Clutterbug organization style

The Clutterbug Philosophy focuses on four distinct types of organization: micro, macro, and butterfly. Micro organizers love order and categories and tend to prefer short-term storage and easy access to items. On the other hand, macro organizers are more focused on the end results and prefer short-term storage and fast access to items.

Cass Aarssen, founder of the ClutterBug organizing community, shared her story of struggling with clutter and organizing systems. She went on to create a system that worked for her and is now helping other people overcome their own clutter problems. In this free audio presentation, she explains the four major styles of organization and how to coexist with them.

As a certified organizational expert, Cas Aarssen knows that clutter decreases our life satisfaction, increases anxiety, and increases procrastination. She developed the Clutterbug method in order to combat these effects. In fact, she was once a super slob and used to feel overwhelmed and frustrated by her disorganized surroundings.

Clutterbug butterflies are easily distracted by clutter, and have higher emotional attachments to their belongings than other people. As such, it is best to enlist the help of a friend or family member to help them with organizing projects and letting go of items they don’t use anymore. A 21-item-a-month purge is a great way to get rid of a lot of items and create more space for other things. Butterflies are also big fans of hooks, so hang them near the entrance, inside the closet, or on the back of the door.

Four types of organization

Those who love a good organizing system know that the butterfly needs something fast and easy. She needs a way to see her stuff without having to dig through the clutter. Aarssen recommends using macro-organization, which makes everything visible, and using labels and clear bins to keep everything in one place. A butterfly tends to have strong emotional attachments to objects, so she should use simple, quick organizing solutions.

Professional organizers know how to work with different types of clutterbugs. They know how to use different organizing techniques for each type, depending on the type of clutter. A clutterbug who uses micro-organization is probably going to have problems maintaining a clean space for a long time. Bees and butterflies, on the other hand, need a more macro-organized approach.

A butterfly is a visual person who likes to see things on display. Consequently, they prefer clear bins, baskets, and large labels. They’re also more emotional than the average person, which means clutter will distract them. A butterfly’s home should be organized in a way that allows them to see everything easily.

Cass Aarssen has experience dealing with her own clutter problem and has come up with four different organizing systems. This has helped her come up with a system that works for her. Now, she’s using her Clutterbug organizing philosophy to help others. She has a personal story to share about her own struggle with clutter and her personal preferences.

Bees prefer a clean, clear space and simple organization. They like a functional system and prefer clear, colorful containers. They also love small categories and clear stackable containers. In addition, they prefer clear baskets and LazySusans for storage. In addition, they like to see their belongings, so they prefer containers with subcategories and more specific categories.

Setting up a landing zone for butterflies

Setting up a landing zone for clutterbugs can be a simple and effective way to keep them from spreading their wings throughout your home. This space should be accessible and easy to keep orderly. For example, if you have a small child, a landing zone for their coats should be established where they can hang their coats neatly.

21 item toss every month

If you’re looking to declutter your home, try following Clutterbug butterfly tips! Butterflies are easily distracted by clutter and often have higher emotional attachments to their possessions than your average person. A few simple organizing tips will help them keep focused while they purge. Hang a before photo or magazine in the area you want to declutter so you can see what your space will look like when you’re done.