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Prepare to Pay More for these 8 Grocery Items

These items are in every house in America, regardless of lifestyle or eating preferences. Prepare to pay more for these eight common grocery items this fall on top of already increasing prices. All groceries are expected to increase across the board, according to Kiplinger Agriculture Letter. Groceries are raising 3% this year and projected to increase 2.5% in 2015.

Grocery shopping can get especially expensive for growing families. The USDA, United States Department of Agriculture, official American family average cost of food at home for a family, consisting of two adults ages 19-50 and two child between 2-5, as of August 2014, ranges from 568.00 for a thrifty cost to 1060.80 for a liberal cost. Breaking it down per person in the table below:

August 2014 Cost of Food

Food Costs for Americans in August 2014

According to these items prices are raising to accommodate for a variety of reasons such as, droughts and disease affecting the supplies to increased manufacturing costs and consumer demand. These 8 items are projected to cost more this fall; in some cases sharply.

  1. Pasta

    Pasta Noodles

    Cost of Pasta is on the Rise.

  2. Butter

    A stick of butter.

    Cost of Butter is on the Rise.

  3. Cheese

    Slices of various blocks of cheese.

    Cost of Cheese is on the Rise.

  4. Chicken

    Chicken breast meal with pasta and fresh green beans.

    Cost of Chicken is on the Rise.

  5. Bacon

    A plate of crisp bacon.

    Cost of Bacon is on the Rise.

  6. Chocolate

    Assorted chocolates

    Cost of Chocolate is on the Rise.

  7. Oranges

    A tray of oranges.

    Cost of Oranges is on the Rise.

  8. Deli Meats
    A ruben deli meat sandwhich.

    Cost of Deli Meats is on the Rise.

    These items are staple ingredients for many meals. There is no way to cut all of these items out of the American diet. For those who are eating mostly organic foods, they will  be priced at an even higher premium once the full price increase has been implemented.