Located in Chester County, Pennsylvania, Wagontown is an unincorporated community located on Pennsylvania Route 340. It is about 2.15 miles north-northwest of Coatesville. It has a post office with ZIP code 19376. It is home to a number of local businesses and attractions.

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Wagontown is an unincorporated community in Chester County, Pennsylvania. It is located off Pennsylvania Route 340, 2.15 miles north-northwest of Coatesville. It has a post office with the ZIP code 19376. The town has a population of 220 residents.

The Wagontown Fire Company has been serving the community for 50 years. If you have a large amount of stuff you don’t use often, it is a good idea to store it somewhere safe. In this way, you can avoid having to lug it around. You can find a convenient location for your storage needs by visiting Wagontown Self Storage – 401 West Kings Hwy.

Art Partners Studio

Art Partners Studio is a creative project with a mission to inspire and engage the community. The studio is open to the public and hosts art events throughout the year. This Wagontown location is a great place to start or further your artistic journey. The studio features a number of art mediums and classes for children and adults of all ages.

The studio has recently moved to a larger space in the Carl Benner Building, where they are now able to host art exhibitions and classes at the same time. The space features work from student and faculty artists. They celebrated their grand opening with a series of collaborative activities that included a drumming circle, sidewalk chalk art, large sheets of paper, and more.

The studio’s mission is to educate the community through art and provides free art classes to all ages. The studio also has partnerships with the Coatesville Area Senior Center, Brandywine YMCA, and Coatesville Kids to College. This partnership allows the studio to provide art classes for free to its audience.

Coatesville Area Public Library

Coatesville Area Public Library is a great place to go to for reading materials. They have over 60,000 books in their collection and 15,000 of them are specifically geared toward children. You can also find out about the community’s activities, history, and culture at the library.

Panfish Enhancement Area

In Wagontown, Pennsylvania, you can enjoy some fishing fun at the Panfish Enhancement Area. The area includes two lakes: Chambers Lake and Chain Pickerel Lake. Both lakes are stocked with warm-water species, and both are Big Bass Program lakes. Both lakes offer public boat ramps and parking, and fishing is permitted after park hours. This is a great place to catch some bass and other fish.

The Panfish Enhancement Area is located in a 3,600-acre U.S. Army Corps of Engineers reservoir. Since the fishery is not managed by a private organization, the crappie population has suffered over the last few years. However, prior to 2010, the crappie population was healthy and the ratio of black and white crappies was roughly 50/50. Despite these problems, the area is still home to some of Pennsylvania’s best crappie fishing.

The lake is accessible off Route 371 between Rileyville and Cold Spring, Pennsylvania. The lake contains a variety of fish including pike, bass, and walleye. Visitors can also enjoy panfish fishing at the lake’s shore. However, fishing is not permitted for more than 50 fish in total.