If you are looking for a cat for sale in the Portland area, consider a blue Maine Coon. These cats are very sociable and can grow up to 18 pounds. Males are smaller and weigh less than females. They are also known as gentle giants. They typically finish growing between three and five years, which is much faster than other cat breeds. These cats have unique features such as seasonal changes in their fur, “frosting” on the tip of their ears, and a fluffy racoon-like tail.


Viktoria the blue Maine Coon cat for sale is an affectionate, intelligent and very sweet cat. This lovely little kitten is available for sale at petfinder.com. If you’re interested in adopting this gorgeous cat, please contact the breeder for more information.

The Maine Coon Cat is an impressive cat with a large rectangular body and long flowing fur. Males weigh about 12 to 15 pounds, while females weigh about nine to 12 pounds. Their head is medium-sized with a square muzzle and high cheek bones. The nose has a slight concavity in profile. The coat of the Maine Coon Cat is silky-soft and falls smoothly from the body.

This cat makes a great family pet. It gets along with kids and dogs, and is quite sociable and playful. They’re also loyal, loving, and devoted. If you’re considering adopting one, make sure you understand its unique personality before you make your final decision.

Viktoria the blue Maine Coon Cat for sale is a rare find and will make an excellent pet. She is a beautiful and highly intelligent cat that is sure to make a perfect addition to your family. She’s also very healthy, with no known medical problems or behavioral issues.


Harmony the blue Maine Coon cat for sale is a male kitten with beautiful blue fur. He will be a great addition to your family. He is also very vocal, and you can expect to hear him talk a lot. His name is a play on the word “harmony.”

This pedigree breed is incredibly beautiful and balanced. Its kittens are also quite well balanced. This cat breed is not just beautiful, but also hardy, happy, and hardy. They’re big, beautiful, and very balanced. They make excellent pets and they have a wonderful temperament.

The male Maine Coon weighs about fourteen to twenty-five pounds, while the female is around the same size but with a thinner build. This breed was originally bred for hunting, but has evolved into a dependable, low-energy lap cat. If you are looking for a pet that will be a great addition to your family, the Maine Coon is a great choice.

The Maine Coon Cat is a very intelligent and loyal pet. It is a very easy breed to train, and has an excellent temperament. It is a great family cat, and it’s especially good with children. It also enjoys being around water. It will drink water and even wash its food. In addition, a Maine Coon cat is also good with other pets, including dogs.

The Maine Coon is a long-haired domestic cat. The breed is believed to have originated in New England. Cats on ships brought to this region in the 1850s were prized for their hunting skills. The breed has been prized in cat shows throughout the world for centuries. The first Maine Coon was only recognized as a breed in 1861, and is 22 pounds in weight.


If you are looking for a beautiful blue Maine Coon cat for sale, look no further. You can find a gorgeous kitten from Kusto Blue Coon Cattery. The name of the female kitten is Viktoria, and the name of the male kitten is Harmony. You can expect these cats to love attention and play with other pets, too. These cats are excellent pets for any home, and will add a playful element to your home.

A Maine Coon is an extremely affectionate and friendly cat. The breed is hardy and happy. It’s also beautiful and has a unique personality. The kittens from Maine Coon breeders are typically large and well-balanced. You’ll want to find a kitten that’s well-balanced and healthy to avoid having to deal with a sickly cat.

The size of a male Maine Coon is close to fourteen to twenty-five pounds, and the female is smaller than the male, but both are very sociable. They usually finish growing at about three to five years of age, which is faster than most other breeds. They have a unique appearance, including seasonal changes in their fur and “frosting” on the tips of their ears. They also have a long, fluffy tail.


If you’re interested in getting a new cat, consider a Maine Coon. These domestic cats are large compared to other breeds, and have a unique look and personality. They’re friendly and low-energy, and can be found in a variety of colors and patterns.

The Maine Coon’s size is impressive, with males typically weighing around eighteen pounds and females around the same size, but with a slightly smaller build. These pets have a very sweet disposition and are especially good with children. Historically, these cats were bred for hunting, but these days they’re primarily kept as lap cats. They are also known for being very trainable, and get along well with children and other cats.

The Maine Coon is an excellent choice for a pet for any home, and can be purchased at a reputable breeder. The cattery has been in business for thirteen years and is registered with both the Cat’s Fancier Association and the TICA. The breeder follows strict guidelines and tests parents and kittens for health conditions before selling them to new owners. The cattery also provides a separate room for the whelping area and plenty of room for playtime when kittens are old enough.

Maine Coons are considered to be America’s second most popular breed. Their large size, intelligence, and luxurious coat have helped them achieve this status. Their hardiness, loving nature, and devotion to their human family have also contributed to their widespread popularity. Breeders say the Maine Coon has a unique look and personality.

A Maine Coon is easy to train, and is considered to be an excellent choice for a family with children. They don’t mind playing dress up, and are happy to be around other pets, such as dogs. As with any cat, it’s important to introduce your new pet to each member of the household gradually and in a controlled setting.

When you’re looking for a new feline, you can check out the breeder on Facebook to find the perfect kitten for you. The breeder has a Facebook page that updates regularly, and pre-approves all buyers before they even see a kitten. The breeder also uses a reputable shipping service exclusively for their cats.