If you are considering custom closet organization, you have several options. Some of them include freestanding closets, Mirrors, Vertical hanging space, and Display cases. In the middle of the closet, you can put a table and a chair, so you can fold and organize your clothing. This helps you stay organized while minimizing clutter.

Freestanding closets

One of the most popular on-trend closet designs today is a freestanding closet. You can use pipe-style rods and solid wood shelving to create a beautiful and functional space. In this DIY closet organization idea, you can use a wooden towel bar or wall anchors to keep your clothes neat and organized. Alternatively, you can build in a few shelves and add cubbies to keep your smaller items organized.

If you have a small closet, a Mural Closet may be a good solution. These custom closet organizers allow you to choose the best color and finish for your closet. The design also gives you the option to leave a portion of the side walls open, which creates an interesting visual effect.

To create a custom closet organization idea that will fit your space, you should consider its design and size. For example, a small closet may not be large enough for a custom-made organizer, but it can be fitted with a floating cubby wall. You can even use this as a display wall for jewelry and accessories.

You can also create a customized display by hanging accessories on towel bars. This will save you valuable rod space. It will also prevent your gown from dragging across the floor and collecting dust. Additionally, the additional space will be helpful for storing other items.


Mirrors can help to open up a small closet and make it seem bigger. Mirrors can be purchased for a reasonable price and are easy to customize with paint colors or other accessories. For best results, make sure the closet has good lighting. Consider adding a floor lamp or a chandelier to the closet to provide the perfect illumination.

Mirrors can be mounted on the outside of a closet door or on the inside. Mirrors outside the door help to increase available light in the room, while those inside the closet can help you put on earrings or check your clothing before heading out. In addition, you can also install a full-length mirror inside your closet to create a three-way mirror experience.

Vertical hanging space

Vertical hanging space is one of the most important parts of custom closet organization. There are many different ways to make use of this space, including organizing your clothes by color, season, and occasion. You can also hang your handbags or purses vertically. However, be sure to consider the amount of space available in your closet before you install vertical storage.

Another way to maximize vertical space is by utilizing the space behind the closet door. This is possible when you install slab doors, which are different from pocket or accordion style doors. Slab doors have a back space that can be used as a bulletin board or other items. Folding your pants or other large garments can give you more hanging space.

Using shelving above low closet rods can also provide additional hanging space. This is useful for items that you want to keep out of sight. By using shelf-hanging organizers, you can maximize your vertical storage space. A shelf-hanging organizer is an excellent choice for a closet with limited built-in storage. It offers vertical storage and makes it easier to find what you need.

The return section of a closet requires at least 19-3/4 inches of vertical hanging space. This area is typically outfitted with large hooks for clothing and robes, and smaller hooks for small accessories.

Display cases

Display cases are a great way to make your closet more stylish. They are convenient and allow you to keep your favorite items visible and easily accessible. You can even change up your display every now and then to reflect what’s in season or what you picked up while you were shopping. Open shelves are another great option for displaying your favorite items.

Custom closet organization ideas can include display cases and drop-in dividers to maximize the space. They can also incorporate items you want to showcase, such as jewelry or decorative items. Other custom solutions include velvet-wrapped drawer liners or hidden jewelry trays. This means you can choose an ideal solution for your unique closet and style.

Cabinets with glass doors

The first step in designing a custom closet organization system is to choose the right type of doors. Glass doors are a popular choice because they give the closet an upscale and modern feel. These doors also make it easier to see what’s stored inside. Glass doors are also great for preventing dust and other allergens from getting inside.

Depending on the style of your closet, you can use a variety of colors and finishes to create an aesthetically pleasing space. In a dark color scheme, you may want to choose a darker color for the doors and shelves. However, if you’re looking for a neutral color palette, you can always choose a neutral color for the closet doors and shelves.

Glass-inset cabinet doors will enhance the design of your custom closet organization system while providing excellent visibility into what’s inside. In addition, a custom closet island may include shelves and drawers. For extra hanging space, you can use tiered hanging rods. They provide low-level access for little fingers and can accommodate large coats and dresses. For extra storage, you can also opt for pull-down hanging rods. Another great option is a velvet-lined jewelry drawer for safe-keeping your jewelry. In addition, drawer dividers are great for organizing lingerie and scarves. A retractable accessory rack is also an excellent choice for a small closet.

Pull-out belt or tie racks

Men have just as many accessories as women do. A good belt rack will keep them in one place so you can see them easily. Pull-out tie racks will save you space and let you keep your belts in one place. If you share a closet with a partner, your belts may end up on the floor, tucked under furniture, or hung from the door knob.

If you’re a man with a large tie collection, a pull-out tie rack will make life easier. This type of storage will allow you to quickly access your tie collection while keeping them wrinkle-free. And if you have a lot of ties, you can install more than one tie rack.

If you need more space for small accessories, consider installing a hook rack. This rack utilizes space on the back of your closet door. This is an excellent solution if you have items that are bulky. This style is also compact. It won’t take up too much room in your closet.

While it’s not practical to organize belts in a closet, you can use them as a decorative feature by hanging them in the closet. Pull-out belt racks can be made of wood or acrylic, and you can even get customized versions for specific belt widths.