There are many things to do in Woden, a Canberra suburb. It has a vibrant and diverse art scene, with a number of restaurants, bars and shops. The area is also known for its graffiti and street art. Tagging is permitted in the local stormwater drains, so you can find a large variety of works to admire.

Black Mountain Nature Park

If you are looking for a scenic walk in Woden, then Black Mountain Nature Park is for you. Its 4.2km steep walk offers panoramic views of the surrounding area. The park is accessible from Sulwood Drive carpark or the Mannheim Street Intersection carpark.

The park is home to an incredible collection of flora, including more than four thousand species of trees. There are also a number of themed gardens and outdoor sculptures. Its 20km multi-use paths offer a great variety of activities. There is also a walk for children, which is perfect for family outings.

Space Kitchen

Space Kitchen in Woden is a modern cafe that offers a unique experience. Decorated with an art deco look and modern elements, the place is both modern and stylish. Desserts are displayed in display cabinets, and salads are garnished with edible flowers. The food served here is fresh and creative, and the presentation is modern as well.

Located 18 minutes away from Northbourne, Space Kitchen is known for its funky interior fit-out and experimental menu. Known for its award-winning breakfast menu, the cafe also serves fantastic coffee and juices. It also offers epic shakes! It is definitely a place that the whole family can enjoy.

Space Kitchen is a great place to start a day in Woden. The restaurant serves a full breakfast and lunch menu, as well as cakes and desserts. For lunch, you can indulge in a variety of options from burgers, salads, and sandwiches to desserts. For desserts, Space Kitchen also has a cabinet that features Ricardo’s cakes, which are ice cream shaped and filled with a delicious mix of jelly, mousse, and sponge.

Space Kitchen is a popular place for locals and visitors alike. The stylish and modern cafe is a reimagined version of Ricardo’s Café. It is housed in a multi-storey car-parking garage. The interior is polished and modern, with plenty of dark wood. It also features communal tables and a painted pedestrian crossing on the concrete floor.

Henry’s Family Dining

Woden is a thriving commercial hub that is home to a number of popular restaurants. The area is also a popular place to go for a walk, explore local art or go for a run through parkland. The area is also undergoing a transformation, with new cafes and restaurants opening on a regular basis. You’ll also find plenty of parking in the Woden area.

If you’re looking for a casual, family-friendly place to eat, Henry’s Family Dining in Woden is the place for you. The cafe offers a range of nutritious meal options, and its dining area offers a view of the kids play area. It also serves Woden Central’s signature Blend coffee, as well as light meals and desserts.

Quizzic Alley

If you’re a Harry Potter fan, you’ll want to visit Quizzic Alley, Australia’s largest Harry Potter store. Here, you’ll find officially licensed Harry Potter merch. Plus, you’ll find the famous Ford Anglia, which is a great photo opportunity. The store also offers comfy seating and hosts kid’s parties.

Quizzic Alley is more than just a Harry Potter store; it’s a magical experience. It’s home to the wand, a real blue Ford Anglia, and a full collection of Harry Potter merchandise. You can even take a magic potion class here during school holidays!

In addition to Quizzic Alley, you can enjoy many other activities in Canberra. If you’re not into outdoor activities, the area is also home to the Vertikaal Indoor Snow Sports facility. This indoor ski slope offers year-round skiing, making it ideal for training before tackling the snowfields. In addition to this, you can try out your skills on climbing boulders in Blochaus, play glow-in-the-dark mini golf, and ice skate on a synthetic surface at Powerkart Raceway. If you’re into museums, you can also check out the Museum of Australian Democracy.

The nearby Fruggi Dessert Laboratory offers a wide variety of unique desserts, ice cream, and cakes. There are also unusual flavours to try, such as feijoa pavlova. The Space Kitchen is another great place to enjoy a meal and a cup of coffee.

Eddison Park

Eddison Park is a 14-hectare recreational area located on the eastern edge of Woden’s town centre. The park is a popular spot for local workers and families alike. There are plenty of facilities for children to enjoy, including a playground and skateboard park. There are also picnic tables and BBQs. Dog owners can also exercise their pooch in the designated dog exercise area.

The park is close to the Woden Interchange and is close to parking. This area is also near the heart of the city, making it a convenient location for visitors. Moreover, it’s close to the centre of Canberra without upsetting any nimbys in the surrounding suburbs.

Woden Valley is home to several nature reserves and parks. The Black Mountain Nature Reserve is one of the most diverse nature parks in Australia. The area also features a popular takeaway coffee joint. The Woden Valley is a sprawling region south of Parliament House with dozens of parks and nature reserves.

Woden Museum

Canberra’s Woden Valley is a mixed residential and commercial area. It is home to international embassies and businesses as well as hip, laid-back bars and restaurants. The streets are also home to vibrant street art. Tagging is allowed in Woden stormwater drains, so there are plenty of opportunities to get creative.

The city’s vibrant commercial scene makes Woden a great place for a day out. You can walk the streets, visit local museums, discover art, or simply enjoy the parkland. The area has recently undergone a major redevelopment, and more restaurants and cafes are opening up, attracting residents and visitors alike. A great place to enjoy a meal in Woden is the Bradley Street dining precinct, which is easily accessible and has ample parking.

The town’s restaurants offer a wide variety of dining options. Woden Central Cafe offers everyday cafe fare, while Henry’s Family Dining focuses on nutritious meals. Both restaurants have contemporary flavours while serving classics with a modern twist. Southern Cross Club Woden Café is a great place to dine if you want to enjoy a game of football or enjoy a nice meal while watching the game.

Jack Maguire’s property

Originally called Oakey Hill, Jack Maguire’s property was renamed to Melrose in the 1930s. He named the property after the famous poem about the Abbey of Melrose, Scotland, which dates back to c.1136. The property is located between Theodore Street and James Place in Curtin. The property was later retaken by the government in 1963 and is now home to Melrose High School and Melrose Drive.

Maguire called his block Oakey Hill, and used it to graze sheep. To secure his lease, he had to live on the land. He submitted plans for a one-bedroom house, including a living room. He shared the house with two other graziers – Thomas Cargill and David Tully.