Dead Sea Salt Face Cream is one of the more famous of the salves from the Dead Sea region. It is also the only product that has been included in the latest U.S. FDA Recommended Products for skin care products list. This means that it is not only safe, but a leading seller as well.

Salva-Salt had been working with the Dead Sea region since the nineteen eighties. They have put into place a stringent system to ensure the purity of their Dead Sea salt face cream. From time to time they get some products that are not entirely pure, but thats nothing compared to the problems that are waiting on the doorstep.

The Dead Sea is an excellent breeding ground for a fungus called dermatophytes. Some have said that it may be the cause of an outbreak of Lyme disease. Not exactly the type of product you want to be using.

The company has been producing a Dead Sea salt face cream which contains Vitis Vinifera. This is a natural preservative, and it works perfectly. It inhibits the growth of the fungus and slows down the oxidation process.

In addition to the preservative there is a substance called Argyrospermum Parkii. It will oxidize when exposed to moisture, and it causes the formation of vitamin E. This vitamin is essential for the maintenance of healthy skin.

The impurities that can be found in other brands can easily be eliminated in a pure dead sea salt face cream. The result is a younger, healthier, more radiant skin. Most of the ingredients in other products are petroleum based.

The chemicals used in the production of makeup products are very hazardous for our skin. They have been linked to cancer and birth defects. Dead Sea salt facial creams have been tested to include some of the safest chemical ingredients.

The ingredients in the Dead Sea salt face cream include ingredients like Cynergy TK, Kaolin, Coenzyme Q10, and Avena Sativa. The ingredients in the cream are chosen to mimic natural moisturizers found in the Dead Sea. All of these active ingredients work together to help restore moisture and help protect the skin.

The Dead Sea is not the only place where these ingredients are used. Other places around the world are finding that the results of these ingredients are far better than any other product.

Because the ingredient list is so long you can look at the list of ingredients and see that most of the ingredients are from other companies. This means that the product was developed by a few people. Most of the chemicals are derived from natural sources.

You dont have to settle for any other product. Check out the Dead Sea Salt Face Cream today.