There are a number of canned cat foods for urinary tract problems available. Some veterinarians recommend Blue Buffalo W+U Weight Management and Urinary Care formula for these problems. This formula contains chicken as the first ingredient and includes plant fiber, or powdered cellulose, to help your cat feel full. It also has lower calorie levels. This canned wet food is also formulated with magnesium to help maintain a balanced pH in the urinary tract. Blue Buffalo W+U is formulated by a team of veterinarians and is a great choice for your pet.


Wysong cat food is specifically designed to help your cat with urinary tract problems, and is a budget-friendly option. It contains an array of micronutrients, nutraceuticals, and omega-3 fatty acids, as well as prey and other plant sources for protein.

This food is formulated with a pH-balancing formula that helps your cat maintain a healthy urinary pH level. The formula also contains a supplemental dose of DL-methionine, which helps prevent urinary crystals from accumulating and forming bladder stones. It also contains no grains, fillers, or artificial additives. The recipe also contains fresh chicken, whitefish, and chicken liver, which are all known to help your cat’s urinary tract function. The food also has an increased moisture content, which is important for urinary health.

Wysong produces a wide variety of canned cat food, including a starch-free formula and vegan varieties. They also offer a uretic range, which is specifically formulated to help your cat with urinary tract problems. This food also contains a good amount of meat and vitamins and minerals. It is great for all stages of a cat’s life.

Although Wysong is not a prescription diet, it is made with minimal processing and is freeze-dried. The food is also never heated above 118 degrees. Although this brand has received more positive reviews than negative, some customers have reported that their cats have suffered digestive upset. However, Wysong maintains that these symptoms are normal responses to any new food.

A high-quality diet for urinary tract problems is important for your cat’s comfort and long-term health. Make sure to choose a food with low magnesium content, organic or local ingredients, and other certifications. It is also important to choose a diet that doesn’t contain grains or high amounts of carbohydrates.

Wysong has a wide variety of flavors for urinary tract problems. Many of them include unique ingredients. For example, the Marbella Paella flavor is packed with seafood. Calamari, shrimp, and mussels are all featured in this unique flavor. The flavors of Wysong canned cat food are very unique and can help your cat with urinary tract problems.

Evanger’s EVx Restricted Diet Urinary Support Formula

Evanger’s EVx Restriction Diet Urinary Support Formula is a grain-free diet that is a great choice for cats with urinary pH imbalance and struvite crystals. It was developed with nutritionists to meet the needs of cats in all life stages. The formula is grain-free and contains omega-3 and -6 fatty acids to help maintain a healthy urinary environment.

This cat food contains Alltech NVGEN, which helps your cat fight common feline illnesses. It is gluten-free and free of corn, artificial flavors, and dyes. It is also grain-free and free of corn. There are five common dog illnesses that are associated with grain-based diets: kidney stones, urinary tract problems, and kidney stones. Evanger’s EVx Restriction Diet Urinary Support Formula for urinars problems is formulated by a veterinarian to fight these ailments and promote overall health.

Evanger’s EVx Restriction Diet Urinary Support Formula is a veterinarian-formulated formula that is free of corn, artificial flavors, dyes, and preservatives. It also supports the Ruffy Rescue Fund, which helps provide spay and neutering services for dogs and cats in overpopulated areas. It also contains taurine and omega-3 fatty acids.

Evanger’s Organics Turkey and Butternut Squash

Evanger’s Organics Turkey and Butternucs squash cat food is a delicious and nutritious option for your kitty’s daily meals. This USDA-certified food contains a limited number of ingredients, is grain-free, and is free of artificial colors and flavors. As a result, it’s a good option for your feline friend with urinary tract problems.

Evanger’s Organics Turkey and Butternucs squash canned cat food is an excellent choice for your kitty if you’ve noticed urinary tract problems. This food is made with the highest quality ingredients, is veterinarian-formulated, and meets strict AAFCO standards.

Evanger’s is a family-owned company with a history of creating healthier cat foods. They offer three USDA-certified organic recipes for cats. The food is formulated for cats of all ages and life stages, and is recommended for kittens and pregnant female cats. Older cats can be reduced to a lower portion as needed.

This holistic cat food is high in probiotics and omega fatty acids, which support the health of the urinary tract and support the immune system. It also contains flaxseed, which provides the essential fatty acids necessary for healthy skin and coat. It’s also grain-free, and free of artificial flavors and preservatives.

If your feline suffers from urinary tract problems, this organic wet food formula provides a high amount of protein and helps maintain healthy muscle function. It’s also grain-free and contains a small amount of poultry fat as an excellent source of energy. Organic butternut squash is an excellent source of vitamins A, C, and E. It also contains essential nutrients like magnesium and zinc.

These nutrients can also help your cat avoid urinary tract stones. The ingredients in this food are highly digestible and provide essential nutrients your cat needs. It also contains low amounts of dietary fiber, which makes it easy for your cat to digest.

Evanger’s Organics Turkey and Butternucs squash food is made with organic ingredients such as chicken, turkey, chicken liver, and peas. It also includes ingredients such as chicory root and coconut flour.