The ClosetMaid Style+ corner organizer is a versatile, stylish solution for home organization. It offers an affordable price tag and a sleek design for a modern, contemporary look. It is designed to provide shelving storage in closets and throughout the home. Designed for ease of use, it is available alone or in combination with other Style+ items.

ClosetMaid Selectives 3-Shelf White Stackable Corner Organizer

The ClosetMaid Selectives 3-Shelf Corner Organizer features one fixed shelf and two fully adjustable shelves. It’s designed to integrate seamlessly with other Selectives accessories and makes excellent use of corners. It’s available as free-standing or wall-mounted.

This white corner organizer features a 3-shelf design with adjustable shelving and can be used on a corner. It’s made of partical board for a solid, stable structure, and makes a good storage solution. It’s a great addition to any room.

Price: $99

The price of closetmaid style+ corner closet organizers depends on several factors. The materials used, the number of parts, and whether the unit is custom or prefabricated determine the cost. Prefabricated units range between $30 and $800, while custom units can range from $250 to $2,000, and can be customized to fit a particular room’s design or storage needs. There are also several different parts to choose from, each with a different price and purpose.

This closet-organizing kit is available in three different sizes, including a 24-inch narrow tower, a 48-inch taller version, and a wider one. These units are ideal for bedroom closets, linen closets, and laundry storage. Closetmaid style+ corner closet organizers feature a slim design, solid shelves, and a unique rack-hanging method for installation.

Size: 3 shelves

When shopping for corner shelves, consider the size of the room where you’d like to install them. If the space is small, a smaller unit will be more convenient. For example, a small closet may have three shelves instead of four. This will free up extra space for hanging clothes.

For a larger unit, you may want to consider the ClosetMaid SuiteSymphony Organizer. Its wood body and laminate-coated finish create a 264-inch Shelf space. This unit is great for bedrooms and linen closets. It has a number of additional features and can be purchased separately to provide extra storage space.