Clea Shearer, the co-founder of Get Organized With The Home Edit, has announced that she has completed chemotherapy treatment. She has undergone a double mastectomy and chemotherapy for cancer and was left both physically and mentally exhausted. In the last few months, she has been focusing on regaining her health.

Clea Shearer has aggressive form of breast cancer

Clea Shearer discovered a lump in her breast in late February, but her primary care physician was unable to see her until early May. She requested a mammogram, which led to an ultrasound and triple biopsy. The tests showed two aggressive tumors, each one centimeter in size. The good news is that Shearer was able to catch the tumors at an early stage.

Clea Shearer is currently undergoing chemotherapy to treat an aggressive form of breast cancer. She recently shared her diagnosis on social media. The news was shocking to many, and fans offered their prayers and well wishes. Shearer was diagnosed with stage one invasive mammary carcinoma and is undergoing chemotherapy to combat it.

While undergoing treatment for her breast cancer, Shearer continues to work on her business and Get Organized magazine. She is also launching her own foundation to help other women fighting this disease. She has partnered with the V Foundation to launch the Clea Shearer Breast Cancer Research Fund.

Clea Shearer, a mother and entrepreneur, fought to get an earlier mammogram. Despite her busy schedule, she requested an earlier appointment, and fought hard to get the treatment she needed. Despite the cancer diagnosis, she had not previously gotten a mammogram, and was too busy to find a doctor to perform the procedure.

Clea Shearer has undergone a double mastectomy and chemotherapy to treat her disease. Her recovery is expected to last several months, and she will also undergo radiation therapy. A mammogram is the first line of defense against breast cancer. The good news is that the treatment is usually successful when caught early.

She has undergone a double mastectomy

Clea Shearer, co-founder of lifestyle website The Home Edit and host of Netflix’s reality show, has undergone a double mastectomy. She’s now recovering from the procedure and is focusing on rest and recovery. She’s shared the news with her fans on social media, and thanked them for their support. She had first learned about the diagnosis of breast cancer back in February. She shared the news on 4/7/2018, where she also thanked her fans for their support.

The star of Get Organised With The Home Edit has recently revealed that she has Stage 1 invasive mammary carcinoma. She’s already shared the news with her husband John Shearer and co-star Joanna Teplin earlier this week. However, she’s not yet shared the news with her two children, Stella Blue and Stella Green.

Clea Shearer, the pro organizer behind the Netflix series “Get Organized With The Home Edit,” is undergoing a double mastectomy. Her self-exams revealed two small lumps on her breasts. She then underwent a series of tests to confirm the news. She says she was a bit “emotional” about the news, but now she’s focused on being cancer-free.

Joanna Teplin, who founded The Home Edit with Shearer, visited Today on Friday to give her best friend a status update. Teplin and Shearer co-founded the home organization program and co-star in the Netflix reality series Get Organized With the Home Edit.

Invasive mammary cancer (IMC) is a highly aggressive form of breast cancer. It can affect a person’s self-esteem significantly. However, some women choose to reconstruct their breasts following a mastectomy. Whether or not Shearer will undergo reconstruction surgery is a personal decision that she has yet to make.

She has been a successful television personality

Clea Shearer is a co-founder of The Home Edit and has a net worth of $4 million. Born and raised in Los Angeles, she has also lived in New York and Nashville. She has two children and has attended Parsons School of Design. As of 2020, her net worth is estimated to be $4 million.

Shearer has been in the spotlight recently for her battle with breast cancer. She recently announced to her fans that she has been diagnosed with aggressive cancer in her breast. The cancer is a type of cancer called invasive mammary carcinoma. Clea has since undergone a nine-hour double mastectomy and is currently recovering from surgery. She also encouraged people to regularly check their breasts for signs of cancer.

The pair’s successful partnership has landed them their own television show. In addition to the reality show, Clea and Joanna have co-founded the interior design firm The Home Edit. Their firm has attracted celebrity clients, including Emma Roberts and Mandy Moore. The duo has also produced a book and produced a Netflix series with Reese Witherspoon.

Clea Shearer and Joanna Teplin are based in Nashville and have become a successful television personality. They have been promoting The Home Edit on social media, and have helped celebrities organize their homes. They also teach their celebrity clients to become more organized.

She has been rumored to have plastic surgery

Despite the rumors, Clea Shearer has never mentioned the possibility that she has undergone plastic surgery. Shearer, who co-founded the Get Organized with The Home Edit show, has always maintained that she isn’t insecure about her appearance.

Many people speculate that Clea Shearer has undergone plastic surgery in order to get a better face. Her slender, attractive features are hard to argue with, and her sharp jawline and big lips are just two of her most distinctive features. The actress married famous American photographer John Shearer, so she has adopted his surname. However, she is too private to speak about her private life.

The rumors about plastic surgery are not new. Various celebrities have been rumored to have plastic surgery. Jennifer Lawrence is no different. While she has been linked to numerous surgeries, she has never actually had any. However, some rumors are more believable than others.

The rumored plastic surgery was probably performed after she discovered she had breast cancer. The surgery took place on Friday, and Shearer is recovering at home. Her friend Joanna Teplin said that she is a strong woman who is a true inspiration to everyone.