There are several cleaning and organizing tips that you can use to keep your home clean and organized. The first is to do one large cleaning task at a time. You should plan to spend more than one hour on a large task. However, there are many smaller jobs that can be done in one day, especially if you combine them. A cleaning challenge is a great way to accomplish a lot of cleaning in a short amount of time. The goal of the challenge is to finish all of your chores in twenty-five days.

Clean & Scentsible

The Clean & Scentsible blog, written by mom Jennifer Lifford, is a great place to get ideas for organizing and cleaning your home. The blog is not only filled with cleaning and organization tips, but also fun DIY projects and crafts. Many of these projects make great keepsakes and Jennifer loves to get her children involved.

Clean Mama

Clean Mama is a cleaning and organizing program that encourages women to get organized and start living a more balanced life. Her program is structured around a monthly focus on a specific area of the home. This gives women the opportunity to organize as they go. If you’re not sure where to start, Clean Mama has a free printable guide that will help you get started.

Clean Mama’s cleaning routine involves five daily tasks that help you get your home in order. These include making the bed, checking the floors, wiping down counters, tackling clutter, and doing laundry. This program can help you start a routine for organizing and cleaning and get a handle on your clutter in a way that is easy for you to do.


If you’re looking for some tips on cleaning and organizing your home, check out this popular blog. Clean Mama shares cleaning products and printables, as well as organizing tips. She also hosts challenges and shares great ideas. The “Organized Like a Boss” challenges are particularly helpful.

TidyMom’s unique seven-step cleaning system is a great resource for those on a budget. The blogger also has a fantastic post on how to organize your freezer. Toni is a self-confessed tidy freak and started her blog to help people like her. Her experience as a busy mother of a teenager means that she understands what it takes to have a functional and tidy home.

Marie Kondo

The Marie Kondo method advocates the practice of eliminating clutter and keeping only what sparks joy. That means getting rid of old books, papers, and other items you never use. Then, you can begin evaluating what’s still there to see if it still has value. If not, it can be disposed of.

One of the most notable Marie Kondo cleaning and organizing tips is minimizing clutter in the kitchen. The author advises reducing the number of items you keep in the kitchen by donating them or giving them away. She also urges you to show gratitude for the items you already have. Don’t feel guilty about getting rid of a couple of extra blenders and can openers; they may be useful to someone else.

Once you’ve sorted your clothes, you can move on to other categories, like books and letters. Clothes are often the first category to go through, as they have less emotional attachments. Marie Kondo also advises you to fold them vertically, which not only saves space but also makes it easier to find items. Although this method may not be the fastest or easiest way to get rid of a lot of things, it’s still a great way to reduce clutter and keep your home tidy and organized.

The Japanese organizing expert has inspired a global decluttering craze. Her books have sold more than 2 million copies and sit firmly on the New York Times bestseller list. Apply her principles to your life and you will see results. If you’re not sure how to implement her methods, you can start by following these helpful tips.

Marie Kondo encourages you to divide your home into categories, including clothing, kitchen, bathroom, toys, and garage. She recommends arranging each category in a way that sparks joy in you. If you’re overwhelmed by the amount of clutter in your home, you can use Marie Kondo’s organizing tips to get a fresh start.