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Employees give leadership a grade of D-

Employees at Closet World rate their management as “D-,” or “in the bottom 10% of companies of similar size.” They are also dissatisfied with the pace of work and the quality of their coworkers. As a whole, employees are dissatisfied with their compensation package – including pay, stock, and benefits.

Employees are dissatisfied with their team

A recent survey of employees at Closet World has revealed that they are dissatisfied with the quality of their customer service team. According to the survey, less than half of the employees grade their co-workers’ quality as good or very good. Employees also have little confidence in the future outlook of the company and do not feel excited to go to work.

Employees are dissatisfied with their leadership

The recent employee survey at Closet World shows that employees are generally dissatisfied with their leadership, team, and pace of work. In addition, employees give their managers and executive team a D grade, which puts Closet World in the bottom 10% of similar-sized companies. Further, employees do not feel excited about going to work or are excited about the future of the company.