If you want to store a variety of items on your desk, a desk wall organizer is an excellent choice. These units are available in letter size and come with a variety of compartments. They can be hung on the wall or lay flat on your desktop. You can use them to hold notebooks, pens, Post-it notes, and other items that you frequently use.

Letter-size, six-pocket organizer holds notebooks, Post-it notes, pens and more

If you don’t have enough storage space on your desk, you can invest in a Letter-size, six-pocket desk organization system. It’s a good way to keep things organized and visible. Many of these systems feature a tray for accessories. You can buy them in white or black, or get something a bit more colorful.

If you’re a planner nut, then this desk organizer is for you. This handy organizer holds up to 50 Post-it notes, pens and notebooks in six compartments. It also has an interior loop for a pen. This desk organizer also has a pocket for business cards.

If you’re looking for a desk planner, you can look for an A4 or US Letter organizer. These are useful for jobs with frequent meetings and tasks. However, you might find them bulky. Other systems are based on standard US 3-ring binders, such as Franklin Covey and DayRunner.

A letter-size, six-pocket desk organizer can hold notebooks, Post-it notes, a pen, and other office supplies. Some have sticky notes with different colors, and some are designed to be used with sticky notes. Sticky notes are also useful for the classroom. A student’s desk organizer can help you organize your classroom supplies in an organized way.

Personal size pages are slightly larger than Compact size pages. For this reason, a binder designed for Personal size pages is larger than Compact size. The average A5 binder is 5.5×8.5 inches. It’s also half the size of a regular size.

Notebooks have been used for centuries. Thomas Edison, for example, generated 2,500 pocket notebooks with 200-250 pages each during his lifetime. His notebooks were so popular that he would carry them with him wherever he went.

Pens are another essential office item. A good desk organizer can hold up to two dozen pens. However, pen rolls are not recommended for checked luggage or other situations where pens may be crushed. A pen case with a flap can provide more structure and protect your expensive pens.

Easy to assemble

An easy to assemble desk wall organizer is a great way to save space and keep your desk neat. It is made up of two parts: a main portion and a back support piece. The main part is made from a primed 1 X 3 MDF trim. The back right and left squares are each cut from 1/4” MDF. The center square is made from a Thrifty White Panel board and is layered with two pieces of the same material.

Made in USA

Made in USA desk wall organizers offer a variety of benefits to the customer. They can be customised to meet individual needs and specifications. Most of these products come with a custom imprint or labeling service. They are available in a wide range of materials including Corian, acrylic and hardwood. Other options include laser engraving and dye sublimation printing.