Professional organizers recommend using fabric-covered boxes for shoe storage and containers for small items. These same-size baskets can help you maximize space and provide a cohesive look. They also protect clothing from ripping. This organization tip is useful even if your closet space is limited. But make sure that you choose the correct size of boxes. There are several sizes to choose from. To find the most suitable size, consult a professional organizer.

Coat racks

One of the best ways to organize your closet is to have more than one hanging rack. Most closets are tall enough to hold two racks. The upper rack can hold plastic tubs or storage baskets. You can also install additional shelves for seasonal items. If you have a smaller closet, you may want to use just a single hanging rack. You can also install wire shelving. It is easy to install and very practical.

You can also install purse hooks to maximize the space behind your door. These will keep your purses and scarves off the floor and give you extra storage. Another great option is to install a wall-mounted coat rack. This type of rack is not only convenient, but it will also give your closet a unique personality. You can even add a chalkboard coat rack to your closet, so that you can label the hooks with what type of outerwear they are meant to hold. It will make your things easier to find and will help you get your things organized.

If you have limited space, you should use a hook rack to hold bulkier items. This style makes use of the space behind your closet door. It is also great for storing shoes and boots. Another good choice is a white modular drawer system. This type of rack is available in different sizes.

Another way to organize your coat closet is to organize your clothes by height or bulkiness. Pants and tops should be kept on lower racks, while long dresses and coats should be on the higher shelves. You can also use visual organizers to organize your clothes by color or bulkiness. You can also stick accessories on the walls to keep them visible and easy to access.

Tension rods

Tension rods are an excellent option for open closet organization. They allow you to hang folded clothing or a roll of shop towels, and are a great choice if you have unfinished spaces. They are also great for holding a small bag of rags. You can place them between studs, so they don’t crowd the space.

Tension rods are also useful for creating sub-compartments in your closet. You can place tension rods on either side of cubbies to keep clothing at different levels. You can even install tension rods on more than one side of your closet to maximize space. You can also use tension rods to hang cleaning products. This will prevent leaks and spills.

Tension rods come with all the hardware you need to install them. If you need more hardware, you can also purchase them separately. They are best installed at least five 1/2 feet above the floor. They should not be used on a drywall wall that is painted. When installing tension rods, make sure that the wall is strong enough to support them.

Tension rods are also useful for organizing the contents of drawers. For instance, a tension rod is perfect for holding a spray bottle of detergent. However, it’s important to keep in mind that you’ll need to install it high enough to accommodate other items in the drawer. A small caddy or pail can also be attached to a tension rod for storing scrubbies or sponges. You can also install tension rod pairs across the width of the drawer or down the length of the drawer.

A tension rod consists of 2 rods that are locked into one another. One rod is the thicker one, while the other is narrower. The thinner rod is attached to the thicker rod, and you twist it clockwise or counterclockwise to unlock it. The tension rod should not be wider than the space you need to hang the curtains.

Clear glass shelving

Whether you’re adding extra storage to a small closet or adding decorative accents to your open closet, clear glass shelving is the perfect solution. It’s easy to clean and matches all color schemes. If you want more decoration, you can add patterned glass. This type of glass has a textured pattern or is uniformly frosted.

Besides providing extra storage space, glass shelving can also be custom-fitted to fit the dimensions of your open closet. It also doesn’t fall apart easily, so you can easily clean it. You can even add LED lights to your shelves. These shelves are great for displaying your favourite items.

The clear shelves can also help you identify what’s inside your storage space. You can also match accessories more easily with clear drawer fronts. Additionally, you can use extra wall space to store small items and hard-to-place items. Moreover, an over-the-door organizer can help you corral folded items.

A simple and elegant design allows you to maximize the available space. The closet features light maple laminated MDF boards for the modular cabinets and a pull-down hanging rod. This simple design also offers plenty of drawer space and adjustable metal framing. These features make the closet look brighter and more spacious. In addition, the cabinet set-up makes the sky blue paint show through.

When choosing your closet organization system, think about what you wear most and what’s in season. You can also use shelf dividers to keep piles separate and prevent them from falling. Another great solution for open closet organization is storage baskets. These baskets look stylish in an open closet and don’t cost a lot.

Hanging storage baskets

If you have an open closet, you can use hanging storage baskets to keep small accessories organized and out of sight. You can also use clear acrylic file dividers to store small accessories and dirty duds. These can be placed on a closet rod for easy access. And if you have space in your closet for multiple shelves, you can add some racks and hangers.

These storage baskets come in different sizes and materials. Some are made of textured wicker and have leather handles. They are long-lasting and complement many interiors. Some are even made for kids’ clothes. They also have a clear plastic front so that you can see what’s inside.

Another way to save space in your open closet is to hang specific hangers for different types of clothes. These are useful for organizing clothing because they don’t crowd each other. Alternatively, you can hang a coat rack in the corner of your bedroom or at the entrance to your home.

For bulky items, use large lidded wicker baskets. Shallow wire baskets and fabric bins are also handy for miscellaneous items. You can get a set of baskets for under $17 each at Walmart. The wire ones can keep tall stacks from falling over. They are also good for accessories, such as sunglasses, belts, and jewelry.

Modular closet systems

Modular closet systems are an excellent choice for open closet organization. They maximize usable space by incorporating storage spaces with adjustable shelving, wall brackets, telescoping rods, and drawers. These systems are also flexible, which means you can change the configuration as your needs change. In addition, you can move the system with you if you move to a new house.

Before choosing a modular closet system, measure the dimensions of the room. You may need more space than what you already have in your closet. You should also take into consideration the type of storage you need and whether you plan to expand in the future. A modular closet system can also be custom-made to suit your needs.

A popular open closet design is a combination of built-in shelving and doors, as well as baskets and personalized accessories. If your open closet has a window or nook, you might want to choose a short tower unit. These are easy to install and made of solid wood.

The Container Store has a range of modular closet systems for open closet organization. These systems are easy to install and customize to fit your space. They have adjustable shelves for maximum versatility. A few options include laundry hampers and accessories storage bins for your children. Modular closet systems are also a great solution for small spaces.