If you haven’t yet made use of IKEA’s office organization solutions, there are some things you can make yourself that will be useful for your office space. Using scrap wood, wires, or cork boards, you can create a pencil holder. If you’re in the mood for a cork board, you can even make one using a full tutorial.


One of the best office organization ideas comes from IKEA, a Swedish furniture company famous for its versatile products. RAJTAN Spice Jars, a set of four glass jars with aluminum lids, are perfect for keeping office supplies neat and organized. They can store rubber bands, paperclips, thumb tacks, and other items. They also make great organizers for desk clutter.

If you have a limited space, IKEA shelving systems can help you make the most of it. IKEA’s LACK floating shelves are a modern and slick addition to a workspace. They’re especially useful for desks that don’t have built-in storage. You can even decorate your shelves to make them look more welcoming. They can also hold books and stationary.

IKEA offers many options for storage, including matching storage units and desks. You can also combine an IKEA desk with an extra-tall cabinet for additional height. You can also mount feet to the base of a storage unit. This is a great way to make your desk even higher, and add some additional storage space.

Another IKEA office organization idea is to use IKEA kitchen cabinets as desk bases. Using kitchen cabinets for desk bases is an excellent way to save money and create a stylish workstation. You can even create your own custom piece by using kitchen cabinets. Make sure to pick a desk base that fits the space you’re working in.

The desk legs of an IKEA desk can also be painted for a low-maintenance update. Spray painting the legs makes the desk look more attractive and makes it more eye-catching. Other options for IKEA office organization include custom-built workspaces and sit and stand support stools.

IKEA also has sit-stand desks and adjustable chairs that can help you improve your posture. The NILSERIK adjustable stool and TROTTEN sit-stand desk are excellent options to consider for a healthy office. These office furniture items will allow you to get up and move around comfortably, and will help you work more efficiently.