If you have a small desk, you might want to consider a few cubicle desk organization ideas. You can use storage bins, wall outlet shelves, or even silicone cupcake liners to keep reference materials in reach. All these items should be placed in an accessible location to make it easy to find them.

Hanging storage bins

Hanging storage bins are a great way to maximize your desk space. Instead of pinning things to your desk or tossing them into drawers, use these bins to hold small items. They are cheap and easy to install. Hanging wire trays are also ideal for storing important mail or company literature. Using these organizers will enhance your desk storage and keep it neat and organized.

Clutter is a huge stressor and a frustrating time-waster. Using wall space for organizational purposes is a great way to keep your desk free from clutter. Corkboards and wall organizers are also great options for holding miscellaneous supplies. They can also help clear more space on your desk and in other areas.

Filing cabinets are another great option for organizing your desk. Many of these units can be freestanding, or designed to hang on your cubicle walls. You can also use them to organize books and other office materials. A good filing cabinet will also save space and help you keep important files and documents safe.

Wall outlet shelf

A wall outlet shelf can help you organize your cubicle’s desk. You can use it to store your computer, monitor, and keyboard. It also gives you extra shelf space. You can hang decorative items from it, like mason jars and cork boards. And it will also prevent you from tripping over any electrical cables.

You can easily make your own wall outlet shelf by using boxes. These shelves are handy for storing cords and will also save a lot of space. Moreover, they’ll eliminate the annoying phone cords. You can use binder clips to hang your cords, and you can also label them with a special colored tape.

Organizing your desk can improve your work efficiency. A well-organized desk can reduce stress and make you enjoy your work more.

Mason jars

Using Mason jars as cubicle desk organization is a simple yet effective method to de-clutter your workspace. While most people associate mason jars with a rustic decor, they can be elegantly used in a contemporary, transitional, or traditional setting. You can even create your own mason jar organizer by creating your own mason jar.

You can also use them to create decor in your office by attaching them to wood or putting them on the wall. If you don’t have enough space for regular shelves, use glass jars as floating shelves. These shelves won’t stick out and will fit perfectly in a cubicle.

Using Mason jars as cubicle desk organization is not only a practical solution, but it also saves you money on decorating your office. You can paint the lids of the jars to match your desk decorations. You can also use washi tape to add a personalized touch to your cubicle desk organization ideas.

Silicone cupcake liners

Whether you work in an office or a home office, silicone cupcake liners can help keep office supplies organized. Unlike paper wrappers, they can be easily washed and reused. They are also more durable than most paper alternatives. Using these liners will not only keep your office supplies neat, but will also add some color to your desk.

These silicone liners are reusable and make a great addition to any desk. To use them, simply place them on a flat baking sheet. Fill them about two-thirds full, depending on the size. Some silicone liners have a marked fill line that you can use to determine the correct amount of filling. After that, place them in the oven.


If you’re in need of some office desk organization ideas, a pegboard is a great choice. Not only does it look good, but it also keeps office supplies within easy reach. The pegboard system is easily customizable to fit the needs of your workspace. Whether you’re a designer or a home crafter, you’ll be able to find a solution that’s right for you.

Pegboards are perfect for most desk setups, but if you’re looking for even more organization, you can always buy pegboards with shelves or bins. Floating shelves are another great choice, as they offer both a storage area and a place for trinkets. This way, you’ll be able to keep your desk organized and free of clutter. You can also decorate the pegboard with painter’s tape or cardstock paper. You can also use scissors and a roller brush to add color to the board.

A simple desktop organizer can be made from leftover cans or painted to look expensive. Another great desk organization idea is to add a pull-out keyboard tray, which will free up your desk and position your keyboard at an easier height. You can also organize your office supplies by grouping them together. You can also try using dividers in the drawers to make it easier to find things.

Vertical file holders

There are many ways to organize your desk. A vertical file holder is a great way to keep stacks of paperwork and other office supplies off the ground. You can also get a holder that will alert you when it is full. Another good idea is to buy a filing cabinet and place it under your desk. Be sure to get one that has locks to protect your valuable documents and files.

You can also try hanging file organizers on the walls. These are easy to install and can be a great solution for maximizing office space. You can choose a model with screw-in backing, repositionable mounts, or a magnetic back. These units can also be placed in your mailroom and work as a decorative piece.

If you’d like to store other office supplies on your desk, you can get oversized canvas wall organizers. They can hold your mail, bills, and desk accessories. They can be painted to add a decorative touch. They can double as paperweights, too. Just make sure you buy only a few if you don’t want to clutter up your desk.

Chalkboard tape

When it comes to cubicle desk organization, using chalkboard tape can be a great way to add personality to your desk. The removable tape is easy to cut and peel off, and can be used for everything from labels to reminders. You can also use it to label large storage containers. These storage containers are great for storing important documents and larger items. They are also transparent, which means you can see what’s inside them.

While you’re at it, you can use jar lids to coordinate with your cubicle desk organization. You can also decorate jar lids to coordinate with your office’s color scheme. Another way to add personalization to your workspace is to paint office chairs and desks.

Another way to add style to your desk is to use a pegboard backdrop. These can be made from reclaimed materials like a tin can. You can also use leftover wallpaper to add a decorative effect to your desk. These simple projects do not take a lot of time and effort. You can also use a farmhouse-style memo board for your desk. This can be placed above the desk or along the cubicle wall.

Organizing electrical cords

Organizing electrical cords on cubicle desktops can be a nightmare, but there are ways to prevent them from becoming a nuisance. First of all, you can buy a cable tray. A cable tray is a basket-like tray that is attached to the surface with screws. This allows you to manage cable tangles and keep adapters organized. You can get different size cable trays or use one that is trimmed to fit your desk.

Another way to keep your desk cords neat and organized is to buy a cord manager. These are great because they have seven slots, each one a quarter-inch wide, which means you can keep your wires organized and easily accessible. You can also purchase a cord wrapper to reduce the length of long cables. These wraps can be mounted to your desk or can be carried around with you.

Besides improving your workplace aesthetics, organized office desk wires improve your health and safety. Unorganized cables are at risk of sparking, which can lead to fires. Also, a well-organized workspace makes your work more productive.