There are two types of Himalayan salt and one is used in the United States while the other is used in other countries. The two types are known as types A and B but there is another type that is commonly used in the United States as a substitute for the commonly used Himalayan salt.

There are different types of Himalayan salt but both types A and B are used for cooking procedures. While the Himalayan salt used in the United States is usually yellow in color, the salt used in other countries is usually brown in color. Although, in some restaurants, the salt used is still yellow, but it is not an essential part of the food preparation.

The salty deposits found in Himalayas are concentrated in large deposits and those deposits are mostly found in the western Himalayas. These deposits are used for cooking as well as for industrial and domestic purposes.

Himalayan salt is also known as Himalayan black salt. It is mainly used for cooking procedures. The salts that have a heavy concentration of minerals and salt are also used in the past to make clothing and other articles of clothing, etc.

Salt supplies in the Himalayas are being used and that makes it essential for people who want to source these salts. However, in addition to these salt supplies, Himalayan salts can also be sourced from other countries.

Salt comes from those Himalayan deposits that are rarely available. That is why, they have to be found out so that they can be used in the right way and the right quantity.

The salt chunks available in the US are salt cut. However, most of them are dried up and salt is not at all being used in modern day cooking procedures.

In the US, there are many large salt companies that provide the salt and these salt cubes are dried up. Some of the salt manufacturers do not supply the salt in its natural form and instead they add some kind of artificial flavoring to it.

When the salt cubes are dry, they are then used for flavoring, etc. This has caused a shortage of salt in the US since there is no salt used in the processing process of the processed food products.

However, this situation is quickly changing and the salt industry is becoming more aware that the state of depletion is already beginning. Most of the salt used in the US is imported from various countries like India, Thailand, etc.

Instead of using Himalayan salt, they use other kinds of salt that is commonly available from other countries. As the US imports most of its salt, the government or anyone else can easily stop using Himalayan salt and use the cheaper variety of salt from other countries.

Since the Himalayan salt is highly expensive, people are in a dilemma to purchase it. Since most of the salt is being imported from different countries, if they do not buy the salt directly from those countries, they would end up paying for the salt that is widely available in the US.