When you’re choosing an island dresser for your closet, you’ll want to look for features that make it practical and stylish. These features include a glass top, storage drawers, and mirrors. You can also look for double-sided options to accommodate two people. To make your closet look aesthetically appealing, consider adding an extra panel so you can hang your favorite scarves. This will help keep them wrinkle-free and easily visible. You don’t have to go with a rectangular island – you can go for an oval one instead. This way, you can easily walk around it, while still having storage drawers for your favorite things. It also helps to make the island look less imposing on the rest of the room.

Double-sided island dresser

An island dresser in your closet is a great option to maximize storage space and provide easy access to your clothes. Its design allows for ample space to store clothes, shoes, and accessories. Some islands even come with built-in seating. The bench, which is attached to one end of the island, has additional storage underneath and can also be used to store bulky items. You should make sure to choose a bench that’s at least 18 inches high. This is lower than a traditional chair seat, but still allows for a 3-inch toe kick for easy accessibility.

Many islands feature cedar-lined, divided drawers. Others come with sliding out shelves. These islands also offer well-defined his-and-hers storage spaces. They also have jewelry drawers that can be lined with flocking and fitted with locks, which makes them convenient for storing valuable jewelry. Some islands can even be equipped with a safe.

A closet island can be as small as 12 feet by 13 feet. However, it still requires 24 inches of wall space for hanging and 36 inches for walking. If you have a closet with a smaller depth, you may want to go with a single-sided island. However, if you need more storage space, you can choose a smaller-sized double-sided island.

Adding a closet island is a great way to save space and create a nice display area for your small accessories. To install an island, you’ll need at least a 12 by 13-foot closet with sufficient floor space.

Glass top

A closet island with a glass top can add a significant aesthetic update to your space while also offering added functionality. Not only does the design allow you to see what’s in the drawer, but it also provides a sense of depth and a focal point for your closet. Adding this type of island to your closet remodel can make getting ready a joy.

This glass top island chest of drawers comes with several open compartments and is a perfect centrepiece for your walk-in closet. The design is finished on all four sides with high-grade finishes. Its sleek, modern appearance and ample storage space make it a great choice for a contemporary-style closet.

Another benefit of a closet island is that it comes with built-in seating, usually in the form of an attached bench on one end. The bench can be designed with additional storage, and sometimes even a built-in TV. If space allows, consider buying a bench that is at least 18 inches high. This is lower than the average chair seat height and will allow you to place additional storage underneath.

Another feature that many owners overlook is lighting. Adding a lighting fixture over the island will improve the aesthetics and functionality of the island. This is especially beneficial for jewelry drawers with glass cases. It will be easier to see your jewelry if you have automatic lighting. You can also add side mirrors to the island to help you make sure everything is where it should be.

A closet island can also serve as a shoe shelf, allowing you to place shoes and other accessories. It also allows you to showcase your jewelry collection. If you don’t have a dedicated space for your shoes, you can simply line the shelves with velvet or place them in a dedicated drawer. There are even angled and adjustable shoe shelves to accommodate a wide variety of footwear.


A built-in dresser or closet hutch can be a great storage solution with built-in mirrors. Closets can often be dark and unwelcoming, so adding a mirror is the perfect way to make the space feel brighter and more spacious. Choose a large, full-length mirror to capture the most light, and consider investing in a custom-cut mirror. Many paint and glass stores and full-service hardware stores will cut mirrors for you.

Another way to maximize space in a walk-in closet is to install three-paneled mirrors. These will give you a full 3-way reflection of your outfit, which is particularly useful when getting dressed. Adding a mirror to your walk-in closet will make it feel more spacious and provide you with a convenient place to put your earrings and make-up before heading out.

Adding a mirror to your closet island can give you an amazing view of your shoes. A low-level mirror is also an effective way to reflect light, which is helpful if the room is dark. You can also add small mirrors for an even better view of your shoes. A floor-to-ceiling mirror will provide great visibility, but a smaller mirror is just as useful for a darker room.

To make the most of your mirror, make sure it faces a good window. This way, it will give you the impression that you have more space than you actually have. A mirror can also be a great way to display handbags or hats, and it is a good way to maximize your space.

Storage drawers

One of the best features of an island dresser for closet is that it comes with storage drawers. They make it easier for you to organize your clothes and other items. These cabinets are available in various sizes and shapes. Depending on your needs and the size of your room, you can find one that will fit your space. However, you should always narrow down your options before you make an investment. To do so, you should gather as much information as possible about your budget and your needs before you make a final decision.

In addition, the islands can be fitted with pull-out laundry hamper drawers, which will add space to your closet while concealing the laundry. Leaving the laundry on the closet floor can make it look messy and cluttered. A walk-in closet that’s full of storage is not only functional, but it should also reflect your unique style and taste.

A built-in closet island with drawers is an ideal solution for an oversized walk-in closet. Its white countertop and drawers will match the cabinets and the floor, so you can create an integrated look. Some islands also feature a glass top to add elegance and luxury. In this example, the closet island with glass stop is a part of a large, white walk-in closet ensemble. The other items in the room are white shelves and tan marble flooring.

Other features of an island dresser for closet are locks on the doors and drawers. These locks can be visible or hidden. You should also consider installing a closet safe behind the cabinet doors to prevent unauthorized access. Moreover, you can install built-in ironing boards and pull-out shelves in the drawers. Another option is to install unique lighting under the countertop.

Adding a bench

Adding a bench to an island dressers for closets is a simple way to add extra storage space and comfortable seating. The bench can be built into the dresser or it can be standalone. The benefits of adding a bench to an island dresser for closets are endless.

Closet islands with built-in seating usually include an attached bench at one end. These benches may also have additional storage underneath. This space is great for storing bulky items. When choosing a bench for your island dresser, make sure the seat is at least 18 inches high, which is slightly lower than a standard chair seat height.

Adding a bench to an island dressers for closets is an easy way to improve storage space and organization. You can incorporate shelves and hooks to hold folded clothing. The island can also serve as a place for shoes, lingerie, and other items. If you have a large collection of shoes, it may be helpful to include an extra shelf to display them.

Closet islands can also serve as a work station or vanity. Adding a desk connected to an island can also provide this functionality. You can customize an existing island or build one from scratch. Just make sure the desk will fit into the space and not block access to the rest of the closet. In addition, the desk should have sufficient space to accommodate the storage needs of the entire closet.