For the past ten years, Salts Worldwide has offered black truffles. But, this year they are focusing on delivering the black truffle salt which is a unique product offering.

The sea salt of Salts Worldwide is made by hand from the best quality sea salt from around the world. The sea salt, shipped to them in New York, is not from Iceland but from a Greek island called Samos. This salt has been grown in the area for decades and it has been used as an important ingredient in Greek recipes.

Once the salt has been cut and blended together, it is mixed with a small amount of pure, real black truffles. That process is carried out over again to ensure that the black truffle salt has all the black truffle trimmings to make a truly unique salt product.

For some time, Samos has been the prime source of fresh black truffles. These truffles have not been mass produced yet because the demand for them remains high.

So, it is common knowledge that this salt is not very expensive. You can buy a unit in several packs at very affordable prices. And, you can order more in bulk, which is going to save you money on shipping and distribution.

You must know that there are many ways that you can order Salts Worldwide Black Truffle Salt. You can buy the salt as a packaged item or you can order them as a supply. The shipping charges will depend on the package size and weight.

For those who wish to receive them in their home, all you need to do is to make a purchase of the Salt Worldwide products through the Internet. They can be ordered through many different suppliers at your convenience. They include large wholesalers, retailers, distributors and even individual people who wish to offer the product for sale to customers.

It is good to get to know about the companies that provide Salts Worldwide products. Some of the suppliers may offer free trials on their web sites.

Wholesale pricing is usually a price you can expect to pay. So, if you want to save on your delivery charges, you will want to get into wholesale, which means you have to deal with only one supplier.

If you do not want to deal with the hassle of dealing with the pros and cons of e-commerce business, you can choose to work with a direct distributor. This way, you can still keep in touch with your suppliers, but they can be contacted by email. This way, you have the chance to deal with your suppliers.

If you want to order online, you will need to contact your suppliers first. Since this is not a common practice, you will have to ask them if you can do so.