Bloomer’s innovative wildflower blooming filter tips are among the first of their kind. They’re made from noninvasive wildflower seeds and organic, vegetarian waxes. And once you’ve finished smoking them, they’re ready to plant! If you want to save bees while preserving the beauty of nature, this product may be the perfect solution.

Rolling with a bloomer

If you’re looking for a more natural way to roll your cigarettes, try using a bloomer. These pre-rolled banana leaf cones contain wildflower seeds and beeswax filter tips. They’re additive-free, and you can even purchase them online. These cones are also made with organic, unbleached paper made in France using renewable solar energy.

Bloomer wildflower filter tips are the first of their kind. They use a proprietary blend of organic vegetarian waxes and non-invasive wildflower seeds. After use, these tips are reusable and can be planted to create a natural habitat for bees. Unlike other cannabis products, this makes rolling with bloomers more environmentally-friendly.

Organic banana rolling leaves

Organic banana rolling leaves help the wildflowers bloom and are a great way to help your bee friends. They contain a blend of noninvasive/native wildflower seeds and waxes that are naturally sticky and help protect the seeds from the environment. You can use these leaves to pack, burn, or plant wildflowers.

If you live in Barbados, you can now get Bloomer(tm) 100 Natural Slow Burning Pre Rolled Banana Leaf Cones delivered to your door. They come in six packs of 18 cones, and are additive-free. If you have desertcart Plus, you get free worldwide shipping in 164 countries, with no hassles.

Raw beeswax seeded filter tips that bloom wildflowers

Bloomer’s proprietary blend of organic vegetable waxes and noninvasive wildflower seeds makes raw beeswax seeded filtration tips that bloom wildflowers a revolutionary product. They are organic and vegetarian, and naturally stick to rolling materials. This protects seeds and ensures they bloom after use. These natural beautifiers are also great for the environment.