The town of West Greenwich is in Kent County, Rhode Island, with a population of 6,528 according to the 2020 census. It is named after the historic town of Greenwich, England. In 1741, the town separated from East Greenwich and became an independent town. The town is home to the Exeter-West Greenwich Regional School.

Sex and the City is filmed in West Greenwich

For fans of Sex and the City, the location of the show is a perfect match for the real life area. In addition to the actual apartment, the filming location of the show is also near a popular New York neighborhood. The neighborhood is famous for the West Village steps, which have been seen in several episodes of the show. For the first three seasons, exterior scenes were shot on 64 Perry Street. From season four on, the filming took place on 66 Perry Street.

The Plaza Hotel is a 19-story luxury hotel located on Central Park South. It was opened to the public in 1907, and it was featured in several episodes of Sex and the City. In the episode “Big Breaks Carrie’s Heart”, Carrie celebrated her engagement with Natasha at the Plaza. In addition to the Plaza Hotel, the filming locations also included Bryant Park, a historic area that was reconstructed to make the Plaza Hotel appear as it did in the film.

The famous New York Public Library, located at the corner of Fifth Avenue and 42nd Street, is another location that was featured in the movie. The famous building is free to enter, and its stairs are seen in the scene where Carrie runs down to get away from the bar. Similarly, W 40th Street was also featured in the TV series “The Wedding That Wasn’t A Wedding.” In the movie, Carrie and Petrovsky eat fish and potatoes on a sideboard while watching the performance of the famous comedian, Michael Baryshnikov.

Comedy Cellar is an epicenter of laughter

The Comedy Cellar is a top New York comedy club and is considered one of the best in the country. Founded in 1982 by Bill Grundfest, the Comedy Cellar has been the home of many top comedians. It is also one of the most popular comedy clubs in the country, with regular shows and stand-up comedy every week.

The Comedy Cellar is well-known for its comedy shows, which have featured international comedians. Many rising stars perform here, and the venue has also hosted public policy debates. One famous show featured a debate between Alan Dershowitz and Fred Kaplan about the Iranian nuclear deal.

The Comedy Cellar in West Greenwich features the best stand-up comedians. The intimate setting is the perfect setting for a comedy show. Unlike many other venues, the Comedy Cellar is a family-run establishment, which means that the staff is supportive of the comedians. The venue is not a restaurant or bar, so you can enjoy your dinner without worrying about getting a hangover or an upset stomach.

Founded in the early 1980s, The Comedy Cellar is a comedy club in Greenwich Village. It has hosted big-name comedians including Dave Chappelle, Judah Friedlander, Louis C.K, and more. It also hosts comedian showcases seven days a week, and new comedians are regularly featured. Amy Schumer has even worked out at the Comedy Cellar.

Washington Square Park

Located in the Greenwich Village of Lower Manhattan, Washington Square Park is the most iconic public park in New York City. It’s a popular meeting place and hub of cultural activity. Here you can enjoy a picnic, watch a soccer game, or simply relax in the sun.

If you’re a movie buff, there’s no shortage of theaters in the area. You can enjoy a midnight showing of your favorite cult movie or catch an independent movie. You can also find great coffee at Bluestone Lane Coffee, one of New York’s best coffee shops.

The neighborhood surrounding Washington Square Park is packed with New York University buildings. The area is a great introduction to the city for new college students. Despite the busy street scene, this neighborhood is cozy and home to historic brownstones. In fact, it’s where actor Louis C.K. once ate pizza in the movie Louie.

If you love music and street artists, Washington Square Park is a great place to see them. It’s home to an ever-changing collection of buskers and performers. You can also enjoy spontaneous jams, which include any instrument from a piano to a tambourine. You can even catch a concert at nearby Blue Note, where artists play on a regular basis.

Washington Square Park is home to many amateur musicians and is the perfect location for impromptu concerts. The fountain provides an easy stage for performers, and some performances attract crowds of up to 100 people. A large chess table is also found at the park.

Greek Revival townhouses

In West Greenwich, Rhode Island, you can find Greek Revival townhouses. These structures were built in the early 19th century and feature a rich heritage. Some of them have been designated as New York City Landmarks. One of these is the Stephen Allen House. It is a historic home with a Greek Revival front entry and a 1-1/2 story ell on the east side.

If you are searching for a Greek Revival townhouse, then this is the perfect choice for you. This townhouse features a unique footprint and was built in the 1860s. It also features a separate three-story guest house, which is 22 feet wide and is part of the property. The two buildings are situated on a large 94-foot lot.

The architectural style of the Greek Revival townhouses in West-Greenwich is distinctly American. Many of these buildings are reminiscent of the New York City of the 1830s. There are many examples of this architectural style throughout the area, including the Washington Square North streetscape.

This West-Greenwich Greek Revival townhouse has been renovated several times. The owner commissioned ERA, an architectural firm, to make some modifications. During this process, the architects made sure to preserve all of the original floor plans and layouts. They used a neutral color palette that unified the rooms while providing a backdrop for vintage modern art and furniture.

French restaurant

If you’re looking for a French restaurant in West Greenwich, look no further than Le Baratin, a West Village gem with a view of Greenwich Avenue. This cozy bistro has a cozy atmosphere and a French bistro menu with dishes inspired by the chef’s childhood cooking and fishing trips.

The West Village has a number of French restaurants, including MIMI, an authentic Parisian eatery. You can also go to A.O.C., which is located in the historic West Village neighborhood. The menu is French, and there’s a wide selection of wines and beers to choose from.


Theaters in West Greenwich are a great way to spend an evening. The Greenwich House Theater was built in 1917 and hosts a diverse array of shows. It is a partner of the Ars Nova organization, which welcomes emerging artists and serves as a creative laboratory for new work. The Ars Nova center opened a second location at the Greenwich House in 2019. The Greenwich House Music School also offers youth theater classes.