If you want to make your own shoe organizer on a budget, then there are several options to consider. The first option is to use repurposed materials. This can include wooden crates and cans. Another option is to use a bookcase or scaffolding to create a bench. This can be done for free or for less than $200.

Repurposed cans

Repurposed cans make a great way to hold shoes. Empty paint cans are the perfect size to store shoes. You can even mount them to the wall. Just make sure to remove the labels with ammonia before reuse. You can find them for a few dollars each. You can also create a creative shoe cabinet by repurposing crates. They are available at most big box stores.

Paint cans are also a great idea. They can easily fit one pair of shoes. These inexpensive shoe storage options can be mounted on the wall or hidden in a closet. If you’d like something a little more grown up, you can also consider using an actual shoe storage cabinet.

If you’re looking for an inexpensive shoe organizer, you can also use fabric organizers. They are perfect for hard-to-store items. You can easily paint them to match the decor of your room and then use them to store your shoes. Or, you can decorate them with colorful fabric and use them as hooks to hang your shoes.

Another inexpensive shoe storage idea is to use baskets. Baskets are useful for a lot of things, and they work perfectly as shoe organizers. Besides, these storage systems free up tons of space in your closet. You can also place them on a bench or floor. Just make sure that they are away from water or moisture.

Repurposed wooden crates

Repurposed wooden crates are great for shoe storage because they come with dividers on the inside. You can paint and stain them for a unique and inexpensive shoe rack. You can also hang them on the wall to keep the space clear and tidy. Another inexpensive shoe rack idea is to buy an IKEA lack shelf, which mimics the look of a shoe store.

Repurposed wooden crates are also a great source of storage for kitchen and bathroom supplies. They also make great towel racks. They can also be placed beside the sofa or coffee table for additional storage. They can also double as a small nightstand. Another great use for wooden crates is as file cabinets!

Another inexpensive shoe organizer idea is to repurpose an old bookcase. You can do this yourself or purchase one from a thrift shop. Just be sure to give it plenty of time to dry. You can even paint or stain it. Then, you can place your shoes inside and keep other items on top.

You can also make a console table out of a wooden crate. Simply stain it and attach some legs to it and you’ve got a unique storage solution. This storage solution can also be a great way to organize garage necessities. Aside from being functional, wooden crates also have a unique Pottery Barn appeal.

Wooden pallets are another inexpensive and versatile storage option. They are easy to find and can be found in a home improvement store. Cut a portion of the pallet into the desired size and stain it. You can then hang your shoes on the slats for convenient storage.

To save space, you can also use an old dresser for shoe storage. You can find one at a local thrift shop, Facebook group, or by asking around. Refinish it to fit with your decor style. It will be placed in the entryway where it can hide your shoes while being functional.

If you have limited space, you can also use wooden crates as storage bins. These storage bins can be stacked up to two or three high. They can also be painted to match your wall color.

Repurposed bookshelf

You may already own a bookshelf, but you can repurpose it into a useful shoe rack. You’ll save space and have a unique storage solution that also shows off your style. To create an attractive shoe rack, simply install hooks in strategic locations. A small carpentry project can transform an old bookshelf into a functional shoe storage solution.

You can also repurpose a toilet roll holder to hang headphones on a media cabinet. You can even use a canvas pocket to store wipes for cleaning your game controllers. Another great idea is to repurpose a picture frame to hold jewelry. This will keep them from getting tangled or scratched.

If you don’t have enough space for a shoe cabinet, you can make one from cinder blocks or wood planks. You can also use old coat hooks to hang shoes. Alternatively, you can build an industrial shoe cabinet using plumbing pipes, skate boards, and wood. Crown molding can be used as the shoe heel, and you can also make a DIY shoe ladder to hang your shoes on.

Another great use for an old bookcase is as a shoe ladder. This solution will keep you from tripping over your shoes and is very easy to build. The materials you need include a wooden ladder, a few planks cut to size, and L-brackets. Then, you can paint the wood to match your décor.

DIY scaffold shoe bench

A DIY scaffold shoe bench can add a stylish touch to any kid’s room. This unique piece of furniture has a tabletop that doubles as a place for homework or crafts. It’s easy to build and can be found for under $10 on sites like Etsy. Using scaffold boards, you can build a bench in a few hours.

A DIY shoe bench can be made out of wood and metal. Some carpentry experience is required, but these projects are relatively easy and require only a small amount of materials. It’s also easy to paint the bench to give it a new look. Add hooks or mirrors if you like.

Another inexpensive shoe organizer is a shoe rack made from copper pipe. You can get copper pipe from any hardware store. You can use several pieces depending on the number of shoes you plan to store. After you’ve bought your materials, you can paint them to match your decor and add some finishing touches.

You can also try building your own display of shoes. These are an attractive way to display your favorite pairs. The shelves and rack can be built with 1x2s or PVC pipes, or you can paint them if you prefer. Another option is to use old pallets as supports and shelves. These are great for holding shoes, and can also double as shelves.

A wooden shoe rack is also a great option for storing your shoes. This type of rack requires no carpentry skills. You just need tools and wood. You can build any style and color of the rack, and you can even customize the size. A wooden shoe rack can store up to six pairs of shoes, which is the perfect solution for your home.

Another inexpensive DIY project is a shoe rack made from PVC pipes. This project is very simple and can be customized to fit your space. It requires only a few materials and can be painted to match your decor. You can even add wheels to it to make it portable.