While the cost of expensive bathroom organization products can seem prohibitive, there are several ways to get a clean and organized bathroom without breaking the bank. One of the cheapest ways to get organized is to use storage containers purchased at the dollar store. For just $1 a piece, you can buy containers to store your extra toiletries, cleaning supplies, hair products, and more. Another inexpensive way to get organized is to use baskets purchased at the dollar store to organize drawers and cabinets. These baskets are especially helpful if you have more than one person using the same bathroom.

Dollar store pegboards

Dollar store pegboards are a great way to organize bathroom accessories. They are inexpensive and can be easily mounted to an empty wall or behind a door. You can use several pegboards to hold different bathroom supplies. This will make your bathroom much more organized. The pegboards come in different sizes to fit different items.

Pegboards can be purchased at Dollar stores in many different styles. Bethany uses one that is square shaped to store paint bottles, colorful paper, scissors, and ribbons. Another great piece of storage is an ice cube tray. These are great for holding earring studs or other small items. Bethany also uses pegboards to store her colorful papers, ribbons, and scissors.

Another way to organize the bathroom is to use inexpensive storage boxes. You can purchase inexpensive boxes from the Dollar Store and label them accordingly. Be sure to put back any items you use after using them. Alternatively, you can make your trash cans more appealing by covering them with jute yarn.

Decorative ladders

Decorative ladders are great storage units for bathrooms, and they are also incredibly versatile. They can be used to store a variety of items, from hand towels to toilet paper. They are also a great place to hang hand washed clothes. To add additional storage, add a second ladder.

Another great place to install a ladder is behind the toilet. You can use it to hang your towels or washcloths, or use it to store small plant pots, essential oils, or knick-knacks. Ladders can also be used to store toilet paper, cotton balls, and soap in baskets.

A tall, wide ladder is a great place to store folded blankets. Use colorful, matching blankets to give the ladder a cohesive look. You can even use the bottom rung for a small basket.

Wine racks

Wine racks can be used for a variety of things, from storing makeup brushes and potted plants to organizing jewelry and yarn. Some designs are so stylish that they can double as room dividers. You can even use wine racks as storage for glass bottles. You can find inspiration by browsing some of the best designs for wine racks on Etsy.

A wine rack can also be used as a towel rack. Towels can be hung from the rack using wire and a Mason jar. It will save space and look great as a towel holder. A towel rack is also a great way to organize behind-the-door storage. It makes efficient use of space and is a cheap bathroom organization idea.

Wine racks can double as stylish towel racks in the bathroom. The horizontal position of the rack keeps the cork moist and therefore preserves the flavors of wine better. You can find a variety of wine racks that are both sturdy and stylish, from simple wooden ones to those made from metal wire. They may also be made from glass or plastic. Many of them are even designed to look artistic.

Rolling carts

A rolling cart can be a great way to keep your bathroom organized and stylish. You can find many types of them, each with its own unique features. You can buy metal carts with removable shelves and locking wheels for extra security. These are also ideal for small bathrooms. You can find stylish, contemporary carts at several home improvement stores.

Whether you have a small or large bathroom, a rolling cart will accommodate your needs. They glide easily over tiled surfaces and can be easily placed near the bath or sink. A sleek design will fit between tight spaces and provide easy access to items. The sturdy steel frame is covered with a satin nickel powder finish.

A bar cart in the bathroom looks stylish and is an excellent option for storing bath towels. It costs about $74 per piece, which is comparable to many storage systems. It has a large tray for perfumes and lotions, and a wide shelf for large bath towels. Alternatively, you can buy a slim, three-shelf cart that is only 4.7 inches deep.

Decorative trays

Decorative trays can be a great way to store everything from toiletries to make-up and hair styling tools. You can also use them to store bath linens and jewelry. If you don’t have much space in your bathroom, decorative jars can also be useful. They can be placed on the countertop to free up space. Glass jars are also a great way to store makeup and toothbrushes.

Another cheap bathroom organization idea is to use a decorative tray on top of the toilet. This can be a good place to put your cosmetics, lotions, and perfumes. Small trays are also great since they don’t obstruct your toilet. Decorative trays can also be used as decorative elements in other rooms of the house. Decorative trays are great because they can add style and appeal to any bathroom.

Decorative trays can also be useful for organizing bathroom counters. Often, small items end up lying around on the bathroom counter. Decorative trays and baskets can help you to put away these items in a more organized way. They are inexpensive bathroom organization ideas that will give your bathroom a polished look.

Floating display cases

Floating display cases add storage to your bathroom without taking up valuable wall space. You can use them to display bathroom decor or books. They are also incredibly easy to clean. And you can customize them to match any decor. These cheap bathroom organization ideas are an excellent way to add personality to any bathroom.

Floating display cases are also a great way to maximize the use of counter space. You can use these to display extra towels near the sink or keep other items. You can also place a storage basket on top of it to store non-display items. This makes the most of your counter space while maximizing your space.

You can also install built-in shelves in the bathroom. These are very inexpensive and available in many different sizes. You can even paint them white to make them stand out. You can also hang them from the wall to add storage space. These shelves can store a variety of items, such as bath towels and beauty supplies.

Decorative shelves

Decorative shelves add a chic touch to the bathroom. They can be mounted on the wall two feet above the toilet and twelve to eighteen inches above the bottom shelf. They can be used to store towels, toiletries and other items. You can also add a picture frame or a fake plant to add interest to the bathroom.

For storage, consider buying some glass jars. These are inexpensive and can serve as a great storage option for a small bathroom. They can also be used to store items like makeup sponges and brushes. Glass jars and containers are also a great option for keeping toothbrushes and other toiletries in a convenient and organized manner.

Decorative shelves are another inexpensive bathroom organization idea. They add a touch of character to a plain bathroom. Adding a basket in the corner of a bathroom can also add charm to the space. Some bathroom designers like to incorporate a tray in the bathroom, putting daily items together in one tray. The silver metallic tray adds a touch of shimmer to the room, and matching glass containers look cohesive.