Black Truffle sea salt ranks right up there with the best-selling white truffle salt on the market. Black Truffle contains a wealth of health benefits, including: antioxidants, calcium, and essential fatty acids. In addition, it contains no fat, lactose, cholesterol, or sodium. It’s also not a fermented food, so it contains no yeast, no vinegar, no bacteria, and no alcohol. What these two factors mean to you…

You will never again have to buy Italian black truffle salt and/or Italian truffle cakes from the supermarket or drive through an Italian bistro to find it. These are now available online. The reason for this is simple – there are far more retailers online than offline who can offer higher discounts on bulk items. The result is that we are able to enjoy better value for our money. But what kind of bulk items can be found online?

You’ll find truffles made from truffle oil, cream, eggs, truffle bark, cocoa powder, walnuts, raspberries, blueberries, plums, cherries, and cranberries. Many of these items are quite expensive, but if you’re a truffle fan you will appreciate the selection offered. If you are a chocolate lover then you will certainly find plenty of dark chocolates, vanilla truffles, and milk chocolate truffles. If you are a spice lover then you will find truffle oil, garlic, nutmeg, cinnamon, cardamom, and fennel.

You will also be able to purchase black truffle sea salt. This salt works well with both fresh and dried mushrooms and olives, tomatoes, and a host of other vegetables. It provides a robust flavor that works well with cheese, tomato sauces, and dips.

What if I told you that black truffle salt contains mushroom flavor and white truffle finishing salt doesn’t? Well, the answer is “yes” and “no”. The flavor of black truffle salt comes from the nuts and seeds, while the white variety comes from minerals found in the shell of the mushroom. Although both are used in many recipes they have very different textures and flavors.

In cooking, black truffle sea salt tends to make food taste less rich. The flavor can be enhanced by using it on your pasta dishes or vegetable dishes. Because of this, it pairs quite nicely with dishes such as chicken ala king, fish, and salmon. On the other hand, white truffle sea salt is often used for grilled or broiled fish, as it brings out the natural flavors of the fish while emphasizing its unique texture. For vegetarian meals, it pairs very well with mild cheeses, such as brie. For people who are not lactose intolerant, it is a good idea to use it with yogurt and sour cream.

When it comes to cooking, it is best to either use sea salt or table salt. Although I do not recommend using the regular table salt because it tends to take away from the natural flavors of the mushrooms, it works just as well with the truffle. Black sea salt has a slightly salty taste, whereas the table salt tends to be very sweet. Most chefs agree that using sea salt is preferable because it penetrates deeper into the pasta.

Once your pasta is cooked and cooled, add a pinch of black truffle salt to your food and stir. Wait several minutes before adding the cheese. At this point you can serve it with tomato sauce and serve it with broccoli rabe as a side dish. It makes a delicious starter dish for any time of day.

A number of Italian restaurants in New York and other major cities have introduced this delicacy to their menus. With all the varieties of black truffle available, you should not have too much trouble trying at least a few different ones. A medium heat olive oil on medium heat will do the trick for when you are out shopping for this delectable piece of chocolate heaven.

The truffle itself is actually very fragile, but you can press it easily with a fork and make a very easy dessert. Mix two to three teaspoons of olive oil with about two tablespoons of black salt. Spread a thin layer of the mixture on your pasta and then sprinkle over with sage leaves. Cover the whole thing with aluminum foil and pop into the oven for about twenty minutes. Once done, remove the foil and sprinkle over your salad. Add a drizzle of lemon juice and enjoy.

Another idea is to add a few pieces of fresh sage leaves to a salad or vegetable dish. Sprinkle over your pasta and serve. Do not forget the tip of an Italian style olive oil griddle. This will melt nicely and provide you with an elegant presentation of your meal.