Ciao cat treats are made from cage-free chicken that has been raised on farms that are carefully monitored. They come in two varieties: savory and sweet. Each type contains different protein levels and is made with high-quality ingredients. They are a natural, delicious treat that can be given to your cat to boost its energy levels.

Inaba Ciao

Inaba Ciao cat treats are a delicious and nutritious way to give your cat a treat while promoting good health. These treats are made with human-grade ingredients and are packaged with care in FDA-registered facilities. Unlike most other cat treats, they contain no by-products or preservatives.

The company’s commitment to quality has been rooted in a family tradition dating back to 1805 in Japan. All Inaba products are produced in FDA-registered facilities using quality assurance practices similar to those used in U.S. human food plants. All ingredients used are 100 percent human-grade, and there are no by-products, artificial colours or preservatives.

The chicken fillets in these treats are cage-free and grown on carefully supervised farms. They are made using fresh, locally-sourced chicken and are also grain-free. You can feed these treats directly to your cat or place them in their feeding dish. They also make a delicious food topper.

Inaba Ciao cat treats are sold through regional US distributors Rio Grande Service Center and Pet Food Experts. The brand is now available in the northeast, southwest, and northwest regions of the U.S. Ciao cat treats are high in moisture and contain green tea extract, which provides antioxidant benefits. They are easily digestible and can be given to your cat by hand.

Churu tuna puree

Churu tuna puree for CIAO cat treats is made with real deep sea tuna and farm-raised chicken, making it a great choice for your cat. These treats are grain-free, rich in moisture, and dolphin-safe. They are easy to feed your cat and are an excellent treat to top a variety of foods. Ciao Churu cat treats are also available in a variety pack that contains flavors such as farm-raised chicken, deep sea tuna, and salmon. The creamy texture of these treats makes them a delicious topping for food, making them a great choice for your cat.

The creaminess of Churu tuna puree makes it an excellent lickable treat for your cat. It’s made with real deep sea tuna and is grain-free, preservative-free, and free of artificial colors. It comes in individually-wrapped tubes and is a healthy alternative to other cat treats. The puree is rich in flavor and moisture, and it’s also free of artificial colors or preservatives. Moreover, it’s completely grain-free and can be added to dry or wet food.

Inaba Ciao has over 300 different products, and the company’s philosophy is to offer pet owners healthy alternatives. Inaba’s chicken and tuna cat treats are low in calories and are filled with moisture. They are also free from preservatives and artificial colors, and contain only the healthiest ingredients.

Grilled chicken fillets

The Ciao Grilled Chicken Fillet Extra Tender in Crab Flavored Broth Cat Treat is made with real meat and is a great treat for your feline friend. It has been hand-cut and contains only real ingredients. The crab flavor is an excellent option for your cat and it makes a great anytime treat.

The fillets are grilled with human-grade chicken and are packed in a savoury broth to create the ultimate cat treat. These treats are incredibly moist and taste great. They also help to boost daily hydration and promote urinary health. The treat also contains zero grains, artificial colors or preservatives, and is enriched with vitamin E.

Unlike most canned cat treats, these treats are made with real broth. This helps add moisture and supports the health of your cat. CIAO Churu MAX is the Number 1 best-selling cat treat in Japan. Try one today! You’ll love it!

Tuna Fillets in Crab Broth

The Tuna Fillets in Crab Broth cat treat recipe is a delicious way to provide your kitty with all the nutrients and health benefits of tuna. These delicious treats are made from premium wild-caught tuna and contain up to 71% moisture, which your cat needs for good health. They also contain less than half the calories of traditional dry treats.

Tuna Fillets in Crab Broth Cat Treats by Inaba are the perfect choice for your feline friend. These treats are made from sustainable tuna that’s gently grilled. They’re rich in protein and feature no artificial coloring or preservatives. They’re a great anytime treat for your feline friend.

Tuna Fillets in Crab Broth is made from responsibly caught tuna that is lightly grilled and packed in savory seafood broth. Available in seven different flavors, this treat contains a large amount of moisture, which your feline friend needs for optimum health. These tasty treats can be fed to your cat by hand or placed in a bowl.

Juicy Bites

Juicy Bites are soft, irresistible treats that your cat will love. They are made from natural flavors and contain vitamin E and green tea extract. Plus, they are free of artificial colors and preservatives. Each package contains two varieties of treat. Your cat will have plenty to choose from!

Juicy Bites are an ideal snack for your cat, and come in two different flavors. They are moist and chewy and come in a variety of shapes and flavors. For your cat’s health, these treats are free of grain, so they’ll love them! Juicy Bites are also available in individual packs.

Inaba Ciao makes over 300 different products and is dedicated to giving pet owners healthy choices for their pets. They use only 100% human grade ingredients and are prepared without artificial colors and preservatives. You can find tuna, chicken, and even deep-sea tuna in their delicious treats.

Inaba Churu variety pack

If you’re looking for a delicious treat for your cat, Inaba Churu tuna puree cat treats are the perfect choice. These treats are bursting with moisturizing flavor and contain no grains or artificial preservatives. They are made with farm-raised chicken and 100 percent natural wild-caught tuna. Your cat will love the variety of flavors and textures available.

Unlike some brands, Inaba Ciao treats contain no preservatives or dyes and are free of carbohydrates. They also contain green tea extract, which is an excellent source of antioxidants. And because they’re grain-free, Inaba treats are perfect for preventing allergies and promoting healthy digestion. These treats are also low in calories, with just 28 calories per piece. They’re also vacuum-packed to ensure freshness.

Inaba Churu’s chicken fillets come from cage-free chickens in Thailand, where the company’s facilities are compliant with FDA standards. The brand’s pure, whole muscle skipjack tuna is caught responsibly in the West Pacific. The company sources all of its natural ingredients, including chicken and fish, in Thailand. Inaba also uses environmentally-friendly fishing practices and only works with certified dolphin-friendly fisheries.