Investing in cheap walk in closet organization ideas is an easy way to make your space look more attractive and spacious. You can purchase storage bins, tension rods, shower curtain hooks, and artwork that will brighten up your space. You can find these items at most local home improvement stores.

Storage bins

Storage bins are an excellent option for your walk-in closet. They can be used in a variety of ways, ranging from out-of-sight to visible. They can also be stacked or nested for easy organization. Some bins are lidded while others are not, so you can choose the type that works best for your needs.

Aside from bins, you can also purchase adjustable shelves. These are easier to rearrange than built-ins and make finding items easier. Use lower shelves for everyday items and reserve the top shelves for out-of-season clothing and items you don’t use often. Another great option is to invest in an over-the-door organizer. These will be useful for storing hard-to-fold items, such as scarves and belts.

A built-in vanity can be a practical addition to a walk-in closet. This will not only allow you to access all of your clothes, but it can also be an elegant way to customize your space. A mirror can also give the illusion that your walk-in closet is much larger than it is.

The first step in organizing your closet is cleaning it out thoroughly. You can donate or recycle your old clothing and t-shirts. Then, organize your items by type. Make sure to hang long items high so that they don’t drag on the floor.

Tension rods

Tension rods are a budget-friendly way to add more storage to any closet. Install one or two to any two adjacent walls, and you’ll be able to hang more shoes, socks, and clothing. You can also use tension rods to hang spray bottles and other items, such as towels. Moreover, tension rods can be used to create drawers or storage units, such as under the bathroom sink.

Another cheap walk in closet organization idea is to install tension rods in corners and alcoves. You can hang small items from tension rods, including purses, scarves, and accessories. You can even hang high-heeled shoes on tension rods.

Tension rods also serve as dividers, and you can also use them to organize dresser items and desk items. Another great idea is to use tension rods to hang artwork on them. These can be easily managed and can be changed as often as you like. These solutions are easy to install and will give your walk-in closet a professional look.

Tension rods can also be used to organize scarves, jewelry, hats, and accessories. You can also install over-the-door hooks and racks to store bulkier items and accessories. Tension rods are also a great option if your closet has limited hanging space.

Shower curtain hooks

Shower curtain hooks are one of the easiest and cheapest closet organization ideas. They solve a variety of random closet organizing problems and can be found in large quantities at a low cost. For example, you can use shower curtain rings to hang up your jeans. By using these rings, you’ll avoid having to dig through your drawers to find your jeans. Additionally, you can use the rings to hang accessories, such as belts, bags, and jewelry.

Shower curtain hooks are also a good way to hang your purses. If you’re handy with a needle and thread, you can make your own curtain rod by cutting a large piece of fabric and sewing it into the appropriate length. For a cheaper option, you can use a sheet or a drop cloth. Just remember to wash the fabric first to prevent shrinkage, and cut the curtain according to how full you want it to be when closed. You’ll also need to hem the curtain so that the edges are flat.

Curtains can also hide clutter in the closet. Curtains are a great way to add a more stylish look while saving space. They also allow you to change the look of the room with ease. You can use different colors and styles to create a customized look. Depending on your taste, you can go bold with a pattern, or go plain and neutral for a more subtle look.


Decorative artwork is an inexpensive way to give your walk-in closet a fresh new look. A glam black and white photo or a framed fashion magazine cover can add ambiance to a drab closet. A painting of your favorite place can help you feel relaxed in the mornings as you take your shoes off. There are many ways to organize your walk-in closet, from simple wood shelves to closet systems with drawers.

Lazy Susans

Lazy Susans have gained popularity since they were featured on The Home Edit. They’re not necessary for a clothes closet, but they can make it easier to access items that are tucked away. Using a rotating device, the items can be organized by type, meal, or frequency of use. You can also invest in a fixed or mobile island to add additional storage and prep space.

A Lazy Susan is especially useful for upper corner cabinets. These cabinets tend to be cavernous and items can easily become lost if they don’t have a designated spot. It is easy to fit up to a 16-inch lazy Susan on each shelf. The bars on the bottom can be lifted up, making it easier to access the items from a different angle.

Investing in an organized closet is a good way to save money. You can get a cheap Lazy Susan from IKEA or use a DIY system. You can also add some decorative touches to your closet.

Built-in shelves

Built-in shelves are an excellent way to maximize the storage space in your walk-in closet. They are also much easier to rearrange than built-ins. You can place everyday clothes on lower shelves and use the upper ones to store out-of-season clothes or items you don’t wear often.

There are two main types of shelves for walk-in closets: wood and wire shelves. Each of these options has their own benefits and drawbacks. Wire shelves are great for everyday items because they’re sturdy, but slatted shelves aren’t always the best option if you have a smaller space.

Professional organizers use boxes and containers to organize small items. They also use clear boxes to organize shoes. They also use similar-size fabric baskets to maximize space while providing a cohesive look. Baskets with similar sizes are also useful in organizing smaller items. They help keep clothes and accessories separated without tearing.

Built-in shelves are a good option if you want to add storage. They also help you tuck away unsightly items. They can also double as vanity decor. Lighting is crucial when getting ready, and under-cabinet lights provide extra task lighting and add a romantic feel.

Adding doors

Adding doors to a walk-in closet is a great way to increase storage space and make it easier to find things. But adding doors isn’t the only way to get more storage space. You can also add storage benches to your closet, which double as a seat and secret storage space. Installing storage benches in your closet doesn’t cost much and only requires patience. You can also re-hang items in your closet according to color, so that you can find what you need faster.

You can buy a lot of different closet organizing products to improve the way your closet looks. Some of these products include shelves, bins, racks, clothing separators, and display shelves. Adding just one or two of these products can make a huge difference in how your closet looks. These inexpensive and easy organization hacks won’t take up a lot of your budget or time, but will help you clear up the clutter in your closet.

When reorganizing your walk-in closet, try to make the most of every square inch. Using matching slim felt hangers is a great way to keep your clothes from slipping around. Using acrylic file folders to organize your handbag collection is another great solution.