. This will allow you to keep your shoes and accessories organized and take up less floor space. You can also stack multiple shoe racks on top of each other.

If you don’t want to buy a new dresser, you can find them at garage sales and thrift stores. You can also use these old dressers to create interesting book storage. Alternatively, you can hang up a dresser behind the clothes rod, which covers the back wall of the closet. This can also be covered by hooks, allowing you to hang items in the closet.

If you share closet space with your partner, a closet organization system is especially valuable. It will prevent squabbles over clutter, and it will also free up space in your bedroom. Closet drawers are another great option, giving you the same amount of space as a dresser.

You can also use the space above a dresser to install extra tall shelving. If you are handy, you can build a middle shelf from plumbing parts or wood. Another great double closet organization idea is to add a clothes rack to your closet. You can also use a second hanging rod to create extra hanging space.

Organizing shoes on the inside of a closet door

If you’re looking for extra space in your closet, you can maximize it by using a bookshelf. The bookcase can be designed with open sides so that you can easily see your shoes. You can stack multiple shelves on top of each other to make more room for other belongings. You can also stack multiple pairs of shoes vertically, making them easier to find. You can also use plastic dividers to separate your sandals from your shoes.

Another great shoe storage solution is to use a shoe bin. This handy storage option can hold multiple pairs of shoes and can be placed on the inside of the closet door. These bins are widely available and are usually clear, which makes it easy to find exactly what you’re looking for.

A clear shoe bin can help you sort your shoes according to brand and type. You can also label the bins with the type of shoe inside. This way, you don’t have to worry about where to store a particular pair of shoes if you own several brands.

A vertical organizer that hangs over the closet door can also be a good solution for storing shoes that aren’t used on a daily basis. If you have a lot of shoes to store, it’s better to get a slim vertical organizer that ties over the door rod. You can find these organizers at Target or other retail stores. And if you’re not feeling creative enough to buy a closet organizer, you can also create one yourself.

Another shoe organizer on the inside of a closet door is a shoe shelf. It provides 26 pockets for shoes, plus an accessory shelf. This organizer is 22 inches wide, which allows it to fit into smaller spaces. This unit also easily slides over the door.

Organizing socks in under-shelf baskets

Organizing socks in under-shleep baskets can help make your closet look clean and spacious. They can also be useful for underwear storage. Many of these baskets have many compartments, so you can organize dirty socks separately from clean ones.

You can place these baskets on the shelf of your closet, dresser, or on the floor. You can buy 3-packs or 6-packs of sock baskets from companies such as DIMJ. Some of these baskets are trapezoid shaped, which makes it easier to see each sock. They are also narrower than cube-shaped baskets, making them more convenient for storage.

Organizing socks in under-shleep baskets is easy and cheap. You can also use utensil organizers or little baskets for this purpose. Another great option is adhesive hooks on the back of the closet doors.

Organizing shoes in a dresser

Organizing shoes in a double closet can be tricky. With so many pairs, storage can get crowded and you may lose a pair or two. Luckily, there are a few tricks that will make it a lot easier to find and put away your shoes. You can use file dividers or even small plastic partitions to store your shoes in a more accessible way.

Firstly, you should sort your shoes by types, such as shoes worn regularly, shoes worn for special occasions and so on. Then, you should determine how many pairs of each type you have. This will help you determine how many shoe organizers and storage options you need. If you have a large number of shoes, consider combining different storage methods to make one large, organized shoe cabinet.

Another way to organize your shoes is by using shoe space savers. These add vertical space to the closet and prevent shoes from falling off the shelves. They should also have plastic dividers to prevent them from sliding off of the shelves. Also, use narrow shelves to keep shoes organized.

For shoe storage, you can also use shoe boxes. These are like a mini-under-the-bed organizer with adjustable dividers. The boxes can be placed under the bed or stacked on a shelf. The box will keep your shoes neat and dust-free. In addition, it will also allow you to see what you have without having to dig through the pile of shoes.

Organizing shoes in an under-shelf basket

When arranging your closet, you may want to use an under-shelf basket for shoes. They keep your shoes neat and organized, and make getting dressed easier. You can also purchase an organizer that combines the storage of your shoes with a beautiful shelf unit.

If you have an under-shelf basket for shoes, you can easily identify each pair and keep them separated. You can purchase clear bins that have labels for shoes, so you don’t have to remember which one goes with which pair. You can also store your shoes in their original boxes.

Investing in a shoe organizer is a great way to free up space in your closet. An under-shelf shoe organizer can accommodate as many as eight pairs of shoes. These baskets also come with bars that can be flipped up to create more space. The organizers also can be purchased at The Container Store. Some of them come with labels that help you identify which shoes belong to which family member.