Closetmaid is a brand known for their closet organizers and systems. These products are designed to maximize shelf and hanging space while providing a shoe rack. They also provide flexibility and open space that rival the best of the budget brands. Here are some of the best closet organizers on the market.


The EasyClosets website allows you to design your closet from the comfort of your home. You can use two-dimensional or three-dimensional online modeling tools to create the perfect closet for your needs. You can also request design consultations from the company’s experts. The process is quick, and EasyClosets will provide all the supplies you need.

Most companies that offer custom closet solutions also offer closet design tools, which allow you to design your own closet. You can also work with a designer by video conference. The designer will ask you questions to understand what you need, and then quote you for the perfect closet organizer system. Depending on the design, you’ll need to order more than one closet organizer system, and the closet system you choose can be customized to fit your needs.

Once you’ve finished designing your closet, you can get the product delivered. EasyClosets offers free shipping on orders over $400. You’ll have to pay freight if you’d like to get your closet delivered to a different address. If you need additional services, you’ll need to pay an additional fee. EasyClosets will tell you about all the costs involved so that you’re aware of all the costs.

Elfa is the company’s signature product. While the original Elfa was a simple, metal shelving system, it has since evolved to include high-end finishes. It’s also customizable, easy to install, and durable.


A Rubbermaid custom closet organizer allows you to customize the configuration of the closet to suit your needs. The Classic Configurations Kit, for example, features adjustable shelving and rods, and works in closets four to eight feet wide. The kit can be installed without cutting, and includes telescoping rods and expanding shelves to maximize storage space. It provides up to 14 feet of shelving space and twelve feet of hanging space.

The Expandable Closet Shelf Kit is similar to the Rubbermaid Configurations system, but has a smaller footprint. It is compatible with adjustable shelving and comes in a slim 24-inch tower and a wider 48-inch version. Both of these options are suitable for bedroom closets, laundry rooms, and linen closets.

The Rubbermaid custom closet organizer kit is highly customizable and comes in different finishes. It is easy to install and comes with all the necessary hardware for the installation. You can even choose which heights you want the shelves to be. You can also choose whether to add additional shelves or a full-length clothing rod. The closet kit also comes with compatible wire drawers.

The Deluxe Kit comes with four extra shelves and two 48-inch top rails. It also has two telescoping hang rods. Its streamlined design makes it easy to adjust, position, and remove the shelves. And you can even choose to purchase additional parts if you need them.


If you’re looking to organize your closet, ClosetMaid has a few different systems to choose from. They offer ventilated wire systems, wood systems, and even mixed wire/wood systems. All of their systems are customizable, and you can choose from the numerous different shelf configurations available.

ClosetMaid’s 12″ white custom closet organizer has plenty of shelf space and hanging space. This organizer has 6 shelves and 3 closet rods and is made of durable laminate. It also includes a shelf for bins and stacks of clothes. You can choose the size and style of your custom closet organizer based on the dimensions of your closet.

ClosetMaid offers wire and wood shelving, which you can custom-make to fit your needs and preferences. You can also choose to purchase extra-long closet rods. ClosetMaid also has a virtual closet design tool to help you plan your closet layout. The company offers adjustable ShelfTrack wire shelving so you can customize it for your specific needs.

The first step in customizing your closet is to go through your closet and determine which items you want to put in it. For example, if you’re putting a lot of dress shirts in there, a two-tier garment rod may be the ideal solution. If you’re organizing handbags, a tower unit with shelves in the middle might be a good option.


Before you purchase an IKEA closet system, take measurements of your current closet. It is important to make sure the units fit correctly, because you may need to do some extra work to get them to line up correctly. You may need to adjust the placement of some of the units, such as the bottoms of shelves. You can also purchase cover plates to cover exposed screws and seams.

You can also buy accessories to enhance your closet. Accessories can include drawers, shoe racks, and baskets. There are also hooks and long rods for coats. And you can find shelves, drawers, and accessories in various sizes to match your closet’s style.

If you’re looking for a custom closet organizer for a more affordable price, you can buy one of the prefabricated IKEA kits. These come with adjustable shelves and rods, but you may have to rearrange the rods before placing them. They also have a simple track system to keep the closet high and level, which means you can store clothes underneath it. Another bonus is the vertical design, which will make your closet appear larger.

There are many types of IKEA closet systems available. The best option is the IKEA BOAXEL wardrobe, which features practical shelving for folded clothes, a hanging rod for shirts, and versatile high and low shelves. You can even add a desk surface to your IKEA wardrobe, which is another way to maximize space.


The HomeFree closet organizer is one of many closet organization systems available for DIY installation. These kits rely on anchored strips to secure each shelf, and are less expensive than professionally installed systems. However, these kits lack the customization flexibility and furniture-style appearance of professionally installed systems. These kits can be purchased at most home improvement stores. Home Depot and Lowe’s both carry the HomeFree system.