Organizing your craft room supplies can be a challenging task, but it can also be a lot of fun! You can use storage systems to group things together and keep them separated. You can also label your supplies using a label maker or vinyl decals. A colorful pattern will brighten up your room while creating a unified look.

Hanging rods

Whether you are looking for a way to store your craft supplies or simply want to keep them off the floor, hanging rods can provide both options. They can be used in any room, from the basement to the garage. If you don’t have much wall space, rods can be hung from doors to provide vertical storage.

When it comes to crafts, it can be helpful to have a color-coded system to keep your materials organized. This system can evolve over time as you add more details to your craft projects. This system can help you identify your supplies quickly and easily. For example, if you love sewing, you can create a color-coded system for each different type of fabric.

Using pegboard shelving is an effective way to organize your smaller craft items. You can hang pegboards on walls and use pegboard accessories to maximize the space available for hanging items. Pegboards can accommodate up to 20 pounds of items, and they can also free up space on your desk.

You can also make use of wooden dowels to organize craft supplies. You can secure them to a decorative frame using hooks. This way, you can display your most favorite crafts and keep them from getting disorganized.

Rolling carts

Craft rooms can benefit from the addition of rolling storage carts. These carts make it easy to store frequently used supplies and can also be wheeled to a craft table for easy access. A good craft storage cart has multiple drawers for storing different art supplies. It can even accommodate a large craft model, which can be stored in the large bottom drawer.

Craft room organization is also important to avoid clutter. Keeping craft materials neat and organized will make them easier to access and organize. A rolling cart with tiers is an excellent solution for this, especially if you work from home. You can easily move this cart to another part of your house as needed.

Crafters can also use pegboards to keep their supplies organized. They are attractive and can be painted in a color to coordinate with the decor of your craft room. They can also be framed for added decoration. If you have a large collection of stickers, a tall sticker organizer will help you keep them organized.

Canvas totes

If you don’t have enough space to store all your art supplies on shelves, consider a rolling storage cart. This handy item will not only keep your art supplies organized, but also allow you to easily move them around the room as you need them. Another great storage idea is a magnetic holder for your craft supplies. Not only will this free up desk and shelf space, but it will also hide clutter.

To start, determine what your biggest problem is when organizing your craft supplies. Are you constantly rummaging through your supply drawers? Is it difficult to find something? If so, here are a few storage hacks to help you keep your supplies organized. Using canvas totes can be a great option!

Using empty tic tac containers is another creative way to organize your craft supplies. These containers can also be used as a way to store tools, such as an embroidery thread needle. You can also use the interior of a thrift store paper towel holder to organize your ribbon spools. You can find instructions for making the holder at Sadie Seasongoods. Alternatively, you can make a storage rack from inexpensive plastic drawers. Adding labels to the drawers makes it easy to locate the supplies you need. Another great storage idea is to use IKEA’s Fintorp line of buckets, which come with hooks.

Another storage option for a craft room is a rolling storage cart. This handy piece of furniture can be used to store all your supplies, while also adding function and organization. You can store the supplies you use most in this cart and wheel it to your craft table to make your work more efficient.


Pegboards are a great way to organize a craft room, and they can help you store your materials easily. These organizers can be hung on a wall or framed to save space. They can also be used as memo boards for your room. Pegboards can be a colorful way to show off your creative side.

Pegboards can be a great way to organize acrylic paint. You can hang clips on a bulletin board to keep track of all the colors, and it’s more convenient than a drawer. You can also use pegboards to hang fabric, ribbon, and thread. You can even use hooks to hang lighter materials.

If you enjoy sewing and making art, you can use pegboards to display your materials. You can even transform them into a colorful display board for finished artwork. Pegboards can also be used as mood boards and reminders. Here are a few craft room organization ideas that will help you organize your supplies and save space.

Craft room organization ideas diy using pegboard can make your room look more elegant and functional. Pegboards are also great for storage in your craft room. You can add hooks and baskets for more storage space. Another great way to organize your craft room is to add a tabletop storage shelf. It will help you store supplies, but be careful to not let your work area become a mess!

Jewelry organizers

Making DIY jewelry organizers is a great way to keep your jewelry organized while saving money and space. You can use items found around your home, such as scrap wood and vintage grills, to make a unique jewelry organizer. The organizer can be used to store any type of jewelry, including rings, earrings, and pendants. The organizers will save you space and money, and they will also add a bit of artistic flair to your craft room.

A DIY jewelry organizer can be very easy to create. A few materials are required for making one, including 3/8 inch MDF plywood, cabinet hardware, a drill, and screws. Some people also dress up their organizers by adding wallpaper, paint, and hardware bolts. You will need to follow instructions and have patience to complete the project. If you are not sure about your skills or how to do the job, you can also hire someone to help you complete the project.

Besides pegboards, you can also use a wooden board as a DIY jewelry organizer. You can also cover the board with fabric, or wrap it with burlap or cloth. Once you have completed this, you can place some hooks to hang your jewelry.

Organizing small items in a cabinet

Organizing small items in a cabinet is an easy way to keep your craft supplies in order. You can get shelves and drawers to accommodate all your craft supplies, and you can label the containers to make finding the items easy. The cabinet can be customized to match your decor, so you can store items in the style you want. You can also organize your fabric into file folders by color or pattern.

Spice racks are also a great way to store small craft supplies. They are great for holding bobbins, glue, glitter, and other supplies. Plus, they keep the craft room neat and tidy. You can even add candlesticks to the tins to make them into tiered storage.

You can also reuse old containers and boxes. You can reuse empty cookie trays for storing Washi Tape, and you can use chip canisters for storing brushes and pencils. You can also use large pegboards to store containers, and a large pegboard is perfect for holding your Cricut supplies.

Aside from cabinets, other craft room organization ideas include installing a pegboard on the back of the cabinet to hold small craft supplies. You can set up the pegboard in a variety of ways, and you can adjust the placement according to your changing needs. You can also hang baskets or rods on the pegboard to keep wrapping paper.