Van Buren is the second largest city in the Fort Smith, Arkansas-Oklahoma Metropolitan Statistical Area and is the county seat of Crawford County, Arkansas. It is located northeast of Fort Smith at the intersection of Interstate 40 and Interstate 540. If you’re planning a visit to this area, there are some places to see and explore.

Fort Smith National Historic Site

Fort Smith National Historic Site is located in Fort Smith, Arkansas, along the Arkansas River. It was founded in 1817, before the area became part of Indian Territory. The site is an excellent example of American history. Visitors can tour the fort and see what it once looked like.

The park is open year-round and features several outdoor attractions. You can see cannons and wagons, and read panels about the history of the city and its residents. The site also features a bird sanctuary. Visitors can photograph the many birds that live in the undeveloped areas surrounding the park.

The museum also has an orientation video and movie posters depicting the history of the town. The museum also features the former jail and gallows. In the past, there were 50 men incarcerated here. The sanitary conditions were horrendous and the stench emanated from the jail’s cells. The museum also has a gallery that tells the story of the fort through four small-scale models.

Another excellent place to visit in Van Buren is the Drennen-Scott Historic Site. The site provides a great view of the Arkansas River. The museum also has informative exhibits and a visitor’s center. The park is also located near Interstate 40. It also offers plenty of trails for hiking and picnicking. The site also offers a trolley tour of the city.

Fort Smith is an interesting city for visitors who are interested in history. This city is home to many historical sites that highlight the city’s rich history. There are several museums and historic sites to explore in the city. The Fort Smith Museum of History features a variety of exhibits, including old fire engines and telephone exchange equipment. Many of these items are listed on the National Register of Historic Places. In addition to this, the city also has a thriving downtown with numerous hotels and restaurants.

The city is also home to the Fort Smith National Historic Site. This site is located five miles from Van Buren, Arkansas and is easily accessible via Interstates 40 and 540. The city is also home to several large businesses and is an important manufacturing hub in Arkansas.

Fort Smith Trolley Museum

The Fort Smith Trolley Museum is a railroad and streetcar museum that includes an operating heritage streetcar line. The museum was founded in 1985 and began operation in 1991. It is open daily and offers visitors a look at the history of the city.

This old train depot is now a visitor’s center for the city. The museum features interesting exhibits on the city’s history and has helpful information. Visitors can also take the trolley tour to get an overview of the city. This is one of the best places to visit in Van Buren.

The trolley grounds are maintained and restored by volunteers. The trolley is used to provide tours and a soda fountain is currently being built in the trolley car. The grounds also feature several historic buildings, including the Courthouse, Jail, Gallows, and National Cemetery.

The museum also has a variety of exhibits, including an old fire engine and telephone exchange equipment from a time before computers. Many of the items on display are related to local history, including the stories of the war veterans who served in Van Buren. In addition, the Fort Smith Trolley Museum is home to a large mural painted by local artist John Bell.

The Fort Smith Trolley Museum is one of Van Buren’s most important historical attractions. The museum is housed in an Italianate style mansion that was once owned by a prominent family. This house was built in a time when indoor plumbing and electricity were not available. Visitors can tour the mansion’s interior and learn about the city’s rich history.

Fort Smith has a rich history that goes back a century and a half. The Fort Smith Trolley Museum is a fun and informative place to learn about the city’s history. The museum is also home to a western theme village.

The Fort Smith National Cemetery covers 22 acres. Established in 1817, the cemetery features several monuments, tombs, and graves. The cemetery features a marble monument to the Unknown Confederate Dead, a granite memorial to Vietnam Veterans, and the interment of World War II veteran Jack Fleck. There is handicap parking on the grounds, and an elevator for accessibility.

Van Buren River Valley Museum

One of the best places to visit in Van Buren is the Van Buren River Valley Museum, a small but informative historical center located in a historic train depot. There are exhibits on local history and a visitor’s center, as well as a trolley tour of the city.

Another historic attraction in Van Buren is the King Opera House, which is more than a century old. Located downtown, this historic venue still holds many shows and features an elaborate balcony. The King Opera House is even listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

Another place to visit in Van Buren is the Drennen-Scott Historic Site, a one-story log structure finished with clapboards. During the Civil War, a Sharps Carbine bullet was dropped on the property. A low stone wall and a drain have been discovered on the site.

For history buffs, the museum also features many historical displays, including the town’s history and current events. The museum houses a collection of artifacts that date back to the early 1800s. The museum’s artifacts also highlight the city’s role as an agricultural town. Visitors can also see examples of local cuisine, a local brewery, and a local farm. The museum also offers free tours of the city’s historic homes and buildings.

If you want to try something a little different, take a ride on the city’s last streetcar. The conductor will provide an interesting perspective on the city’s past. The experience is one of the most unique ways to see a city. It’s also an excellent way to spend a few hours in the city.

The town’s first post office opened in 1820 and soon became a bustling port. Early traffic included American traders bound for Santa Fe. It was also home to a lumber yard and a fuel depot for steamers. The town was named after Secretary of State Martin Van Buren.

The town’s recreational opportunities include hiking and mountain biking trails. The Lee Creek Reservoir Recreation Area includes three miles of trails. The trails are easy to navigate and fairly flat for younger hikers. Mountain bikers should check out the Crack in the Rock Loop Trail.

King Opera House

King Opera House is a historical performance hall in Van Buren, Arkansas. Built in the late 19th century, it has been home to many performers and plays. Today, you can enjoy shows here. During your trip to Van Buren, be sure to stop by the theater and take in a performance.

The King Opera House has been the site of many spooky tales. Many former employees say they have felt someone hovering around them when they are alone. One former director of the Young Actors Guild said she once switched off the lights and felt a presence in the building.

If you’re looking for a unique experience in Van Buren, the King Opera House is a must. Located in the heart of the historic downtown district, it was built in the late nineteenth century. The stage has been home to many performances and plays, and it is believed to be haunted by a former actor.

While there are many places to visit in Van Buren, one of the most popular places to see is the King Opera House. This circa-1880 performance hall is located in the downtown area and is a popular destination for nightlife in Van Buren. The historic theater has a balcony and is a great place to enjoy a show or two.

If you’re into candy, there’s a chocolate factory located on Main Street. This place offers chocolate made in a copper kettle. It has a traditional, homemade feel. The store also sells other candies, including peanut brittle, saltwater taffy, and licorice.

Fort Van Buren is a quaint town with a rich history and culture. The downtown is charming and offers lots of things to do and see. For history buffs, the city offers the Fort Smith National Historic Site, which contains two 19th century forts and a gallows.

The King Opera House is one of the best places in Van Buren. A recent movie based on the history of the theater was called “Step Into the King Opera House.” The film has been nominated for two Emmy Awards by the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences Mid-America Chapter. The film was produced by Devon Parks, a former resident of Van Buren. She currently works as a producer assistant for Scott Free Productions, which is owned by Hollywood director Ridley Scott.